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Three Iceland Trips: June, 2017, 2003 in September and 2007 at Christmas. There's just about 4 hours sun at Christmas time (providing the weather cooperates) but the light is so soft and rosy during the hours of "day". September is just the opposite, at night there is just twilight, it never really gets dark.
Oystercatcher's Worm Lupine on stony ground in Iceland 900ice.4407.copy.jpg
Glacier Mtn Rock Cliffs Where Alcids and Gulls are Nesting 900.blgul.0252.copy
Flock of Razorbacks? Two Harlequin Ducks and a Dunlin? Dunlin
Dunlin nesting in a field i think this is a European Oystsercatcher Wagtail
2 Black Guillemots Black Guillemot (Cepphus grylle) Three males two females and a baby Common Eider
Alcids (razorbills) nesting in Westerman Rock Niches Female Red-necked Phalarope Feeding 2 Common Male Eiders  and a female
Common Eider Male in Breeding plumage Harlequin Ducks Female Red-necked Phalarope Feeding
Harlequin Male Duck on Hvítárvatn Male and Female Harlequin Ducks on Hvítárvatn Male  Red-necked Phalarope Feeding
711.icehrs.4206.copy.jpg Icelandic Horses grazing on the way to Pingevellir Icelandic Horses grazing on the way to Pingevellir
Mummy and Daddy Icelandic Horses Two Icelandic Horses, recent parents 1mishors.4193.copy.jpg
900blis.4199.copy.jpg This guy is just irresistable TOTI, the Puffin at the Aquarium
Toti the puffin and a little girl! Big Sky Iceland Hot River Varma Walk
Leif Ericsson Dwindling light on Christmas Girl Feeding the Graylags in Reykjavik
Graylag Geese Graylag Goose (Anser anser) Tjorn.w.swan.gees.8548.jpg
Christmas in Reykjavik Nifty Restaurant Swans
First winter Black-headed Gulls City.hall.geese.8558.jpg PLEASEEEEE
Christmas Tree on the Doorstep Icelandic Farm and Horses Gullfoss,  Snowy Expanse
Vista from Ţingvellir Twilight time JonCarlo Playing Chess With Uncle Peter
Dusk at Reykjavik Harbor Viking Ship Sculpture View Accross the Harbor
End of the light Three Female Eiders View of Reykjavik, looking towards the harbor
White House Shop Window at Christmas Where's Santa?
I love Reindeer Reindeer Decoration Two Icelanders at the MALL
Male Eiders (Somateria mollisima) Atomic-bombed Stone from Hiroshima Sugar Coated Hills
Strokkur Geysir Strokkur Geysir: Blowing every three minutes Strokkur Geysir: Blowing every three minutes
Golden(Gullfoss) Waterfalls Gullfoss was saved by a single woman protesting a hydroelectric dam What I did in Iceland!
Peter on the Rocks Pingvellir View in a pink/blue twilight Pastel Reflections
Icelandic Horses out grazing Iceland farm Pastel Skies Before Dusk
Lake Pingvallavatn View Peter, JonCarlo, Nancy and Domenic Perlan, Peter and the boys taking in the view
Christmas Eve at the Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon In Snow Getting into the Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon in Snow The snow was blinding Leaving the Blue Lagoon
The Lawrock  - Almannagja Althing:  starting in 930, Viking settlers held council here every year Reida by the wall.
White Lichen on rocks Lichen and Wort on the Rocks Waterfall
Running into sheep herders Shepherds on Icelandic horses Donna, Dianne and Paulo
Sheep Herding in Iceland Icelandic sheep with sheepdog Icelandic Horses
Icelandic Horses and drovers Traveling companions Stained Glass
Icelandic Saint Walking into Geysir land More fissures
Green hills beyond the geysir Geysir region Steaming Earth
Geysir Experience Geysir region This is the region of Geysir...the one that named all others.
Steam rising from geyser pools Steam rising from geyser hotspots This isn't a mist!
Milky streams Holy smoke...Icelandic geysirs and vents Return of the Native
A fissure in the earth. Iceland is the newest body of land on Earth. Peter emerging from the vapors! Approaching our cruise vessel in Keflavik harbor.
Professor Molchanov is our ship from Mother Russia On the Molchanov waiting for Fabian Peter heads for Molchanov bridge
Anatoly working on the ropes Sonar on the bridge, Straights of Greenland