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charles marut30-Jan-2012 05:52
this is a very impressive gallery. thanks for sharing.
chriswhitehead0728-Apr-2011 21:34
just had a look at some of yor work!! Very impressed will be back

antje kroeger photograpie29-Apr-2009 23:07
antje kroeger photograpie14-Sep-2008 15:35 here again and you?
Guest 12-Aug-2008 19:21
Love your style
Guest 30-Apr-2008 23:56
Just plain excellent imagery. I keep coming back to see more. We both see life in a
similar way...
Guest 03-Apr-2008 11:16
You've really got it going on! So many excellent images.
Guest 10-Feb-2008 19:18
my dear friend. i think we have the same obsessions for the "invisible" things. you know how to catch the right moment!
antje kroeger photograpie21-Aug-2007 15:21
short view.

little moment.
Nick Clarke27-Jun-2007 23:04

Long time no speaky. Been on a hiatus from photography for about a year, and newly inspired to take some new photos. Love the work you've been doing, not looked properly, but I like the progression of your style. Speak soon. Nick
Guest 07-Jun-2007 18:00
Stu are right !! You missed me. Please come back !

Stu25-Apr-2007 16:37
Thank f**k for that.
Stu25-Apr-2007 16:35
Niall - In response to your mail saying you're no longer uploading photos here; thought I would post a general bigging-up here, so others can read it. Hope you don't mind.

Anyway, sorry to hear that. Your photos will be missed by many, that's for sure. Let me know if you begin posting elsewhere or set your own site up, as I've thoroughly enjoyed following your work as you know, and I'll drop you a line if I'm in Manchester - definitely do likewise with London.

As I've probably said to you before, I've only been into photography for 18-24 months or so, and I'm still gradually absorbing the history, technical aspects and theory. Thing is, I know that when I look back on what's sure to become a lifelong passion, I expect I'll look on the beginning, coinciding with my time on PBase, as being the time where the learning curve is at its sharpest and the absorption (read: ripping off) of influences and ideas is at its greatest...and possibly the photography at its most enjoyable. (Who knows?) Anyway, without doubt you are one of the dozen or so photographers one here that has inspired me immeasurably by giving me something to aim for. With your best photos I've seen that it's possible to infuse a sense of attitude, emotion and soul into a photograph, a flair that's clear to anyone taking even a cursory glance through your galleries. So, basically, cheers for putting the bar up there and all the best for your future in photography.


(F**k, I hope there's not a maximum word count on the guestbook posts.)
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:42
Tears to my eyes...almost.
Guest 08-Feb-2007 23:12
thanks for your comments on some of my pics. Looking at your galleries I am flattered as you are obviously a very talented photographer and your work is excellent. You are right about the shot of the Lowry, it was taken from the top of the viewing platform at the imperial war museum which gives great views of manchester.
Ana Carloto O'Shea29-Dec-2006 17:47
One year and seven months after discovering your galleries I think it's fitting to "sign" your guestbook and thank you for being both an inspiration and a reference not just here in Pbase, but in the universe of photography at large.
One year and seven months?? Was I counting?? Nah... it's just that I've discovered your galleries upon my arrival in pbase :D so it's quite easy to speak numbers

Keep on amazing us Niall & thank you for all the great photos.

Ana Cristina
André Bessot28-Dec-2006 13:53
I wish you a Happy New Year.
Best regards.
Severus Tenenbaum28-Dec-2006 12:47
you've got good stuff here.
olivier bruning01-Dec-2006 20:38
I really enjoyed seeing your galleries very much... it rinsed out the dirt in my eyes!
congrats to your truly magnificent work. regards, olivier
Paul Teixeira19-Nov-2006 09:55
Dear Niall,

You've got some great work on display here. Thanks for sharing it.

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
gavin 18-Nov-2006 12:47
amazing stuff niall, i admit im completley jealous of a collection like that. Fair play
Guest 03-Oct-2006 22:15
Nice work man. Like the dark style.
Silvia Roitman16-Sep-2006 21:19
Hi Niall!
Gracias por visitar mis galerias y por tus lindos comentarios!
Thank you for visit my galleries and for your nice comments!
You have a very nice galleries!~
Lilith04-Sep-2006 20:48
Beautiful galleries you've got. Thanks for your comment on my pbase. You're probably right about the number of pics. It was hard for me to choose, I was a little proud of the result and the post processing (I haven't done that many times before). Very childish perhaps. But hey... you're right about other people not complaining about it as well. Thanks anyway, I appreciate honest comment.
alfredo 01-Sep-2006 23:50
hats off to you bud! excellent job!
Jasmine Langridge 30-Aug-2006 13:07
Wow, fantastic photos!
Kate Zulueta 28-Aug-2006 16:33
My hats off to you mr.Niall. I am very impressed with your work. A hobby or full time job, you are one great photographer. Your photos literally take my breath away. I showed the pictures to my brother and he was like just tranfixed to the screen. I hope that one day you would have a site on how to actually take pictures like that. More power to you, I hope you would come to the Philippines and take pictures here! I'm pretty sure I'll be visiting your galleries more often.
david procter24-Aug-2006 15:19
Just been over my friend Nicky's (maruetea) and was talking about pBase and things, you cropped up in the conversation! Schmall vorld ya?!
Missing your pictures.
Guest 24-Aug-2006 12:18
exciting photographs! Great eye!
Latifa Messaoudi27-Jun-2006 10:23
superbe gallerie ! i love it!
Sergio Rojkes25-Jun-2006 04:16
Incredible, i admire your care free attitude towars photography. Your style is so unique.
My respect.

