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Around the World: Multiple Galleries

Although I have taken photos in every one of the 103 different countries
(not to mention countless different cities)
PLUS 7 Continents that I have visited in my lifetime:

my on-line Pbase images here only touch a very few of these places
and even a much more a limited number of photographs in the Pbase photo galleries I have started.

Before that, I used film & have scanned only a handful of my older dog show photos (different subject) into digital format for the Internet. My older travel photos remain on slides or film negatives. I doubt that will change. Or that I will ever post them here. At this point, I have yet to post most of the digital images from all the different places I have visited in more recent years. In fact, many places are not yet represented at all in this gallery.

Over the years, some countries have merged into others. Others have just changed names. And some have split into new counties. Names and politics often bring change. The world seems to constantly be in flux.

However, I hit a magical number of 103 different countries visited in late 2019.
That is a point of personal self-satisfaction and amazement.
Although 103 countries are more than most people will ever visit in a lifetime,
it is still only slightly over half of all the countries in our big, wonderful world.

"At home", I have visited all 50 states. Close to home, I have visited all - but one - Canadian provinces.

Despite all this. there remains much more of the world to be explored (92 more current, world countries); many of which I do not expect to ever visit... In fact, at this point, many of the countries - that I have visited repeatedly in the past (and would return if I could) - are no longer safely visitable for Americans because of crime and/or world politics. So, I am grateful to have seen & been able to experience those places (with their people, culture, and uniqueness) while it was still possible.


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Although these images are for VIEWING ONLY, please enjoy your visit & come back soon.
gallery: Antarctica
gallery: Australia
gallery: Canada
The Caribbean
gallery: The Caribbean
gallery: China
FZ35 : Churchill, Winnipeg, and Polar Bears 2009
gallery: FZ35 : Churchill, Winnipeg, and Polar Bears 2009
Columbia, South America
gallery: Columbia, South America
gallery: Copenhagen
Costa Rica
gallery: Costa Rica
gallery: Cuba
gallery: Denmark
gallery: Ecuador
gallery: England
gallery: Egypt
The Falkland Islands
gallery: The Falkland Islands
gallery: Finland
gallery: France
The Galapagos
gallery: The Galapagos
gallery: Greece
gallery: Grytviken
gallery: Haiti
Heart of America
gallery: Heart of America
gallery: Holland
Hong Kong
gallery: Hong Kong
gallery: Ireland
gallery: Italy
gallery: Japan
gallery: Monaco
  Nikuzushi at Ebisu Yokocho
gallery:  "Nikuzushi at Ebisu Yokocho"
gallery: Norway
New Zealand - Multiple Galleries
gallery: New Zealand - Multiple Galleries
gallery: Russia
gallery: Scotland
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
gallery: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
gallery: Spain
Stromness: End of Shackleton's Journey 2010
gallery: Stromness: End of Shackleton's Journey 2010
gallery: Sweden
Tiritiri Matangi Island
gallery: Tiritiri Matangi Island
gallery:  Tokyo
US National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and Gardens: Multiple Galleries
gallery: US National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and Gardens: Multiple Galleries
Vancouver, BC
gallery: Vancouver, BC
gallery: Wales