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1963 Don Boyd

Early 1960's - my home in Hialeah from 1957 to 1966

5691 W. 9th Lane, Hialeah, Florida

We moved from Miami to this home in the Palm Springs section of Hialeah in June 1957 when the home was completed in a new development. Palm Springs Junior High was one block away, under construction and opened a week late after the school year started in September 1957. John G. Dupuis Elementary on the same acreage opened the week before in time for the school year.

I recall going a year or two before street lights were installed in the area (pole and support on the left) and we were actually happy that we had a light in front of our home since we were in the middle of the block of eight homes on each side. There was absolutely nothing but farms and wilderness west of W. 12th Avenue (NW 67 Avenue in Dade County), also known as Ludlam Road. Ludlam was barely 2 cars wide and nothing but paved dirt with numerous huge dips and potholes. The Palmetto Expressway was still under construction and the Noel twins and I used to ride our bikes on it while workmen were paving it. There were no homes around the three lakes to our north (Lake Laurence West, Lake Laurence East and Lake Tahoe) and people brought their motor boats out to waterski on weekends.

Our neighbors were:

5600 W. 9 Lane: the Bever family, with crazy son Danny and a younger daughter. Mr. Bever was a volatile Eastern Airlines mechanic and always calling the cops on us for real and imagined incidents.

5601 W. 9 Lane: the Mehalko family, who previously lived in the 5800-5900 block of W. 9th Lane between the Hipke's and the Hines and moved to the 5601 home in 1963. Their children were Donna, Mike, Andrew and Paul.

5630 W. 9 Lane: forgotten names

5631 W. 9 Lane: the Sheffield family with husband George, wife Jackie, daughter Lorri and son Michael. George was an elevator repairman with Otis and a big custom hot rod buff who built incredible hot rods. In the late 90's I heard Lorri give a tribute to her dad on Majic 102.7 because he was retiring from Otis after 40+ years with the company.

5660 W. 9 Lane: the Cheleotis family with husband Johnny, wife Dotty, daughters LuAnn and Joanie and sons Johnny and Mark. Johnny fought as a Marine in the Korean War, was seriously wounded and had the scars to prove it. He worked for The Miami News as a pressman and Dotty was a Miami News counselor and my boss when I started delivering the paper in 1960. They moved to Lima, Ohio around 1969. A 1962 photo of Dotty and a group of paperboys is at and a 1970 photo of LuAnn and little Johnny in Lima is at

5661 W. 9 Lane: the Kayal family with husband Gene, wife Teresa and three sons Gene Jr., Brian and Bruce. Big Gene graduated from Gesu High in downtown Miami in 1948(?) where he was a football star. His parents operated a grocery store at NW 1st Avenue and 14th Street from 1948 or 1949 until the 60's. Big Gene was a food broker with A. A. Greene Food Brokers and tragically died of a heart attack at age 34 while I was in boot camp in the summer of 1966. Teresa moved with her sons back to St. John, New Brunswick. Gene had a brother named Mike whose wife was Becky and their children were Joe, Michelle and Timmy and they lived in the Bird section of Miami Springs. Mike was a store manager with Food Fair. Gene's other brother was Ray whose family names we can't remember but Ray ran the Sirgany companies at the airport and other places for decades and is still involved with the company and their joint ventures. The Kayal home was sold to Barbara Sullivan who lived there for many years. A photo of Teresa and little Gene in 1970 is at:

5690 W. 9 Lane: the Schmidt family, with husband Dan, wife Betty, son Doug and daughter Claudia. Dan was an iron worker and his wife was a model. Doug got on with FP&L as a lineman in the early 70s and made it a 30-year career. He is a Facebook friend and e-mail friend of mine now. Claudia lives in Kendall. Dan and Betty have both passed away.

5700 W. 9 Lane: the Lavallie family with husband John, wife Dottie and their daughters Debbie and Beverley and son Richard. John was from Chicago, served in the Air Force at MacDill AFB and became an Eastern Airlines mechanic. Dottie worked part-time at the Publix on Palm Springs Mile and later worked at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church in Miami Lakes. Her sons from a previous marriage were Randy and Ray Joiner from Auburndale, FL who used to come down for the summer and we were buddies. Debbie's husband Robert Drake is a Facebook friend of mine and Randy is an e-mail friend.

