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Photo A Day or so

I used to almost post a photo every day.
2012 and after though... Not quite ;o)
Had my right arm in a cast for six weeks from February 29´and then physio for another month before I could use my big cameras again.
Pretty much a dry spell spring 2011.

And another handsurgery October 8.A TFCC-reinsertion on my right wrist.
After that arm in cast 'till December 19th.
So it was iPhone-photography rest of the year.

February 13, 2013 I had surgery on all the nerve-trapments I´ve got because of overuse the last two years. Carpal-tunnel, tendon/synovitis in my wrist and cubital-tunnelsyndrome/ulnaristrapment in my elbow. 5-6 weeks ´till all that are healed I think.

After all this I deserved a new camera,2 in fact! A Nikon D800 and a D7100 :o)

Present months photos first in the gallery.
Followed by a gallery for each month the actual year and then my 5 first PAD-years.
Sherlock, longhair selkirk rex 13/1 Our nice snowman in the roundabout 7/1 -18 C and snow, a wonderful winterday
17/12 Decemberafternoon at the golfcourse 12/12 Still full speed on the old lady 10/9 The weather boys, Tempest Torrent and Gale
12/7 Bonnie was to the groomer on Friday 1/7 Neighbours peonies 10/6 eveningwalk with Bonnie.
27/5 Rainclouds over the windpark in Varsvik 8/5 White wagtail 7/5 Butterbur in the English Park at Forsmarks Bruk
6/5 Photoclub outing to Forsmarks Bruk 9/4 Yey! I can wear normal shoes on both feet again after five weeks. :0) 6/4 Three days left pinned
15/3 Molle, my favourite model 9/3 I like my brother. He is quite tasty! 2/3 There it is, lurking behind clouds: Aurora
1/3 Aurora-hunting last night 26/2 Molle and his newest trophy! 9/12 Happy 12th birthday, my princess Bonnie.
2/11 Doggiewalk groupshot from Singö. 21/10 Photo from Sundays catphotography at Nebulosans cattery in Uppsala. 9/10 Remember the missing chocolate-bar from Monday?
6/10 Early Christmas this year ;0) Cousin Sirkka-Liisa :o) 21/9 Another aurora photo from Friday night
20/9 Results from my first aurora hunting night 17/9 She tastes pretty good, mom :o) From the puppy-photography last week 10/9 Mommies girl
9/9 Puppy photography today 17/7 Lars-Erik chilling on the balcony 16/7 Bonnie bling
14/7 Hi Bonnie! 8/7 Pro snapping in portrait-format 4/7 Rosengården, more than roses
27/6 Rosengården, the rosegarden/ summercafé opened for the season 23/6 Rain coming over the bay, from the roof of the boilers 17/6 A puppy we met last Saturday at Furuviksparken
15/6 Chives in the shade 8/6 A busy Bee checking out giiiirls ;o) 6/6 Photography club had a outing to Pansarudden Nature Reserve.
1/5 Monty Python at home! 20/5 Spring is in the air 15/5 Elder-flowered Orchids at Fiskaruddens natur reserve
8/5 Elder-flowered Orchid                                   6/5 Sunny afternoon in Keukenhof 4/5 7 miljon bulbs are planted at Keukenhof. Every year...
3/5 Editing photos from Keukenhof and Amsterdam 26/4 Keukenhof Garden last weekend 24/4 Eight bridges deep photo.
23/4 Inca tern in Artis Zoo in Amsterdam 15/4 Catphotographer with assistant 13/4 When photographing kittens, dont forget the lenscleaning-stuff
12/4 Kitten photography today. 30/3 Kiss kiss, dear! 9/3 Springtime!
23/2 Todays Bonnie 1/2 10-15 cm´s of snow last night 28/1 Cold here.
27/1 More ice from yesterays outing to the dam 26/1 Ice-art downstream from the dam. 12/1 Björne, the Finnish Lapphund
4/1 2014 Happy New Year PAD 2013
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