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asby011-Jul-2008 17:55
Referring to The photo of Bel Air Mall in Mobile, AL dated 1967. That photo hits home with me and has alot of meaning to me. My mother took me to that mall in the late 60's early to mid 70's. I was 2 yrs, 8 months when that photos was made. Of particular interest are the Christmas decorations. Those tall ornate candles are a spiritual sight to me. They meant the world to a toddler. I'm 43 now. Great Great Photo
Guest 20-May-2008 12:52
Hi Vincent:
I love your work and you gave me many inspirations! I live in NJ as well (Bergen County) so maybe I can join you in a possible future pBase meet.
Have a great day. Ciao, Giancarlo
Guest 18-Oct-2007 03:13
Hi Vincent,
I just wanted to say how much I admire your great work. I really enjoy browsing through your galleries.
best to you,
tomr-photos04-Aug-2007 13:20
Hi Vincent. Your comment brings to mind the old saying, "Behind every Freud there's a silver lining." Thanks for visiting. :)
Sue Roberts05-Jul-2007 01:45
thank you... you made the pbase meet up gallery what it is! a success!
Guest 20-Jun-2007 08:20
For some reason, your pictures really cheered me up.
Guest 19-May-2007 17:54
Hey Vince, thanks for the comments and encouragement you have left. Sorry that I have been so long in visiting your site, but I will be looking through your photos this weekend. Take care.
Guest 17-Jan-2007 13:45
Hi vince,

Thank you for watching at my galleries and for giving me nice comments. I appreciate it. I looked at some of your galleries and they are very nice. I will come back for sure to look at the others.
Guest 14-Jan-2007 21:56
Vince, stopped by to view a couple of photos. Trying to keep my New Year's resolution you know (lol). Going to stop by Sue's gallery next.
Guest 03-Oct-2006 00:34
Hey Vince, thanks for dropping by from time to time; I appreciate it.
David T.23-Aug-2006 01:19
Thanks for stopping by my corner of the net and leaving the kind words.
Your work is outstanding. It appears as though your life has been quite fruitful.
I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of your ideas. :)
David T
yaffa rennert22-Aug-2006 17:59
Hi Vincent,
You made a very good observation about my work. Thanks a lot. I enjoyed wandering around in your galleries.
Debra 18-Jul-2006 09:42
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
Guest 12-Jul-2006 02:13
Vincent - thanks very much for your kind words and adding me to you fav lists. I enjoyed all your galleries and will return again when I have more time (visiting daughter in portland or at the moment) did my first photography in the signal corps at Ft Monmouth NJ - Regards, Fred Parsons
Guest 06-Jul-2006 01:02
Thanks for your comments. Having new equipment is a challenge. I've been thrown out of the point and shoot caboose and feeling overwhelmed but I'll slowly learn the new gizmos F-stops, depth of field, shutter speeds its all so intimidating. Hope I don't lose my eyes. You have simplified and I have accessorized
Guest 30-Jun-2006 14:14
Vincent my man, browsing through your galleries is a big adventure trip. From the streets to music halls, a chat with yourself, a walk in the park... I love it! Your school's good!
Naomi 29-Jun-2006 14:00
Thanks for the nice comments on my SP gallery.
Sue Roberts25-Jun-2006 23:33
Thank you for everything, Vincent. Your practical help is invaluable and your dedication to your art inspires me!
Guest 20-Jun-2006 08:14
Shirley Wang30-May-2006 13:57
Vincent, I enjoyed viewing your galleries, especially the kids one!
Guest 29-May-2006 16:04
Hi Vincent,
Your photos are amazing, certainly I felt pleasure from viewing the galleries of yours. Thank you.
Guest 28-May-2006 16:38
Hallo Vincend
thanks for your wonderful commenting and your kind words..I aslo like to search for artists mostly from the favorites if they are published..You have done some excellent work too.I'm galed your search led you to me and me to you
Best regards
Sergio Pessolano19-May-2006 05:51
Hi Vincent,
Thank you very much for your kind words.
Actually I'm selecting the images to upload. I started with the B&W section and I'm learning how to move myself inside this site.
I added your name to my favorites.
Kind Regards.
Roger McCallen09-May-2006 10:05
Vince I enjoyed your galleries. The old pic's are great and I love your use of B/W.
Alida Thorpe06-May-2006 13:05
Vincent, I enjoyed looking through your galleries. You have an excellent eye for photography and an interesting collection of photos.
Thank you for visiting my galleries. It is always nice to "discover" new connections. That is what makes this journey so much fun! Alida
Martha Albuquerque04-May-2006 14:15
Hello Vincent!
Thank you for your kind words and visit! I´ve seen a little of your galleries and just love it. You are already in my favorites and I´ll certainly come back for more!
roberta29-Apr-2006 15:42
Thanks for your kind comments on my galleries. I enjoyed my visit looking at your work!
Guest 21-Apr-2006 21:43
Thanks for your latest comments. I value your feedback. Looking forward to developing my eye some more. Think I'm ready for a new camera
Judy Misquitta18-Jan-2006 12:27
Hi Vince! Thanks for stopping by my gallery and commenting on my work. Do drop in again. Your gallery is awesome! I esp. enjoyed looking at the street photographs.
dave 08-Dec-2005 13:57
Hey there. Great diner photos. Thanks for the posting on NJDiners. Keep up the great work! -Dave from
Guest 10-Sep-2005 01:30
thanks for your comments. . The New Orleans gallery is very special to me .
Guest 31-Aug-2005 13:13