5701 W. 9 Lane: the Shields family, with husband Harold, wife Yvette, son Mark and daughters Pamela and Becky. Mrs. Shields worked for Hurst Hurricane Shutters, a competitor to our family friend's Jones Shutter Products. Mr. Shields passed away in 1993. Pamela is a Facebook friend of mine.

5730 W. 9 Lane: the Stopanio family with son Tommy who was a year or two younger than me, and another child. They were from New York and they built a nuclear fallout shelter in the backyard in the event of a war during the Cuban Missle Crisis. They owned a beauty parlor in the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. They later moved to North Miami Beach. The home was then owned by a bachelor with a lot of lady friends.

5731 W. 9 Lane: the Pena family, with husband John and wife Joanne Pena, daughters Pam and ?, son John. They started JP Realty in Hialeah and they probably sold a third of Hialeah over the years. Son John now lives on a lake in Palm Springs North next to the Luzoros, friends of ours. What a small world!

5760 W. 9 Lane: the Martin family, with husband Chick and wife Nancy. Chick was a barber. Their children were Christopher, Robin, Mary, Jacqueline, Patrick and Tonya Rose "Rosie". Nancy got into the hippie movement in the 70s and was the talk of the neighborhood. Chick passed away in August 1981, Nancy now lives with Robin and Robin's husband in Vancouver, WA, Chris lives in Tumwater, WA, Mary lives in Whittier, CA, Jackie lives in Naples, FL, and Patrick lives in Salina, KS. Thanks to Chris for providing updated information.

5761 W. 9 Lane: the Mills family - very nice and quiet folks. This home was later sold to Chipper Campbell who grew up around the corner at 991 W. 55 Place.

5790 W. 9 Lane: the Clark family, with husband Frank and wife Kathy, daughter Donna and son Larry. Frank worked for Delta Air Lines.

5660 W. 9 Court (behind the Kayals): the Basil J. and Lucille Y. Barimo family, sons Steve, Ken, Basil Jr. and daughter Sharon. Thanks to Donna Mehalko for providing information on them. Basil and his family moved to Miami in 1945 and Basil went to Miami Edison until 1947 when he transferred to Lindsey Hopkins where he graduated in 1948. His parents owned and operated Charlies Grocery, a business established in the 1930's, at the southwest corner of NW 12th Avenue and 29th Street from 1945 until the early 1960's when the widening of 12th Avenue wiped out part of the building and they sold out. Basil started working for FP&L downtown in the Ingraham Building in 1957 and at their Coral Gables office before retiring in 1988. Basil Jr. is now an executive with the Air Transport Association in Washington, DC. Basil and Lucille now live in Franklin, TN, where my mother-in-law lives, and I visited Basil on April 14, 2008 while in Franklin for the air show at Smyrna and again in August 2008. Basil was also Gene Kayal's cousin, who lived behind him and next to me.

5690 W. 9 Court (behind the Boyds): the Fargason family with husband Jack, wife Pat, and daughter Andrea and son Clay. Jack passed away on September 27, 2006 and I saw Pat and her kids at the funeral home for the first time since the late 70's. Andrea is a Facebook friend of mine.

5700 W. 9 Court (behind the Shields): Mrs. Ingraham, who used to hire me to mow her lawn.

See for surrounding streets

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dave_m 18-Oct-2016 13:52
Before Hialeah, I lived on 33 Street and 2nd Avenue Miami. My last year at Miami Technical High School (or Lindsey Hopkins Vocational School) where the adult and high school classes were mixed and with many students from overseas. I studied Radio Communications with school mates ending up working all over the US and some foreign countries. At that time I lived in Hialeah at 125 SE 9th Avenue just of 54 Street (Miami) just around the corner from you. My siblings were Ed, Yvonne, Yolanda, Myra, Haydee, Hector, Nina and Bill the oldest that lived at 525 SE 9th Avenue nearer to you. I retired from Kodak Latin American Region in 1995.
Don Boyd09-Aug-2014 14:17
Thank you Bruce, I had forgotten the model names except for the Catalina which remained stuck in my memory cells. I thought there were only 3 models but I could be wrong. We had a mixture on our street and only one Catalina that I can recall out of 16. Our next door neighbors added on to their in the middle model and turned it into a semi-Catalina with the enclosed garage and half circular driveway that got extended into a full circular driveway. Somewhere in the boxes I have a bunch of aerial black and white photos of my neighborhood that I took in the 1960-61 from a private aircraft that we chartered for half an hour from American Airtaxi at MIA. I'll scan them when I find them.

