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Annette van Driel 19-Jun-2012 20:59
Hoi Maarten,

Je kent me (nog) niet, maar ik heb je net een email via vandigital@yahoo gestuurd. I am enjoying this gallery. What impressive shots: the light ,colors, shadows, fantastic compositions, and the feelings and beauty which shine through all your images.
Bel me of email me even terug, ok?!
Janet Marie 12-Jun-2012 07:02
Maarten, I am in awe of your eye for depth in your compositions and how you capture lighting, textures and expression in your amazing expansive works. Thank you for trusting and inviting me to see such beauty.
Guest 24-May-2012 06:53
Dear Maarten

I really enjoy visiting your galleries. I feast for the eyes.
You have so much talent : the poses, the treatment, and also touch of humor or conveying strong feelings...

I keep watching for your udpates and enjoy it each time as much!
Mei 27-Jan-2011 04:28
Hi Maarten,,,here is wonderfoul did good work! so nice to meet you
Mei Mable
Guest 08-Dec-2010 04:42
Hi Maarten, thank you for your comments and stoping by
Pierre05-Dec-2010 10:01
Hi, Maarten we met at the Christmas at the Park event in San Jose outside the convention center you took amazing pictures of me in my cosplay and I am truly looking forward to seeing more of your work, keep it up your amazing!

oh btw i sent you messages to your yahoo and pbase if you would care to read them it would make me very happy ^_^
Aud Elise Sjøsæther16-Sep-2010 08:28
Thanks for visiting my galleries! I love the way you see things!

Aud Elise
sulhee 13-May-2010 06:44
Hello!!! I met you at lick observatory.
do you remeber us?
you're so nice to us.
I think you're very tired because of hiking.^^
your pictures good!!!
and see you soon!! bye!!!
krishan05-Mar-2010 04:20
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer..... im an artist and i paint on canvas. I hope we can be good friends.

Joyce 28-Nov-2009 11:56
I am here enjoying your works .... feeling very different!
Lynn 18-Sep-2009 06:06
Maarten, I enjoy your pictures again. Light and Shadows are so beautiful, go on.
Guest 13-Sep-2009 22:11
Maarten, great photos and look forward to seeing more! Bob in Bloomingdale
Joseph Bowers 13-Aug-2009 18:37
Hi Maarten
keep up the good work Maarten Great photos

your friend
Joseph Bowers
Piet Versluys 10-Aug-2009 09:51
Hallo Maarten,

Fantastisch Maarten om je zó te zien. Waar leef je precies en uit welke tuin pluk jij die mooie meiden? Ook ik ben foto en videograaf. Veel succes met dit prachtige werk.
Vriendelijke groetjes uit Holland.
Piet Versluys.(broer van Jos en Fons enz...)
Anne 31-Jan-2009 13:02
Hi Maarten . very beautiful photos .that's great .
Lynn 30-Jan-2009 16:30
A colorful world. They are very fresh to me.
doralba 11-Jan-2009 02:19
Excelentes fotos.....hermosisimas todos mis amigos y familiares dijeron que fotos mas lindas...grancia
Ramin 17-Jul-2008 22:16
Hi Maarten,
This is Ramin, we met at santana row and had a long talk about politics.
I don't know if u remember me or not, but anyways i just wanted to thank you for the pictures that you put up.
I'll be in touch with u.

aarize 17-Jul-2008 04:40
Hi Maarten,
You took a picture of me while i was waiting for the train in downtown san jose today(july 16, 2008) and im looking forward to seeing them on your website.
thank you.
Guest 08-Jul-2008 20:43
Hello Maarten,
Thanks for taking our pictures (Mother & Daughter)
at the Santana Row (Maggiano area) last Sunday evening.
Looking forward to seeing them on your website.
Loreli & Eira
Ekaterina 04-Jul-2008 19:25
Hello Maarten,
Thank you so much for the great photo.
Monalisa 30-Jun-2008 00:12
Hi Maarten,
I was wondering if I could view the photos that you took of after my makeup session at product (in Santana Row on June 27, 2008) . I would love to see them! Thank you! You have great photos!
Annie 18-Jun-2008 14:54
Hoi Maarten,
Wat een mooie, leuke serie foto's van Amberlie en Sean. Ik blijf toch regelmatig even kijken en genieten.
Marcela 30-Mar-2008 23:17
Hi Maarten,
I was wondering if you ever got a chance to put up the photos from the Cuban Danzon that took place at Santa Clara University. You took a few photos of my girlfriends and I at the event and was wondering where I could find them. Thanks! and great photos!! Great talent!
Diana Dukanovic 30-Mar-2008 20:35
Maarten! How are you!? Your photographs are amazing! Im not sure if you remember me, but you took photographs of me singing in Sanatana Row last weekend. How did the pictures come out? You should put them on your site:)
Best Wishes
Alan Yelensky 27-Mar-2008 15:54
Hey Maarten,
From time too time I glance at your web site. OUTSTANDING!!!
We met at Santana Row in San Jose,Ca. 2 years ago. Since then I have also traveled to Thailand & Cambodia, Yosemite National Park & local gardens, shooting too.
I sincerely enjoy your Gift!!
When will you be back my way?
Guest 03-Sep-2007 15:10
Iemand van California die zo goed nederlands schrijft
en daarbij nog mooie foto's maakt, prachtig
met de beste groeten uit Belgie
Guest 05-Aug-2007 10:58
Hallo Maarten,
bedankt dat je even op mijn site bent komen kijken. De foto's op jouw site zijn buitengewoon prachtig. Bij iedere gallerij die ik opende ontshoot er mij wel een OOOOH of een AAAAH :-)
Zal regelmatig eens komen kijken!
Michael27-Jul-2007 20:19
Goede dag Maarten. Wonderful pics! I am from Wales, living also in San Jose and I lived in Heerlen, Limburg for 2 years and love the Netherlands. So all your photos appealed to me! Alle beste, Michael.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:06
One world. Stunning.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 10:38
Simply astounding! Keep getting better ok?
yesenia torres 24-Nov-2006 05:45

