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Ken Leonard | profile | all galleries >> Galleries >> Dana Point Tall Ships Festival 2007 - RAW tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Dana Point Tall Ships Festival 2007 - RAW

To create interest in this gallery I will be randomizing these images a few times daily. Images not displayed in order they were taken.

More about the Dana Point Tall Ships Festival here:

I will be saying a little bit more about the names of the depicted tall ships later.
Selected images taken on Friday Sept. 7 and Saturday Sept 8, 2007. All images processed from original RAW files. Properly cropped, optimized and sharpened. Otherwise these images are as taken. Bookmark this gallery if you care to do so as I will be adding many more images. More entertainement, pirates, Macaws and ships under full sail photos coming.

As always, your comments MOST welcome. If you have make, model and other info about any of these cars please consider leaving that info under the photo by simply clicking on the photo and then clicking on comments. You may remain anonymous if you wish but please refrain from off color remarks that benefit no one. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All photos in this gallery were taken with a Nikon D80 DSLR with a Nikkor 18mm - 200mm VR lens. On the D80 this is equivalent to 27mm to 300mm. The D80 is a professional 10.2 megapixel camera. All photos in this gallery are drastically downsized and optimized for web viewing only. Printing of these images prohibited. All photos Copyright 2007 Ken Leonard.

High quality prints and JPEG's available. All photos also shot in RAW and selected processed from RAW images will be posted a few days from now as I find time.

Ken Leonard

This is a labor of love and such shows as this cost me quite a bit out of pocket for travel, admission fees and of course equipment expenses. Please consider a small donation so that I may continue to share these awesome old cars with you. You may make a secured donation by clicking here:

g6/26/12626/3/85400529.gVDn5SED.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446883.pvVVxFsm.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400536.zDgeLbMe.jpg Taken inside the Ocean Institute
Taken inside the Ocean Institute
g6/26/12626/3/85400549.jNOjeYep.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400540.N2pQBi6d.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400522.szuLPMcq.jpg Musicians aboard the Exy Johnson
Musicians aboard the Exy Johnson
g6/26/12626/3/85400526.sCWUzoeW.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400543.nI2nRUUL.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446876.nxMJGDSa.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400538.hh2aOVZE.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400525.YU2Tn6GX.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400531.bILa5mFT.jpg Jack Sparrow, is that you?
Jack Sparrow, is that you?
g6/26/12626/3/85400544.lW4WS2vC.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400533.M2IKTGWa.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400580.11nGY2Nk.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400519.Dazzj7wr.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400518.QeygUEoF.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446880.IAnYaq0Z.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400585.PQ3vBCwg.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446871.XhSiDe2W.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400527.ZYm0jLYd.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400547.oeAvVDqF.jpg Sardines
Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw
g6/26/12626/3/85446852.wEYsDdZD.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400577.dYtQ8iHk.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400566.hYs5GbGG.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400565.sii3GnwM.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85446884.s2nKcMA4.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400517.YLVmdqHo.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400551.T93gOgAk.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400541.q7tIMblJ.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85446875.oGMZdYqB.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400562.GnoBwtLJ.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400521.MklYcO4x.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400534.anGjwUso.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400573.dEFVXea9.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446856.p5JQPckA.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400548.4wyWSrx4.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446900.iUUyS9Eh.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85446891.4wqjKL2X.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400569.XSpCE8Ci.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400559.XAuapSqa.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400583.j8vikMHz.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400581.JUR4bNu7.jpg Musicians aboard the Exy Johnson
Musicians aboard the Exy Johnson
g6/26/12626/3/85446874.dwE40Ljg.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400571.mCgud6wO.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400582.EA28EUKC.jpg Rope frame
Rope frame
g6/26/12626/3/85446893.5it84YWj.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446878.xt9tyABM.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400570.UEkMND4A.jpg Ship in a bottle
Ship in a bottle
g6/26/12626/3/85446866.kQH1vpec.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400572.Qk3KOB6w.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85446865.cD6nmOYM.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446879.mE7wj4n4.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400591.iC2RWi0c.jpg Taken inside the Ocean Institute
Taken inside the Ocean Institute
g6/26/12626/3/85400556.an1OybS1.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400515.B4E8KdFG.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400537.AUjadE5C.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400578.PejbAous.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85446872.3a5CSaqN.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446873.AQkyG6WH.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446850.I3tz2iH6.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400524.IG2ykvGB.jpg
Yello Nape Amazon
Yello Nape Amazon
Balcksmith demo
Balcksmith demo
g6/26/12626/3/85446897.bjS2Bjjk.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446877.0Q9PKp3Q.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400554.TY5eZFpu.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400516.rJrX11J4.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446851.N883d7iA.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446889.axy4xkX4.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400535.gx6jbfaM.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400539.uaj8MW4y.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446890.BKsf2pG1.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400523.q2WcDvJp.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85446886.LaiUQMSd.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446888.h3tntqIl.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400567.0zJyqceo.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400546.MfuTHNzY.jpg
The galley (pilgrim)
The galley (pilgrim)
g6/26/12626/3/85400586.1lBy7vdM.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446887.1r3Hg9OE.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400552.XmnfMLxJ.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85446894.TI18lmGO.jpg Ship in a bottle
Ship in a bottle
g6/26/12626/3/85446868.kOw2EqCK.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446885.dkWHlu0g.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400579.jOmuY8PK.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446855.gmI2aF1D.jpg Blue and Gold Macaw
Blue and Gold Macaw
Rope frame
Rope frame
g6/26/12626/3/85400592.vSF6OHNa.jpg Cannon!
g6/26/12626/3/85400568.VWg371Xf.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400588.RDoclYIz.jpg
g6/26/12626/3/85400520.M1naMWnv.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85446896.qI8tLp9W.jpg g6/26/12626/3/85400587.cN7M2Z0E.jpg