thanks for sharing your pictures. There is a lot to learn from them. I like your "american" (I am sorry I cannot explain better) style.
You are on my fav now. I'll come back.

Oh, and thanks for the comments to my galleries as well.

Guest 29-Jun-2005 12:23

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Torarinn Olafsson (Toti)08-Jun-2005 01:06
Hi Vince.

I´m still shooting with Minolta. A1 is taking the heavy load. Me and wife are moving back to Iceland to be the central point for the our grownups and grand kids. I will get back to the Minoltians. Have been looking at the galleries every now and then. Great stuff as always. If you have time you could see some of my pics at pbase/flydra.
See you soon.
Carole Scurlock28-Apr-2005 18:24
I really enjoyed your street photography galleries especially the photos from Ireland - so spontaneous and natural. Keep up the good work.
Peter Chou29-Mar-2005 03:56
Congratulations on your exellent work! You have a great eye for street photography and do keep those great shots coming! Do take a peek at my documentary work and I appreciate your advice and comments.
Gus & Gerry 13-Feb-2005 15:51
Hi Vince,
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my galleries, they are very much appreciated. I took a much too quick look at your galleries and will return for more in depth looks for sure - nice work! We seem to have many similar interests both photographically and musically - both being classical musicians with serious interest in photography I'm enjoying looking through your images very much.

Gus Toole
Guest 01-Jan-2005 01:15
Hi Vincent

Thanks for your nice comment after your visit of my gallery.

I took a quick tour in your galleries and enjoyed "kids", "Maine" and "reflections". I'll be back.

Funny how we are so different : you shoot with a 35mm and I'm all digital (never touched a 35mm). You have 40 years experience and I'm a newbie of less then 2 years. You like to shoot buildings, towns, peoples and I'm a nature lover. Two minds looking at their world differently.

Wish you a nice shooting year for 2005

Don Guo28-Dec-2004 01:51
Many thanks for visiting my galleries. This helped me to discover a part of your world.
Love your photos. Keep up the great work!
weston belford 23-Nov-2004 14:07
hi u people like my pictures
Daniel Haskins18-Nov-2004 04:07

I enjoy your stuff.

Dan Haskins
weston belford 26-Oct-2004 13:30
hi dad how u doin
Renee Woods 23-Sep-2004 18:18
These pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for capturing such wonderful memories from my mom's party.

Your "featured picture" Platinum is my sister-in-law, Peggy. I didn't think it was possible to capture her beauty, but you did!

Renee Woods 18-Sep-2004 00:16
Hi Vince,
It is Renee (Dee's daughter) -- you take such wonderful pictures. Thank you for sending me the link to your site. It was SO nice meeting you and Dale at my mom's party. We are still talking and thinking about the party -- it was a great success. It was really nice seeing everyone at a happy occassion.

Take Care,
Guest 31-Aug-2004 03:48
Hi Vincent, thank you for leaving a comment in my guestbook, I appreciate it and means a lot to me. Your images are wonderful and inspiring. Thank you again.