miss ya
Guest 22-Nov-2006 15:33
Beautifull pictures, greetings from Belgium.
kinsey 18-Nov-2006 03:01
Hi i met u at santanna row and u took a pic of me and my friend we were both wearing head scarves and i have blue eyes i was wondering if i could see those pictures
Wendy Wallbridge 09-Nov-2006 01:24
Fabulous photos! You captured the excitement at WITI well.
Taeko 16-Oct-2006 05:47
Ditto to Najma! Thank you, Maarten (aka a tall guy with a big camera), for the beautiful pictures! You captured the moments with motion, emotion and music!! =>.
Najma White 15-Oct-2006 21:00
Maarten, I would like to thank you for your wonderful photography you took of all us bellydancers. You made our evening more of a delight. Your images captured the beauty, flow and richness of the dancers. You are a dream!!!
Frances 15-Oct-2006 16:49
Hi Maarten,

Where are the photos for the Campbell Class Reunion?
Yuko 02-Oct-2006 16:40
Hello! Sue Walker sent me a link t your photos so I could see the gorgeous pics you took at Don's b-day party. How can I view them again......I'd like too get prints as well.

Sara Suri 07-Sep-2006 14:22
I was at Santana Row on Friday August 25th playing chess with my son. You took some pictures of me and my son. Later you took my husband's picures too.

I was not in town, and I just tried to look for the picures. I couldn't find them. Is it already deleated?
Ronald McCullough 03-Sep-2006 09:12
Hello Marteen,

Ron we met at the Santan Row on Aug 25, 2006. You photographed me and my friend Alan. Great shot.

You do some really fantastic work. I hope to see you again soon. It seems from the gallery are all about the Bay Area. Great Shots!
Guest 26-Aug-2006 00:12
Hi Maarten,
I met you at the picnic a few weeks ago, along with my sister, and this is the first chance that I have had to look at your photos. I wanted to tell you that you are wonderful!
kristin kitchen
Ping & Christy 25-Aug-2006 14:01
Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for the lovely photos you have taken of our daughter and me at the Rose Garden on 15th July. Love all your photos!
Renzo 17-Aug-2006 17:09
Hi Maarten,
we attanded a wedding at the SJ Rose Garden back on July 15th and you took some beautiful pictures of my wife Sumi. Where could I view them.
Jimmie & Tiffany Hicks 03-Aug-2006 03:22
Hello Maarten, On August 14th. of 2004 you made Tiffany and my day last forever. You captured the day in still photos that show our friends and families as well as the true meaning of our love for each other. You captured our vows to be husband and wife in a still photo. YOU are awesome! You have a gift. It has been It was the wedding we could never imagine possible. We just would like to say thanks again Maarten. Thanks for being there with us on our day.
micki 12-Jul-2006 21:03
Your work is beautiful...your spirit soars through the eye of your have a
welcoming smile, a thoughtful heart and you feel like a good man.
Enjoy...micki x(martin) 27-May-2006 22:20
Great job. A lot of success in the future to your resource!!
andrea 26-May-2006 06:54
hi maarten!! miss ya! i just wanted to say hello and how are u? i never see u at santana row any more? well take care bye!
Marjan Schavemaker23-May-2006 10:00
Hé, Van Dijk, where have you been all the time.
Heb je weinig gefotografeerd? Las zojuist je mail van Guus, vandaar.
Zo ook van Maaike uit de US, dochter van neef Gerrit. Hé, Dijk stay well and keep on shooting.
Guest 22-May-2006 17:20
He Dijk, effe op je site gekeken. Leuk hoor, met Guussie gaat het goed, knie weer in orde en schouder bijna. Vandaag de eerste rit op de racefiets erop zitten. Dus....dat komt wel goed. Groeten uit Warmond, Gemma, Guus, Fanny.
Maaike Ashley-Schavemaker 17-May-2006 02:56
Hello Maarten,
My name is Maaike Ashley-Schavemaker. I live in South Carolina. Thank you for the pictures. The pictures from my uncles Manus and Kees from the bakkery are very nice. I am the daughter of Gerrit Schavemaker.
Hope all is well.

