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Donald Verger | profile | all galleries >> -25 Farenheit tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

-25 Farenheit

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donald has many wonderuful images of the famous Little White church in Eaton NH

as seen through the vapor and fog and Crystal Lake.

all these images were taken one wildly cold breathtaking morning... December 18, 2004 enjoy!

The gift of being present for the DAY/TODAY... please comment on/vote for the images you are moved by most...
I can now see the progression of what happened and how i varied/change my shots as i saw these amazing moments of nature unfold!
545jpg0513 Goat Island Maine site of Dawn of Peace Image linked Below- Read About Donald Verger- Innocence Project- Press Herald 106/64DSC00577.jpg read about misidentification arrest and Donald Verger and The Innocence Project 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below 12112SPIRIT purchase this and other photographs and postcards from my website
7119MAGIC LIGHT 25 Below  image 4134 6839.4158jpg Sea smoke over thompson lake ottisfield maine 3529THE COVER?  #3 for id y2250///3421 4140jpg 2952))2493alternate y2111///2863
#1 for ref/ please comment Erin y690 alternate... 4114 y974 465..DSCN4142.JPG/0/2///465 yesterday's pad had my first example of a little logo and more words about it
# 4 cover choice 4139.JPG   Dec. 18th 2004 y572 75DSC03419.jpg deatil of stormfront behind nubble lighthouse over dist boon light ...  THE BREEZE ... p1040605 DSCN4117.JPg... 11x14 y344
DSCN4131. December, 18 2004 4132.JPGx272 y368 DSCN4144.JPG A LOST LOST found at 3am shot... again quiet like yesterdays 318))DSCN4152.JPG 2  see AMAZING DAY GALLERY FOR OTHER IMAGES!
DSCN4115.JPG y384 December 18, 2004 DSCN4133. 360bDSCN4128.JPG/6/ December 18th, 2004  DSCN4135 204
DSCN4136.JPG/0/3/5 DSCN4157.JPG/6/12/20/25/30/45 DSCN4124.JPG/6/10 12=19 so add 7/18 DSCN4122.JPG
DSCN4148.JPG/2/7 DSCN4155.JPG DSCN4149.JPG/0/4 DSCN4126.JPG/2/7/10/14
DSCN4129.JPG0/1/3 DSCN4121.JPG/5/10/14/17/19 y223 DSCN4123.JPG/0/4/8/12/13 DSCN4118.JPG/0/9/12/16/17
0 DSCN4156.JPG DSCN4120.JPG/4/8/14/19 DSCN4141.JPG/0/1 DSCN4119.JPG/4/8/12/14/15
DSCN4153.JPG DSCN4127.JPG/0/5/7/9 DSCN4130.JPG0/2/4/6/8 DSCN4151.JPG
DSCN4154.JPG DSCN4125.JPG/0/3/5/9 DSCN4150.JPG0/6 DSCN4147.JPG//8
DSCN4143.JPG/0/1 DSCN4020.jpg one of the images in this gallery has 19,000 clicks DSCN4074.jpg this image was taken 2 days before the linked one which has 19,000 clicks