Salamat(thank you),

Jomar Enciso
Vincent Belford17-Aug-2004 17:17
Weston: hi
Guest 15-Jun-2004 21:32

How are you? Thanks for stopping in to say hello today. I am sure the idea is not mine alone and was probably inspired in me by others so by all means I would love to see your favorites. It is interesting to see which photographs the photographer picks as their favorites compared to what I as the viewer would pick. I know for myself that sometimes my knowledge of the difficulties involved in shooting an image can influence my choice. Its like "If you only knew what it took to get that...". I will stop and see what you have been doing lately when I have more time, but wanted to acknowledge your comment. I am off to pick-up takeout, have a great day.

Annelie Andersson15-Jun-2004 17:12
Hi Annelie !
Thank´s for your comments in my guestbooks and in my album.
Nice to see your name is Annelie too :)
I will be back and look at your picture another day :)
Take care of you.
Annelie Andersson Sweden
Guest 01-Jun-2004 01:33
what a delightful stroll through your galleries. you have a fantastic eye, and i especially enjoyed your toned images. :)
Guest 11-May-2004 02:32
Vincent - thanks for visiting my galleries and for kind words on my work. I'm specially glad to hear it from such wonderful photographer as you. Your pictures are very, very powerfull.
Matt (b_hunter)
Craig Sadler03-May-2004 23:46
Hi Vincent

Thank you for your very encouraging words at my humble galleries. I made my living playing music also. I now mostly engineer. Photography was a passion of mine when I was very young. About three years ago I rediscovered this wonderful way of expression.
Your galleries are VERY inspiring. I'll be back often
Irene Wehrli29-Apr-2004 21:53
Hi Vincent
Tank you for lookîng at my galleries and your nice comment. I noticed, you like more BW, great work.
Kind regards from Switzerland
Jeff Cochran19-Mar-2004 12:19
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Marisa Livet08-Mar-2004 12:58
I like coming back to your galleries, there is a positive feeling spread everywhere, I like the way you treat your subject and I’d like being able to tell you more.
winter 03-Mar-2004 23:33
What a site! Nice work, Vince. I'm at and but need to get some website development help and get off these freebees. Until the next grant comes in though and I can hire a web geek, this is all I have to share. The new Crestone Artisans Gallery saw the light and let me rehang the premier show. It's kickass, if I do say so, myself!
Vincent Belford29-Feb-2004 12:19
One more day Toti - no fair peeking
Torarinn Olafsson (Toti)29-Feb-2004 01:57
Hi Vince,

I see ton´s of great images in your galleries. Can´t wait untill next one opens. *S*
Cu at
take care
Guest 08-Feb-2004 10:38
Hi Vince,

Thanks for having a look at my site, your support is much appreciated (and valued) I think you've posted about an extra 400 images since the last time I had a look. Thanks for putting me onto pbase. I reckon I'll have some fun here.

Cheers my friend,

Richard Young23-Oct-2003 00:48
Hi Vince,

Your "About Me", "STREET" galleries and especially your Self-Portrait in New Brunwick are inspirational. There's nothing "mundane" about your photos and your BW shots are superb. I have nothing but praise about your work. Sight + sound.....= great life! Will check your pages often.


Guest 26-Aug-2003 01:33
I was here back in June. Thought I'd check in again. I believe a human who feels and communicates that feeling draws others in. Good job, Brother. I'll be back.
Don Northup26-Jul-2003 19:15
Thanks for sharing. I see some intersting pics and will be back. Happy shooting.
Vincent Belford13-Jul-2003 23:41
Hi Veronica,
Ernie was my student way back.
I bumped into him last week while playing a NJSO park concert but didn't get to talk much so It would be great if you gave him my link.
I've earmarked your galleries for a look-see and will get right to it.
It's a small world,
Veronica Fresh13-Jul-2003 19:21
"Is this Ernie the K?"...None other! I'm an art teacher here in Clifton and we share several buildings. This was a day when Ernie was in a really good mood!

Loved your pictures...especially the catagories you've set up. The Diners Gallery is GREAT. Mind if I send your link to Ernie?

Guest 08-Jul-2003 20:40

You have an excellent collection of images! I really dig the “musicians” gallery. I am also working on this assignment. I hope to have a worthy collection of shots within 1 year from now, but it will most likely be an ongoing project. Do you still shoot with the view camera?

Fellow Minoltian,
Guest 29-Jun-2003 12:28
Kep up the good work...very nice
Guest 15-Jun-2003 03:25
Hi Vince!