Maaike 19-Apr-2006 14:32
Fabulous site.
Guest 02-Feb-2006 12:50
Hi, Maarten, it's long time that haven't said hello to you. I am very happy to see more and more great pictures you have done.Wish you a new year and happy every day.
Ray28-Dec-2005 07:05
Hi Maarten, thanks for visiting my galleries. Your idea of visitng HK is more than welcome and certianly you can join Marita if she doesn't mind!! :) Ray
susana 12-Dec-2005 03:45
hello there. i rung you up the other day at home depot, and we talked about music... that one neat instrument and photography... i just looked at some of you're pictures, i like what i saw. hope we bump heads again. i could take a few pointers from someone with experiance.
André Bessot29-Nov-2005 16:58
Colors? Have you said colors? What a wonderful choice of shots. Very good work.
Don 28-Nov-2005 08:21
Hi Maarten,

I enjoyed viewing your photographs,

I envy your skills.

Mariah 23-Nov-2005 02:44
It was a pleasure being shot by you.
Thank you.
Cedric Sims12-Nov-2005 17:53

Nice galleries with a wide variety of great portraits!

Dirk Seynhaeve 11-Jul-2005 17:09
Maarten: een van mijn kollegas toonde me jouw gallerij, met fotos van haar dochter (Amelia). Heb ik net even de andere fotos bekeken. Ik heb al veel professionele fotos gezien, ik geniet altijd van de lokale artiesten in onze Californische Art&Wine festivals. Maar jouw talent is toch een niveau hoger! Ongelooflijke timing en kompositie. Echt kunst, bedankt om dit hier in de gallerijen te laten bekijken...
KyshaNychol 01-Jul-2005 17:15
Hi Maarten, I was a the the juneteenth when you asked to take my picture I had no idea that you were as talented as you are. I look forward to viewing more of your picture and would even like to take to you about doing a portfolio for me here in the near future.
You may have changed my life that warm summer day. Have a great day and you will here from me in the future. Oh by the way I am the one inb the pink trimmed hat.

Thanx again Kysha Nychol
Andrea 16-Jun-2005 04:41
Hello Maarten! It was a blast taking those photos. They turned out spectacular! I just wanted to say thank you and you are a wonderful photographer!
Guest 05-Jun-2005 05:22
Hi Maartin,
Went thru your gallery - what a variety of aesthetics your pix display: composition, color, capturing the moment, but especially the revealing of personalities -whether the target subject is aware of it or not!! No wonder you're in demand for weddings..! Ciao
chieko 01-Jun-2005 04:29
you're a great photographer, simply beautiful images.
thanks for taking my picture.
Denise 16-May-2005 23:09
Hi Maarten!
I am the bride at the rosegarden. I just wanted to drop a thank you note for the beautiful pictures you took. Thank you for the unexpected visit..the pictures turned very well.
Noël 16-May-2005 22:46
Your images are very intriguing. You capture many beautiful moments as well as displaying unique aspects of human nature. I especially love how create beauty in the images of the not-so glamorous. Thank you for sharing your artistry.
Guest 17-Apr-2005 21:25
You've got some great portraits here. I look forward to seeing more. Take care.
Page 15-Apr-2005 16:42
It was a pleasure to meet you last Sunday. I'm flattered to see my photo in your gallery. I also looked at your other work, and find it lovely. Best regards-
Guest 10-Apr-2005 16:48
Hoi Maarten,
De foto´s zijn écht mooi geworden. Prachtige composities!! Leuk om al die spontane, vrolijke bekende en onbekende mensen te zien.
Groetjes, je nichtje uit Ugchelen
Guest 06-Apr-2005 10:27
Hoi Maarten,

Wat heb je die mooie meiden prachtig op de foto gezet. Om trots op te zijn.
Titia Geertman26-Feb-2005 23:01
Ben onder de indruk van je foto's.

Groetjes, Titia
Christina Champagne 20-Feb-2005 01:34
Amazing photographs.
Sjon 16-Jan-2005 21:09
Ha Maarten... echt supermooie foto's. We zijn erg onder de indruk. Ik kon eerst niet geloven dat jij die allemaal gemaakt had, dacht dat het gewoon een algemene fotodatabase was. Maar toen we jou er ook zelf tussen zagen staan, wisten we dus toch dat het echt waar was. Echt heel gaaf. Groetjes, Sjon en Esther