Bruce Hirsh 09-Aug-2014 06:09
I believe I misidentified one of the Palm Springs models in my earlier comment. I think the one I called the Santa Barbara was actually the Palomar.
Bruce Hirsh 09-Aug-2014 02:37
Don, I believe your house was the Santa Monica, with three bedrooms and one bathroom. That is the same model my family lived in. As I recall, the other R&R Palm Springs models were the Santa Barbara, The Rio Vista, and the Catalina (the largest and most expensive.)
Don Boyd12-Aug-2011 15:23
Okay thank you. : ) It's in the front yard and from what I can see in the photo from a couple of years ago it's still grass there. The home has really been improved from the original model - wow!

Guest 12-Aug-2011 13:46
Next time I see them - I'll ask. A pool has been built since - I hope your jar made it!
Don Boyd12-Aug-2011 05:49
Guest, thank you for providing the information about your home at 5631. My aunt lived in my former home until 1980 when I sold it. If you're good friends with the current residents of 5691 ask them if I can come over and dig up a "time capsule" that I buried in a big jar back in the early 1960's. I'm pretty sure I know where I did it.

Guest 11-Aug-2011 16:29
My parents bought the Sheffield home in 1976. I lived there from age 8 until age 23 and my parents still live there today. I remember our next door neighbor, Barbara Sullivan and her family and went to school with Steve Barimo who lived behind us. I know the family that live where you used to live - it's one of the nicest homes on the block. Although I now live in Davie - my kids go to Immaculate Conception!! Great site - thank you!!
Don Boyd11-Dec-2008 00:28
Hi Ken, thank you for your comments. I'm glad that you enjoy the site. I'm 61 now if that helps you in computing the age difference.

Joe Boyd's law office was on Hialeah Drive by the bank and he was a county commissioner for a while and later served on the state Supreme Court. I met him a couple of times in 1966 and he was a true Southern gentleman.

Yeah, ol' Bruce does have a sense of humor for sure.

KEN ERWIN 10-Dec-2008 22:15
Guest 23-Oct-2008 05:39
I remember a guy ( Carlos 'Skippy' Medonca, we called him 'Mendonkey.) in Hialeah who's dad built a bomb shelter in their front yard (say circa 63/64). He lived just north of the Red road canal (NW 57th ave) and a little south of Meadowlane elementary school We used to go down in there. It was cast concrete, circular and pretty large, maybe 18' diameter and 10' high. It was damp, water in the bottom actually (you must hit water in Hialeah when you get over 5-6' deep right?) and mildewy. Dad had it stocked with all kinds of shit. Skippy would tell us that his dad said when the big one hit, we would all be fried to a crisp. His dad said then he would go topside (The shelter actually had a kind of periscope) with a cigar and an iced bourbon to survey the destruction and get some perverse satisfaction ('Schadenfreude,' the Krauts have a name for it.) from it all.
I told my dad about it one night at dinner (families at dinner together then). It was in the context of me telling mom & dad & sis about the 'duck and cover' drill we had been practicing at Meadowlane elem. school. Then I mentioned the bomb shelter that Skippy's dad had built to protect his family. I wondered aloud why my dad (he was a builder/contractor) couldn't build us one.
He said first of all the 'duck & cover' drill was good for teaching you only how to duck, bend over and kiss your fucking ass good-bye. Then he said if the Rooskies were ever about to drop the big one on us we would probably have at least some warning. He said it would probably come at a fucked-up time when we were at school, he was at work, and mom was fucking the mailman. Anyway, he said he would strap on his shooters (M-1 30 shot military carbine, 45 caliber Colt auto pistol and a 9m.m. auto S&W pistol with a 30 shot clip which you could actually get in those days) and head over to Skippy's house. By the way, in those days and for years that followed, Hialeah manufactured/sold/exported more M-1 knock-off military carbines than anyone in the world. I think the company was called 'Universal Arms.'
We were to all meet at Skippy's house. My dad said he would ask (nicely) Skippy's dad to let our family in to his shelter. In any event, my dad said he would kill the whole family, if that's what it would take, so we could get some of that shelter. He also said we had to be good and ready to fight off a bunch of the other neighbors who might have the same thing in mind.
God he scared all of us. He really made us think. Then he tried to make us feel better, laughing and joking like he had been kidding all along. He said that after the radioactive dust settled we would all go topside and go fishing in the nearby Red Road canal (it was full of bass, bream and catfish in those days.) He said we could screw all the size restrictions and catch limits!
Fuckin Dad! He could find always find a silver lining in even a mushroom cloud.


