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Challenges. So far, so good....

I've placed the new images at the top of the gallery this time to make them easier to find ;-)

I hope you enjoy them and thanks for visiting.

Please email me if you are interested in using any of my images.

It never occured to me to enter any challenges until a friend of mine, who's work I greatly admire, gently but firmly "pushed" me into it.
Thanks Lawrence
Crossover (Challenge: X marks the spot)
Crossover (Challenge: X marks the spot")
Waveforms (Challenge: Abstract Macro III)
Waveforms (Challenge: "Abstract Macro III")
Fire and Rain by Elisabeth Lowell (Challenge: Book Titles II)
Fire and Rain by Elisabeth Lowell (Challenge: "Book Titles II")
The cooking oil blob (Challenge: Oil)
The cooking oil blob (Challenge: "Oil")
Into the Light (Challenge: Free Study 2009-07)
Into the Light (Challenge: "Free Study 2009-07")
Apple (Challenge: Username III)
Apple (Challenge: "Username III")
Spirited (Challenge: Flowers II)
Spirited (Challenge: "Flowers II")
Tranquility (Challenge: Zen III)
Tranquility (Challenge: "Zen III")
The Widow (Challenge: Duotone IV)
The Widow (Challenge: "Duotone IV")
Drifting (Challenge: Free Study)
Drifting (Challenge: "Free Study")
Into the Abyss (Challenge: Darkness II)
Into the Abyss (Challenge: "Darkness II")
The red cup (Challenge: Table Shot III)
The red cup (Challenge: "Table Shot III")
Tacked Down (Challenge: Tacks)
Tacked Down (Challenge: "Tacks")
Colors (Challenge: Crayons and colored pencils)
Colors (Challenge: "Crayons and colored pencils")
Dew drops (Challenge: Flora III)
Dew drops (Challenge: "Flora III")
Smokin' - Boston (Challenge: Rock Song Title
Smokin' - Boston (Challenge: "Rock Song Title"
A light in the darkness (Challenge: Illuminative Subject)
A light in the darkness (Challenge: "Illuminative Subject")
Featherlight (Challenge: Light on White)
Featherlight (Challenge: "Light on White")
Delicate Shades (Challenge: Grey)
Delicate Shades (Challenge: "Grey")
Basic Food (Challenge: Asia)
Basic Food (Challenge: "Asia")
Hot Dice (Challenge: Lucky)
Hot Dice (Challenge: "Lucky")
On the beach (Challenge: Sand)
On the beach (Challenge: "Sand")
Love of the written word (Challenge Heart II)
Love of the written word (Challenge "Heart II")
Dance of the veil (Challenge: Backlighting V)
Dance of the veil (Challenge: "Backlighting V")
Tiny Soap Bubbles (Challenge: Puzzle Macro II)
Tiny Soap Bubbles (Challenge: "Puzzle Macro II")
Thinking of you... (Challenge: Blue II)
Thinking of you... (Challenge: "Blue II")
Tin Alloy (Challenge: Periodic Table)
Tin Alloy (Challenge: "Periodic Table")
Sinking... (Challenge: Money)
Sinking... (Challenge: "Money")
Reflections in Spoons (Challenge Shallow DOF IV)
Reflections in Spoons (Challenge "Shallow DOF IV")
Rolled Up (Challenge: Numbers)
Rolled Up (Challenge: "Numbers")
Glass Double (Challenge: Double Take II)
Glass Double (Challenge: "Double Take II")
4 + 2 + 4 (Challenge: Mathematics)
4 + 2 + 4 (Challenge: "Mathematics")
Clerk (Challenge: Occupation)
Clerk (Challenge: "Occupation")
Quenching the flames (Challenge: Cold)
Quenching the flames (Challenge: "Cold")
Curves (Challenge: Point of Color)
Curves (Challenge: "Point of Color")
The glass line (Challenge: One Line)
The glass line (Challenge: "One Line")
A peaceful place (Challenge: Boats)
A peaceful place (Challenge: "Boats")
Natures teamwork (Challenge: Partners)
Natures teamwork (Challenge: "Partners")
