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I conducted a photography workshop in Bhutan recently..
Part of the objective of the trip is also to take portrait shots of kids in a school

From previous experiences in Bhutan ( this is my 2nd trip) , I know that the kids will be
very excited about the phototaking. With the objective in mind, I lugged 2 printers to Bhutan, so that
we can print the photos and pass it to them when we returned to the school a few days later.

Being a Singaporean, we are probably used to cam whoring, and kids of all ages are so used to
photography.. from camera phones, to PnS cameras, and even DSLRs..
In contrast, the kids in Bhutan probably do not have such luxuries.
Therefore, they got so excited about the whole photography process.

English is taught in Schools, and all the other subjects are in English too… so communication
with the kids is never a problem. They were so curious about us, where we were from etc etc,
and it was a joy to talk to them.

Being the well behaved kids that they are, some tried to contain their excitement, some
asked for permission for more shots, but the overall experience is enjoyable and fun for both the
team of us and the kids. It is also a very humbling experience for me..

As we progressed along the classes, i witnessed for myself, the innocence and joy of these kids,
and I hope that even with more development in the country, these traits of kids will not be diminished.

Will be planning another photography workshop in March 2011 for the Paro Festival, we should probably go back to the school
for more photography ( there are over a 1000 students there, and we only managed to cover about 1/5 of it) .. drop me a message if anyone is keen ..
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