Been working my way slowly through all of your galleries, not an easy task, as there are so many great images to view! Just finished with one of your newer ones, Bound Brook NJ. I love the idea of "One camera, one lens, one film, one town, one hour!"...will have to try that some time.
I'll be back for more!

Cindy Mead15-Jun-2003 00:24
thank you for your kind comments in my gallery Vincent- I've added yours to my favorites and will def. be back to visit your beautiful colleciton of images again soon.
Guest 13-Jun-2003 06:51
After viewing your gallery I am both humbled and honored that you liked any of my meager works. You capture the human essence with a clarity to which I aspire. I've been shooting as an amateur for most of my life and only recently started shooting professionally part time. Your body of work is incredible! I will definitely drop by every now and then to see what new delights you migh have posted.

Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my site. The hands gallery is one of my pets, and I'm afraid I haven't been stroking her much lately. I need to capture some more. I did do a shoot recently in which I got to shoot an informal jam by blues legend, Wild Child Butler, so look for some of those images to end up on my site soon.

Best Regards,
Curt Schimmels
Guest 11-Jun-2003 07:08
Hi there Vince,

Stumbled upon your gallery today and I must say, its quite something. Lovely b&w and self portraits. The street gallery is top notch! I noticed you have a thing for beetles :)

Guest 10-Jun-2003 23:42
Thanks for your kind comments on my gallery. I really like your photos. They all convey a mood. I wish I could be as consistant.

Guest 07-Jun-2003 20:26

Thanks for stopping by I took a look at your galleries, you have many fine photos. My particular favorites where the portraits and the bridges gallery, but then I did not have time to go through the many photos you have here. I look forward to visiting again to see more.

coyote05-Jun-2003 18:42
Thank you for visiting my place and for the kind comments. Now I can see why you commented on my B&W's. I have to say that even though we both live in the USofA, we live in totally different worlds. Your work shows things I have only read about or seen in photos like yours. I live in the Sagebrush and wouldn't even begin to understand the city.
Your body of work is amazing, keep adding to it- I'll be checking in from time to time.
JJ/ The Coyote
Guest 05-Jun-2003 05:43
Thank you for commenting on my work. I actually have you marked on Pbase as one of my favorate artists.
Guest 04-Jun-2003 19:07
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I have been playing with cameras since 1977. Never quite developed the talent for light you have though. You have some very nice images. They soothed me.

deverie 22-May-2003 22:27
Wow Vince! What an amazing body of work! I'm sure this is but a drop in the bucket eh? I'm particularly fond of your b/w shots...the lighting etc. Gotcha marked for future viewing pleasure.

Guest 20-May-2003 11:19

I have collections of Photos by catagory. One of them which I called Art_People was wiped out and lost recently. It represented several years of work on my part. I'm going to have to start over again. Many of your photos look interesting. Would you be up for letting me create Digital Artwork from some of your photos. I am and have worked with other phtographers both locally and on the web. I would not display anything without your prior permission. Saying all this I can't say that I would use any of them but I felt that I would check to see if you were open to the idea first.

Thank you.
Guest 19-May-2003 06:17
Thank you for your words of encouragement. I'll respond to your comments at some point in the future. I was unaware of the forum attached to each users galleries.
Guest 17-May-2003 23:42
Yes Vincent, Iam the end :-) but when the end is good, it is all good. Amen
Guest 17-May-2003 03:07
Hello Vincent,
Thanks for taking the time to visit my galleries...Your kind comments meant a lot coming from a photographer with your caliber...
Enjoyed your galleries very much, too. Your portrait gallery is excellent.

With regards,
Garrett Lau13-May-2003 21:33
Your photos are simply awesome. I'm so flattered that you like my cycling photos, since you obviously know much more about photography than I.

By the way, I just added another cycling photo gallery last night:
Guest 05-May-2003 12:30
Hey Vincent!

The end of what? :-))

Torarinn Olafsson (Toti)25-Apr-2003 14:45
Hi Vincent,

Thank you for the visits and comments. Pbase is a good place. Slug is doing a good job. I have been here quite some time. Someone told us about this place at Minolta group very long time ago. I was at your tripod place but had not left a message yet. I will be looking at your place here and have already bookmarked it. Glad you made it here Vincent.

Sarah 25-Apr-2003 14:42
Looks like a good start.
Keep it up.