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This gallery (mostly) features images taken with a compact camera - i.e. a camera that fits in a pocket. Most of the images are so called "walkaround" photos (unplanned, unsetup, snapshots taken while moving around with a camera in your pocket). Latest images will be found at the top. These images are picked from the individiual compact camera galleries, if you want to see photos only from a certain camera, you can go to the camera galleries at the bottom end of this gallery. Latest images are at the top.
S95_02396_autumn_manor_1208x758 S95_02390_autumn_manor_1208x758 S95_02366_least_weasel_1208x758 111016_S95_02305 autumn 1000x750 110123_TZ7_1040002 snow 1000x 110123_TZ7_1040030 snow 1000x 110123_TZ7_1040039 snow 1000x
100313__PTZ7_1030531 shadows and texture 1000x 100313__PTZ7_1030524 shadows and texture 1000x 090710__PTZ7_1020822 cogwheel 950x 090709__PTZ7_1020519 church 900x 090709__PTZ7_1020511 the gate 1000x 090717__PTZ7_1020994 wideangle reflection 1000x 090328__F100_06295_Verona_windows_1200x
090328__F100_06285_Verona_windows_1200x 090328__F100_06346_Verona_Michael_Palin_950x 090328__F100_06406_Verona_arena_1000xbw 090327__F100_06261_Venice_wires_950x 090327__F100_06212_Venice_lion_plaster_1200x 090326__F100_06175_Venice_window_950x 090326__F100_06114_Venice_pigeon_1000x
090325__F100_06066_Venice_lion_knocker_1000x 090324__F100_06007_Venice_lion_doges_palace_1000x 090324__F100_06004_Venice_doges_palace_southpark_1000x 090324__F100_06001_Venice_photographing_doges_palace_950x 090324__F100_05978_Venice_Doges_palace_950x 090324__F100_05973_Venice_statue_doges_palace_950x 090323__F100_05936_pillars_908x
F100_06203 concrete cat Arn__090327__F100_06206_Venice_plaster_panther_950x.jpg F100_06315 porsche F100_06504 fiat 500 PTZ7_1000926_Orb F100_06659 concrete fungus F100_06673 concrete fungus
F100_03740 seashore F100_05658 alien F100_05533 concrete F100_05553 concrete F100_05556 concrete F100_05601 concrete F100_05629 concrete
F100_05688 concrete 090221__F100_05699_decay 090221__F100_05720_tubes 081007__F100_05053 fence 1000x 081007__F100_05074 autumn 081007__F100_05102 autumn 1000x 081007__F100_05112 autumn
081007__F100_05128 autumn 081007__F100_05141 autumn 081007__F100_05176 autumn 081007__F100_05238 autumn 1000x 081007__F100_05190 autumn 1000x 081007__F100_05271 plywood abstract 080229__F06044 snowy road
080229__F06047 snowy road F100_02507 rust F100_02198 barn door F100_02145 natural history museum F100_02152 natural history museum 080702__F100_02103 giganotosaurus F100_04602 tunnel
F100_02055 upper_hall F100_02070 window F100_02015 staircase F100_02005 staircase F100_02049 staircase F100_01950 staircase F100_01976 staircase
F100_01995 staircase F100_01989 staircase F100_01971 hands F100_01328 F100_01515_middle_ages F100_01540_middle_ages F100_01548_middle_ages
F100_01543_middle_ages F100_01549_middle_ages F100_01602_mad_knight F100_01691_mist F100_01714_here_be_elks F100_01729_mist F100_01778_mist
F100_01792_mist F100_03106_crystal_ball 080404__F06149 Mr P F100_04524 sword fighter F100_04231 stairwell #2 080621__P1030554 080509__P1020737
stairwell F100_03733 F100_04123 F100_03958 F100_03619 F100_01787 F100_01770
F100_01757 F100_00439 F100_00640 F100_00656 F100_00357 F100_01353 castle of Turku F100_01419_
F100_01389 F100_01379 F100_01367 F100_01377 F100_01324 F100_01314 F100_01312
F100_01309 F100_01298 F100_01290 F100_01284 shaman F100_01230 F100_01203 F100_00838
F100_00867 F100_00885 F100_00895 F100_00901 F100_00905 F100_00910 F100_00917 drinking horns
F100_00921 F100_00924 F100_00928 F100_00933 F100_00996 F100_00988 F100_01002
F100_01015 F100_01035 F100_01038 F100_01044 F100_01057 roasted pig F100_01071 F100_01255_
F100_01101 F100_01117 F100_01120 F100_01135 F100_01143 F100_01148 F100_01253
F100_01294 F100_00265 F100_03863 your's truly F100_00249 lobster 060805 Snickers in the undergrowth Snickers
the yacht club at winter painting the sky frozen sea shore frozen sea shore #2 man on a bridge 080326__F06093 smokestack
people on a bridge misty bridge lamppost alone and dying bolt, concrete, shades smoke g6/91/205191/3/73837886.8w6srOcy.jpg
Snickers fountain fountain #2 fountain #3 door knob brick wall concrete and steel
sherry1 sherry 2 pipe smokestack smokestack (color) interior #1 interior #2
interior #3 glass and shadows european kakadu 315 a  Fabergé egg 060806 eating grass
Snickers forest stairs medusa driving towards sunset #9 #8
#7 #6 #4 #3 #2 #1 061119
chameleon dead tweety rainy night - ISO 1600 rainy night #2 - ISO 1600 smokestack #2 doggie tunnel
dragon :) clouds maple 071020__F05721_autum 071020__F05661_door 071020__F05667_door 071020__F05676_metal_and_concrete
071020__F05705_leaves 071020__F05706_leaves 071020__F05708_autumn 071020__F05709_autumn 071020__F05713_autumn 071020__F05720_autumn bulb
030909__P2396 fog and web shrouded in mist pea Oily metal winter morning run #4 winter morning run #3 winter morning run #2
winter morning run #1 Panasonic TZ7
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