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OHP's Hayabusa

Olympus C-4100Z
1/800s f/4.0 at 6.8mm iso100 with Flash full exif

other sizes: small medium original auto
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shabaz 21-Nov-2010 14:09
so so sweet hayabusa
guest 16-May-2008 20:42
i believe that is the coolest purchase cops have ever made. i just hope florida won't do the same. i guess we'll have to see whos is faster if i ever get chased;)
Kevin 13-May-2008 09:32
I have a feeling that all the negative "guest" comments are the same person, who has successfully demonstrated that he has no idea WTF he is talking about.

The use of motorcycles as a police tool goes back almost as far as the motorcycle itself, and the fact that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has invested in high-speed interceptor doesn't cause me a moment of pause.

These bikes are used primarily on limited access tollroads that have a divided median and a 75mph speed limit. That means the only way enforce the speed limit to work radar on the same side of the roadway as the speeders. The only consistent way to do this is to work over a hillcrest, hit the speeder with radar, and then pull out into traffic and chase them down. Now you have to catchup with someone who is already traveling well in excess of 75 mph. Would you rather do that on a Harley Davidson Police MC that goes 0-100mph in 20.35 seconds, or a Suzuki Hayabusa that goes 0-60mph in under 3 seconds? Personally, the faster I can get out of oncoming traffic the better.
runs from cops 16-Jun-2007 20:09
For the people saying the flag is are idiots. Seriously. Are there just a bunch of f*cking idiots posting comments on here, or does anyone have half a brain. Ok *deep breath*

The REASON the flag is "backwards", is because it's on the right side of the's cosmetic. The stripes are "flowing" the same way on both sides. If you just use a left sided sticker of the American flag, the blue would be flowing backwards...and that's the part typically anchored to the flag-pole. You know how when you look at a flag on the right it looks "backwards"...same thing here.

Now please, drink a nice tall glass of shut the f*ck up.
Guest 31-May-2007 13:21
Probably a cheaper, safer patrol bike. The only issues I could think of would be the cost of repairing minor tip overs and the lack of electrical power compared to a cruiser for powering the lighting and accesories that they would want onboard.
Guest 13-Dec-2006 22:39
The Flags on both sides are correct. I owen an 03 busa myself and think that it's about time cops start using vehicles that can run with anything, even sport bikes. I'm just glad no cops in my state are using them, so I can still out run them on a whem. Until you've riden one of these bikes you have no idea of the power and acceleration.... and yeah, the cops are having fun with this bike.
Guest 24-Nov-2006 05:56
I applaude the police in their purchase. Is it a toy? No more so than an HD or a Honda cruiser (what most PDs use). Of course, this one burns less gas, requires less maintnance, and cost less for initial purchase. But hey, who's counting, right? Are people going to be upset about this purchase? Yeah, probably. It's usually the people who can't get the motorcycle they want on their own. Either finances or a significant other that has disabled them. Both are fixable - just grow the testicular mass to fix the problem and GET OF THESE PUBLIC SERVANTS' BACKS! They have enough problems without dealing with your insecurities and jealousy.

Officers: God speed and keep the greasy side down.
kenton 25-Oct-2006 23:51
i have 1 and the comment about confort is wrong its a big bike that handles and performs well
Greg 15-Aug-2006 20:28
Well first, let me commend my man going on about the flags. Way to show your patriotism there buddy. Second, police departments across the country run motorcycles as part of their regular patrols. Third, the taxpayers will be saving money on these purchases as the hayabusa cost several thousand dollars less than the fully dressed Harley-Davidson's run by most PD's, jack-asses.
Guest 11-Aug-2006 01:54
The flags are correct.
And you call yourself an American?
If you are going to tear something down at least get your facts straight so you don't confirm your stupidity.
Guest 11-Aug-2006 01:52
The flags are correct.
And you call yourself an American?
If you are going to tear something down at least get your facts straight so you don't confirm your stupidity.
Guest 10-Jul-2006 02:50
Yes, just nothing more than for these cops to "legally" break the law with their new toys....not paid for them of course.....but by the public.
Guest 26-May-2006 23:20
Flag may be backwards, But when a flag is flying and the wind is blowing.. It actually does look like the flag is flying backwards

Sheila ( Just my Opinion)
Guest 12-May-2006 11:37
Is this for real? The flags are backwards.
Guest 01-May-2006 06:36
Yes, That is a boat DIP SHIT !!!!
Guest 27-Apr-2006 09:18
The flag is reversed for a reason...

It has to do with retreating... the military wears a reverse flag on the right side so it looks as if the flag is waving as they move forward....
if it was the right way it would make it look like retreating...
John Owens25-Apr-2006 03:55
If you look at the third photo in the series it shows the other side of the bike, the blue field is forward on both sides.
guest 24-Apr-2006 15:39
yeah the american flag is supposed to be lie that. It is also like that on our military uniforms. If it were a real flag on a pole then it would be waving like that because he is moving foreward. same with our military uniforms, heading foreward into battle
Guest 23-Apr-2006 15:07
Is this even a real photo? Look at the American flag on the plastics?? It's's not backwards anywhere else on the picture.
Guest 21-Apr-2006 21:41
You mean someone in the dept. is on paper as approving that purchase?

He better hope it never gets into a bad chase.
John Owens21-Apr-2006 04:37
I asked if it was a drug seizure, it wasn't.
Guest 20-Apr-2006 13:17
Probably a drug seizure. In these days of chases gone bad, why encourage more high-speed pursuit?

That's what radios are for.

This is for ego-tripping cops that want a legal thrill.

First time someone is injured in a chase, this bike will be on the auction block - just too bad that's what it will take for these good ol' boys to get the message.
Guest 14-Apr-2006 18:19