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Multi-colored Gods and Apsaras

India, is a modern country. There are skyscrapers, fast cars, restaurants, and multi-national
companies. There are Pizza huts, Burger Kings, and McDonalds. There are cineplexes that show
the latest Hollywood films and there are call centers where everyone speaks English in an
American accent.

But ask people from the West about India, and one in five would say Kama Sutra. Somehow the
eroticism, and mysticism is forever linked with India. It is true that the majority of Indians
are Hindus, and Hinduism has many idols, but what people misconstrue is that these idols, these
Gods are all different. In reality, these many Gods are nothing but forms of one God. It is
easier to pray to a different form, for different reasons but it is always the same God.

Enshrouded in all the Indian myths, are stories of women, brave women, fighting for their own
cause and this is often portrayed in Indian art. These women play musical instruments, they
toil in the fields and they look after the children. Yet, they care about how they look. They
are often shown looking at a mirror.

There are also Apsaras or Sirens that abound in the stories, that are there as a test for the
men. They try to distract them, seduce them and break their concentration. These women
are portrayed naked, scantily clad, erotic, and usually in dance forms.

This gallery is collection of some these Gods, Forms, and sculptures.

g4/30/52730/3/62995657.bmI3OUlS.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051780.CRW_9454.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051786.IMG_9452.jpg Beauty and dance
g3/30/52730/3/56051793.IMG_9474.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051791.IMG_9470.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051792.IMG_9473.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051794.IMG_9475.jpg
Dance in Indian art g3/30/52730/3/56051789.IMG_9462.jpg u46/yardbird/medium/40003878.IMG_1770.jpg Shyness, Mahabalipuram
g3/30/52730/3/56051805.IMG_9520.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051806.IMG_9521.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051787.IMG_9458.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051788.IMG_9459.jpg
g3/30/52730/3/56051795.IMG_9485.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051796.IMG_9486.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051797.IMG_9487.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051798.IMG_9492.jpg
g3/30/52730/3/56051800.IMG_9506.jpg Tamil Nadu, Dilli Haat, Delhi g3/30/52730/3/56051802.IMG_9510.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051804.IMG_9512.jpg
Apsara in dance form, Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat Ardhanariswara - half man, half woman, Mahabalipuram Decapitation stone, Mahabalipuram g3/30/52730/3/56051799.IMG_9493.jpg
g3/30/52730/3/56051779.CRW_9434.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051785.IMG_9433.jpg g3/30/52730/3/56051803.IMG_9511.jpg Bhagavati deity, Jwalamukhi