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00173 BEACON of HOPE, hand held :( PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger lightouse september 15 3257August0060jpg... note 1/06///3194 this pink a blue shot is one of my very favorites! FIRE DAWN dscn1666 -1 2952))2493alternate y2111///2863 7119MAGIC LIGHT 25 Below  image 4134 RAVENS FLIGHT below zero
jpg5549? HAPPY//2565 BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER CAROLYN! 24 :) 4218  ...MAGIC DAWN jpg8303? fog and vapor over maine lake at sunrise 14DSCN9285.JPG joydrops///242 Karen Montanaro DSC04951...  ANGEL #2  Pamela and the Monarch  driving thru the Maine countryside ...this monarch landed on her hand! DSC09224.jpg AFTER THE SMALL STORM... SALT WATER FILLS THE AIR... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER
DSC00675.jpg ' MORNING MAGIC OVER THE ATLANTIC OCEAN AND PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT'  a new day of hope and beauty DSC00181.jpg TWO GULLS at SUN RISE!  for Lois 3786328! BROODING moments of light at the Nubble, once again my daughters birthday!!!!... very different moment below, DSCO 9107 42DSC00224.jpg72 DSC09632.jpg DSC06455.jpg first vapor of late summer/fall in maine... 50 degrees... drove to find a spot
81DSC00045.3.jpg i like quiet shots, THIS is a quieter, earlier image of one of my most clicked lighthouse images, which?????? 37DSC00201.jpg59 9131.focused at infinity and then pop!  a surprise to me, drove an hour to get here, cold,  scene of  most popular iamges 6839.4158jpg Sea smoke over thompson lake ottisfield maine DSC09350.jpg THE NEW MOON RESTS IN THE NEW MOON'S ARMS WITH VENUS OVER PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSC09807.jpg very strange/unusual sunrise on the horizon line!
75DSC03419.jpg deatil of stormfront behind nubble lighthouse over dist boon light DSC09999470.jpg  720NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE DISTANT VIEW .... DSCO9126 looking east at sunset! DSC00476irel.jpg 276DSCN5278_1_2.jpg a possible wedding card??? created from horizontal by Lois DSC00150.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger september 19
3529THE COVER?  #3 for id y2250///3421 4140jpg 1707IRELAND FLOWERS   DSC00448.jpg upon seeing us stop in the mini... a women poked her head out from the peat fired home DSC06003 SUNSET ELM Lois and i were out shooting... i just put this up quickly with help for the framing from pbaser... DSC00750.jpg simple morning walk in Ballyvaughn, Ireland DSC00669.jpg we are all watching... WATCHING him, me, the cows... making hay while the sun shines! 2263.8954. dedicated to Lois A Rainbow Hunter... THE NUBBLE, nubble lighthouse, york, maine, i left, then saw a white cloud
DSCN5628.jpg ABLAZE or TODAY'S PROMISE sunrise over Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine DSC09959.jpg.... SKY OF HEAVEN thanks to Knox O ... sunset at portland head light maine DSC06295....   FOR LOIS :) PINK FOG DAWN over Easter Promenade portland maine DSC07180.jpg sunrise eastern prom portland maine DSC07305.jpg can someone take the green out? sunrise today eastern prom portland maine DSC03436sf.jpg
wedding flower! for Jack and Norma DSC03885.jpg716 ............. HEADING OUT  past the Queen, portland head light DSC04157_3.jpg  found DOOR DSC03981.jpg Wild Sky at Portland Head Light one of 600 as i ran all around the lighthouse following the clouds, see.. DSC04010 ............ CASTLE IN THE SKY  full moon rises over Portland Headlight... a 20 second surpirse! 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below
SLEEPING PUMKINS 12112SPIRIT purchase this and other photographs and postcards from my website 10561FLOWER DANCE WIZARD OF OZ'S BROOM jpeg 6599? ANGEL WINTER SERENITY
AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos POHNPEI,  SEEN FROM BLACK CORAL ISLAND TROPICS THUNDERHEAD 5671PROUD WOMEN at Nubble Lighthouse Maine... do you know her... reward $   AMAZING GRACE little white church eaton nh new hampshire ... 5312jpg 1290..TRANQUILITY 1384KENNETH LITTLE HAWK tiff 5872
jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger DSC00053jpg...THE GRAND LADY AWAITS SUNRISE AND A NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  best, don ALISON HILL - ARTIST... Monhegan Island Maine... 2474!2453 GRANDEUR at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine DSC03432 DSC00548.jpg SUNRISE! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger... lighthouses, long story PORTLAND HEADLIGHT CLOUDS  996DSC09979.jpg newly discovered framing today... the only image where i included the right side
Karen Montanaro... a life in the light... unposed... just a moment seen... see last few pads and all Karen images... Dec 22 - Pano with draft text........... whatdayathink? .... and HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEARS TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!! DSC02540jpg .........AMAZING 15 minutes before sun rise... allusive short lived moments... at Portland Head Light DSC09908wow.jpg DAWN'S MAGIC GLOW at Portland Head Light by donald verger maine lighthouses JAN 5TH 1st draft of PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DAWN TENRILS this moment lasted about 30 seconds! lighthouses, maine,  DANCING CLOUDS DSC09953
DSC00109phl.jpg HOPE The Sun Rises thru the Storm At Portland Head Light and the Atlantic Ocean DSC00201pano.jpg center image of a Portland Head Light panorama dec 22, 06 same day as finished pano... NOR EASTER BEARS DOWN ON NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE ... maybe the best moment of 4,000 clicks over 2 days Dec 22 Bird Pano800.jpg predawn SUNRISE at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger maine lighthouses DSC00139.jpg sea smoke! .....  CREATIONS DANCE ... SUNRISE BELOW ZERO AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, FROZE, OVER TEH ATLANTIC OCEAN 82/84/94DSC03902.jpg BRIALLIANCE OR ABLAZE  sunrise at Portland Head Light seamoke dawn as fishing boat heads out
DSC00122phl.jpg an image from sept 26ths shoot.. a day i need to look explore more