Bruce Wiggins
Don Boyd27-Feb-2008 01:45
Will, thanks for writing in. No, he wasn't crazy because other families in the county were also having bomb shelters built at the time due to the anxiety levels and fear of a nuclear war over Cuba and the blockade. I went down in it once and it wasn't very large at all of course and I suppose it would have helped his family survive a while longer than the rest of us if the shelter itself survived the explosive blast that would have incinerated just about everything.

Will Dominguez 26-Feb-2008 21:36
Don great job on this site. I live at 5760 W. 9th Ln and have since 1984. I moved here when i was 8 years old. I have always wondered about my neighborhood's past, like who lived here and what was it like back then. There was a family that lived in the house you posted here, I remember they had 2 boys, Jeff and Phillip. Dont remember their last names, but I remember the house looking exactly like in the picture until about 2003-2004. Was the man who built the nuclear bomb shelter next door to me, crazy? I went to Dupuis and Palm Springs. Does anyone remember a Mrs.Krehmeyer at dupuis? Best teacher i ever had.
Donna Wheeler 23-Jan-2008 23:50
Wow....I happened on this site after doing a search for Royal Castle hamburgers. Oh...the memories! I lived in Hialeah on West 65th Street between 9th and 10th avenues from 1956 to 1985! I went to Twin Lakes Elementary and Palm Springs Jr. High! I remember when the "Whitaker" lakes were being dug, etc. Hialeah was a good place to grow up, but I have heard it has gone downhill over the last several years. Too bad! Donna Wheeler, Long Beach, CA
Kevin Jeffries 08-Oct-2007 21:53
I am resposible for comments per below. My Name is Kevin Jeffries - email address
Guest 08-Oct-2007 21:51
Wow. I know almost all the people you mentioned as neighbors. Gene Kayal, Johnny Cheleotis, Mark Shields, Pam Pena, Beverly Lavallie, Doug Schmidt and all the Martin kids were childhood friends. I went to Du Puis elementary and Palm Springs Jr. High until moving to California in 1972. We lived at 970 West 56th Place - where 9th Lane intersected 56th Place. It was a great place to grow up and be a kid... stay out all day long, barefooted - just be home by the time the streetlights came on!
abby066 20-Sep-2007 04:20
Im 19 years old and ive lived hialeah since i was 5... ive never really cared for it much since to me it's just a really overcrowded city with really rude people that seem not to care for it either, but after seeing this sight it makes me appreciate it a lot more... i recently passed by the house above and its completely different.. i looks like its the same construction, it doesnt look like its been torn down and build new, but the new owners added a large drive-in and a roof over looks crowded and the trees are overgrown, not as calm like this picture... I have read mostly everybody's comment and it sounds like hialeah was a great place with a lot of history.. a lot of people are scared of hialeah now, and they talk really bad about it, the city is over-populated with 95% of the people being hispanic. Thank you for this sight, ive learned a lot!
J. Reeves Thieman 27-Aug-2007 03:39
We went to church with Jack and Pat Fargason at Palm Springs Baptist located at W. 8th Avenue and 65th/68th. Additionally when the Fargason's moved into their home on W. 9th my uncle, Jack Reeves, moved in and was a neighbor. He only lived there a short time as he had been seriously injured in the Korean War and eventually those injuries were overwhelming. My family lived on W. 64th Drive just east of W. 8th Avenue (known as 118th Drive when the house was first built). I loved growing up in Hialeah and all the beauty and wonderful people that were there in the "olden days". Thanks for sharing these photos.
Don Boyd16-Jul-2007 21:17
Hi Bill, thanks for writing. If you were ever over at Gene's and Basil's I may have met you as a kid. Glad you are enjoying the site as much as I am putting this old stuff up. Best regards, Don
Bill16-Jul-2007 12:38
Iam certainly enjoying your website of oldtime Miami, we moved here in 1945, I was 9 years old at the time. Two of your neighbors you mention in your Hialeah home were my 1st cousins ,Gene Kayal and Basil Barimo My name is Bill Barimo, I lived in the nortwest section on 46th st. and 5th avenue, Mayor Chelsea Senerchia was a neighbor of ours. i attended Shadowlawn elementry, Edison Jr High, and then Tech High where I graduated in 1953.