Sergio Pessolano11-Jun-2006 12:00
Hi Niall,
You have a great eye and capability to catch the common objects and turning them in art works.
Guest 25-May-2006 19:52
I hadn't seen your galleries in 4 months. I'm amazed at their richness & variety. I'll be back, because much remains to be discovered. Thanks.
Guest 17-Apr-2006 22:59
Absolutely amazing work Niall. I am blown away.
David G17-Apr-2006 09:40
Wow, I feel so lucky to have stumbled across you PAD today and then onto your gallery. Not sure what you'll do with one more "amazing work" comment...but consider it done anyway :) I'm so impressed and it's pleasure to see.
anthony legg11-Apr-2006 05:30
Thanks for the comments on my portrait.
I missed browsing through pbase the last few months. I forgot how much I missed browsing the gallaries, yours being one of them.

I like what you have done with your gallery and as usual your images are excellent.
Guest 22-Mar-2006 14:54
Your kind comments are very much appreciated.
All the best!
Chris Sofopoulos22-Mar-2006 11:42
Many compliments for this fantastic and talented work
I found it by chance and I am glad for that!
You are in my favourites of course.
AL08-Mar-2006 02:57
Your kind comment has led me to your highly acclaimed galleries. Sorry for echoing what many others have said, you're indeed a great photographer with unique and artistic vision. Thanks for sharing your fine works and I'm truly impressed by what I've seen. Look forward to learning more from you!
Guest 08-Mar-2006 00:56
very nicely done

i enjoyed looking at your gallery

Chris Lusher23-Feb-2006 03:41
What to say, except that it's all just that cut above most of us wannabes. I particularly like your titles which invaribly hit the nail smack bang on the head. Congrats!
Guest 22-Jan-2006 19:06
A simply fabulous body of work.
lovebobo131421-Jan-2006 05:02
Thank you for your browsing of my works. Your comment is just right.

Gwen 10-Jan-2006 23:33
Your main page is cool, and your galleries show Life life life! Thanks for sharing your take on this crazy planet.
GuesT 24-Dec-2005 20:11
I've been visiting your galleries for some time. Some of your photos make me laugh. Others offer an insightful artist's unique view of people and places I'm unlikely to ever know/visit. All make me ponder the world and connectedness we share. Thank you for sharing your most excellent images.
scott clarke23-Dec-2005 15:44
What a privledge to view your work. There is not a better candid photographer anywhere. Your composition and cropping are unique, and your color sense off the chart.I Look forward to viewing future posts. Regards Niall.
Michelle Rhea07-Dec-2005 16:45
I have just discovered your galleries and am very much enjoying exploring them. Love the wig series. Very silly! :-)
Guest 26-Nov-2005 09:50
Niall - thanks for your comment (and poem!) on my Suffolk Coast gallery. Always an honour to receive a comment from the master - I admire your work hugely. Cheers, Steve
Guest 25-Nov-2005 06:22
i came to know about you thru Jude and got the entire gallery.. a great collection you have in terms of composition, lighting, playing with certain things.. bravo..
Guest 24-Nov-2005 05:43
Many thanks for your nice comments on my site! Your gallery is very impressive and has many outstanding pics too! Decent work!
jude15-Nov-2005 19:09
Over a year ... and still my favorite photographer.
Guest 23-Oct-2005 15:39
The root gallery has one of the best design I´ve seen around here. Very interesting concept. Thanks a lot for sharing all this mixtures with us too. Matias, Chile
Guest 19-Aug-2005 14:15
Hi Niall,
thank you very much for visiting my gallery and for your kind comments. You have some outstanding work, full of deep emotions, and artistic vision. A true delight!!
Best regards,
Sergio Rojkes13-Aug-2005 16:30
Im still surprised after reading so many precise comments at my gallery. You must have taken your time to do so, i honestly thank you.
None ever say so many wonderful things, so i needed to come and see who was speaking , and man, you are cool.
Your free spirit can bee seen trough your photos. You must be fun to hang out with.
Your are on my preferred list now.
jude15-Jul-2005 14:22
Had to check just to make sure ..
Yes ... without a doubt, still my favorite photographer
Stuart Orr14-Jul-2005 07:43

Stunning images, like your style and had a enjoyable my stroll through your galleries