The Floater (Challenge: Macro without bugs or flowers)
The Floater (Challenge: "Macro without bugs or flowers")
Lethal Weapon (Challenge: Film 'Title)
Lethal Weapon (Challenge: "Film 'Title")
Tomatoes are good for you (Challenge: Healthy Foods)
Tomatoes are good for you (Challenge: "Healthy Foods")
Liquid Shapes (Challenge: Color on Color II)
Liquid Shapes (Challenge: "Color on Color II")
Petal (Challenge: Free Study Feb. 2008)
Petal (Challenge: "Free Study Feb. 2008")
Let Earl Grey put a zing in your day (Challenge: Advertisement II)
Let Earl Grey put a "zing" in your day (Challenge: "Advertisement II")
Drifting peacefully (Challenge Peace)
Drifting peacefully (Challenge "Peace")
Lying in a puddle (Challenge: Reflections Without Mirrors IV)
Lying in a puddle (Challenge: "Reflections Without Mirrors IV")
Water Fun (Challenge Brown Ribbon Deja Vu)
Water Fun (Challenge "Brown Ribbon Deja Vu")
Still beat my eggs with the old wire whisk (Challenge: Old Ways)
Still beat my eggs with the old wire whisk (Challenge: "Old Ways")
A gift of nature (Challenge Textures V)
A gift of nature (Challenge "Textures V")
Rolling around (Challenge Perspective V)
Rolling around (Challenge "Perspective V")
...found on a frosty night (Challenge Wabi Sabi)
...found on a frosty night (Challenge "Wabi Sabi")
The glass marble (Challenge: Complementary Colours)
The glass marble (Challenge: "Complementary Colours")
Splash! (Challenge: Stopped Motion)
Splash! (Challenge: "Stopped Motion")
Quill (Challenge: Free Study)
Quill (Challenge: "Free Study")
Falling (Challenge: Macro IV)
Falling (Challenge: "Macro IV")
Dry old leaf (Challenge: Flora)
Dry old leaf (Challenge: "Flora")
Milky Way is so light, it swims in milk (Challenge: Candy)
Milky Way is so light, it swims in milk (Challenge: Candy)
Hot Chocolate (Challenge: Free Study)
Hot Chocolate (Challenge: "Free Study")
Bottoms Up (Challenge: Backlit)
Bottoms Up (Challenge: "Backlit")
Gimme shelter (Challenge: Rolling Stones Song)
Gimme shelter (Challenge: "Rolling Stones Song")
Drip, drip... (Challenge: Free Study)
Drip, drip... (Challenge: "Free Study")
Crescendo (Challenge: Rhythm)
Crescendo (Challenge: "Rhythm")
Blue arrow (Challenge: Paper)
Blue arrow (Challenge: "Paper")
Drop Gone Missing (Challenge: Missing Link)
Drop Gone Missing (Challenge: "Missing Link")
the last two, leaving... (Challenge: Dichotomy)
the last two, leaving... (Challenge: "Dichotomy")
The sunny side (Challenge: Burst of Colour)
The sunny side (Challenge: "Burst of Colour")
Outtake (Challenge Painting with light)
Outtake (Challenge "Painting with light")
Textures (Challenge Painting with light)
Textures (Challenge "Painting with light")
In the limelight (Challenge: Double Take)
In the limelight (Challenge: "Double Take")
Santé! (Challenge: Selective Desaturation)
Santé! (Challenge: "Selective Desaturation")
upside down dandilion seeds (Challenge: Symmetry)
upside down dandilion seeds (Challenge: "Symmetry")
Paper Blades (Challenge: Free Study)
Paper Blades (Challenge: "Free Study")
Psychedelic soap bubbles (Challenge: Bubbles)
Psychedelic soap bubbles (Challenge: "Bubbles")
Over the Edge (Challenge: Broken)
Over the Edge (Challenge: "Broken")
Outtake:  Pas de deux
Outtake: Pas de deux
Gently Glowing (Challenge: Still)
Gently Glowing (Challenge: "Still")
Titanic Ice Cube (Challenge: Ice)
Titanic Ice Cube (Challenge: "Ice")
Under Surveillance (Challenge Circles)
Under Surveillance (Challenge "Circles")
Languishing Lily (Challenge: Multiple Light Sources)
