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Historical Balisong Information, Great Pictures, & Balisong Help

This Site Last Updated on Oct, 2010

This site is dedicated to the great balisong knife. Knives are primarily tools, not weapons, and the balisong is no exception. The balisong is one of the most brilliantly designed knives: It's handles act as the knife's sheath, and once open the balisong is one of the few folding knives almost as strong as a fixed blade. Because of the rotating handles, the balisong is also entertaining, and it is fun to practice various ways of opening and closing the knife. The balisong has a rich history dating back at least to the 17th century, and is used in the Filipino martial arts. High quality balisong knives are often sought after by collectors. As with any collectible, knives can make very good investments. Because balisongs have been stigmatized by law enforcement and movies, and because the design is often confusing or too "fancy" for the typical sportsman, balisongs are made in much fewer quantities than other kinds of pocket knives, making them more interesting collectibles. Always handle a knife carefully and responsibly, and check your local laws to make sure you are in compliance.

"A collector's role is to store and protect artifacts, as works of art and individual/industry, so that they remain available to future generations. Private collections are where most museum exhibits ultimately come from." n2s

This website is a hodge-podge of balisong-related material, from private collections, to vintage catalogs, to preservation of old classic material. I've been collecting a long time, and enjoy helping other collectors or folks wondering what to do with all those old balisongs they have. Feel free to submit questions to me through the guestbook, or email me at I can help with valuation, photography, online gallery creation, help selling, and estate services or disposing of entire collections, and often consult for free. Too often, people leave their knife collections to random estate auctions. Especially with a niche knife like balisongs, much better to have a collector like me help put them in the right hands of people who will most appreciate them.

Click on each gallery to enter it, and click on each thumbnail to enlarge the picture. Within each gallery there are many sub-galleries. Any thumbnail caption bordered by :: double semi-colons :: is a sub-gallery, click it to enter.

If you have any material to add to this site, such as old catalog or flyer scans, magazine articles, photos, historical material, or photos of balisong books or videos, please shoot me an email.

I have at times been known to purchase old Bali-Song knives, catalogs, flyers, and magazines. Thank you, Balislinger

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