Languishing Lily (Challenge: "Multiple Light Sources")
The Photographer (Challenge: Image Grain)
The Photographer (Challenge: "Image Grain")
Flowing Pages (Challenge: Red)
Flowing Pages (Challenge: "Red")
Outtake (sepia version of original challenge entry)
Outtake (sepia version of original challenge entry)
Organic Onion (Challenge: Fruits and Vegetables)
Organic Onion (Challenge: "Fruits and Vegetables")
Matching Bubbles (Challenge Match)
Matching Bubbles (Challenge "Match")
Colour me Greed (Challenge: 7 Deadly Sins)
Colour me Greed (Challenge: "7 Deadly Sins")
La fleur blanche (Challenge: Light on White)
La fleur blanche (Challenge: "Light on White")
escaping... (Challenge: Free Study)
escaping... (Challenge: "Free Study")
I got my eyes on you, Earthling!! (Challenge: Master of Disguise)
I got my eyes on you, Earthling!! (Challenge: "Master of Disguise")
behind the wire (Challenge: Shadows)
behind the wire (Challenge: "Shadows")
Outtake: creepin'
Outtake: creepin'
Reflections on a spoon (Challenge: Reflections without Mirrors)
Reflections on a spoon (Challenge: "Reflections without Mirrors")
Soap Bubbles (Challenge Black/White)
Soap Bubbles (Challenge "Black/White")
Cool - Clear - Water (Challenge: (Free Study)
Cool - Clear - Water (Challenge: ("Free Study")
Old leaf, floating..... (Challenge: Something Old)
Old leaf, floating..... (Challenge: "Something Old")
The Watcher (Challenge: Portrait in Landscape Orientation)
The Watcher (Challenge: "Portrait in Landscape Orientation")
frisky cocktail (Challenge: Complementary Colours)
frisky cocktail (Challenge: "Complementary Colours")
floating in space... (Challenge: Abstract Food)
floating in space... (Challenge: "Abstract Food")
Last chance... (Challenge: Free Study)
Last chance... (Challenge: "Free Study")
The Shadow Makers (Challenge: Unrelatedness)
The Shadow Makers (Challenge: "Unrelatedness")
Lost in Thought (Challenge: Duotones)
Lost in Thought (Challenge: "Duotones")
Multicoloured Raindrops (Challenge: Bokeh)
Multicoloured Raindrops (Challenge: "Bokeh")
Diagreenal (Challenge: Still Life)
Diagreenal (Challenge: "Still Life")
a-line-ment (Challenge: Lines)
a-line-ment (Challenge: "Lines")
flame (Challenge: from the ground up)
flame (Challenge: "from the ground up")
Road Map (Challenge: Single Light Source)
Road Map (Challenge: "Single Light Source")
Floral Curtains (Challenge: Abstract Macro)
Floral Curtains (Challenge: "Abstract Macro")
Autumn approaches (Challenge: soft focus)
Autumn approaches (Challenge: "soft focus")
bowled over (Challenge: stop motion)
bowled over (Challenge: "stop motion")
Nostalgia (Challenge: Flowers)
Nostalgia (Challenge: "Flowers")
the heart of the matter (Challenge: Zen)
the heart of the matter (Challenge: "Zen")
Outtake: comin' down
Outtake: comin' down
Loud silence (Challenge: Oxymoron)
Loud silence (Challenge: "Oxymoron")
Prickly Purple Petals (Challenge: Purple)
Prickly Purple Petals (Challenge: "Purple")
Outtake (Challenge: Purple)
Outtake (Challenge: "Purple")
Outtake: white beauty
Outtake: white beauty
hot coffee, cold milk (Challenge: Heat)
hot coffee, cold milk (Challenge: "Heat")
The Ripple... (Challenge: Green)
The Ripple... (Challenge: "Green")
Outtake: doubledecker
Outtake: doubledecker
Tubular (Challenge: Stationery)
Tubular (Challenge: "Stationery")
 Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm (Challenge: Holy Places)
Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm (Challenge: "Holy Places")