Guest 11-Jul-2005 20:46
You have been favorited! After seeing 15 strong images...
Just returned from a tiring trip. Sleep now, look at the rest of your galleries later!
jan schiphorst07-Jul-2005 13:18
Hello Niall,
I like your photo style. Deliciously to look at your pictures.
Regards, Jan
Streetworks Photography04-Jul-2005 21:41
Hi Niall,

I've often stopped by and just wanted to let you know that you continue to give me a lot of ideas on improving my urban photography -- I tend to spend much of my browsing time on Pbase with those who capture their local areas best -- your London shots are always top notch.
ofer ashel29-Jun-2005 18:20
Hello Niall
thanks for your visit and your comments
i'll be visiting your gallery to see new work:+)
ofer ashel28-Jun-2005 21:49
hello Niall
i really liked your pictures
and your eye catchers where great :+)
thanks for the opertunity of looking trough your eye's
Guest 22-Jun-2005 17:29
I just love your vision,Niall. I wish I had even half of it!
Each of your image has a soul. I'm glad you're back and adding images more frequently. :)
Guest 16-May-2005 11:47
Hello Niall,
Your kind message permits me to discover your site. I like very much your pictures. As I saw you had also a lot of cameras. Is the E-1 the last one? Not a lot of pixels, but tremendous colours.
Kind regards.
Guest 03-May-2005 20:59
Wow! I'm in awe of the creativity and energy present in so many of your shots.
Guest 29-Apr-2005 20:56
I really much enjoyed browsing through the photographs of your site. I'm oficially impressed. Keep a good work and make more people aware of your masterpieces to make them estonished.
Wolfgang26-Mar-2005 20:30
Thanks for going to my pbase. Your pictures are very impressive. Good luck.
jude26-Mar-2005 13:46
Omg.. a-niall-ated.. I NEVER thought of that!!
(wipes drool from chin and consults doctor stewart for cure)
Guest 26-Mar-2005 05:51
Dear Sir; As a concerned member of the medical community I wish to inform you that a significant number of my patients,upon contact with your visual masterpieces, have suffered irreversible chronic drooling.I would advise issuing an immediate public disclaimer to avoid future legal mitigation.They have been simply blown away ... a-Niall-ated :-0
Guest 23-Mar-2005 18:49
What can I say? A man with a serious mission in life loaded with an incredible vision that bites to the max.Nothing light about the business in your images for the most part.The viewer is hauled right smack into the fever pitch of the drama.Superlative real life images with unparalled intensity.Bold color, evocative expressions,sharp no nonsense composition.Magnificent!
Rene Hales23-Mar-2005 16:54
Niall, thank you so much for stopping by my galleries and leaving such supportive comments.--Rene
antje kroeger photograpie22-Mar-2005 09:40
you are the man with the ties, right?
great gallery, by the way.
thanks four your words in my guestbook and the
look at my pictures.
I like to touch the souls of people and I hope
to take more pictures which look alike

greetings from germany
Dom 14-Mar-2005 02:15
a lot of fantastic work here Niall. You could (should) easily be earning through your camera. Best Regards. Dom
Pablo Honey 01-Mar-2005 01:56
Please come home to Florida...
jude24-Feb-2005 21:19
No need to use that tone of voice .. (sniff)
type24-Feb-2005 07:49
What did I say?
jude24-Feb-2005 06:03
like .. EVER?
type24-Feb-2005 05:41
Like, best guestbook message EV-ER! jude (todalleee)
jude24-Feb-2005 05:30
On a daily basis I go through your galleries - not because I'm a stalker.. not because I don't have anything better to do.. But because your work is eclectic, amazing, and ever-changing. Sometimes I just want to stop strangers on the street to tell them of it.
But that would mean they'd have to come in my house and you know... some strangers are kind of ooogy.

Guest 21-Feb-2005 12:27
Thank U..dear Niall---
is a pleaure 4 me to read ur words--
gREArT work here ..
have a good week..
Hodero15-Feb-2005 09:02
Hi,thanks for stopping by.I went to a few of your galleries and found some very high quality stuff.You are an excellent photographer! I'' be back...."H"
Guest 30-Jan-2005 08:53
Hello, I am back to look around again. You have so many great photos, TFS, Kind Regards, Audra
Felipe Rodríguez27-Jan-2005 23:27
I've just read your kind comments on my Marismas work. Thanks a lot! Unfortunatelly, they are empty this year (a couple of months without a raindrop here in South Western Spain...). I've been taking a glance on your galleries. They look very promising. I'll look at them more carefully when I have a chance (quite busy lately...)
Peter Chou27-Jan-2005 13:39
Love your travel and street work! I have some photos from Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. Do feel free and take a look at my humble gallery and I appreciate all comments and advices.
Guest 24-Jan-2005 19:14
You got the EYE, you got the tallent. I enjoyed viewing your photos very much. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
Greg Redpath 27-Dec-2004 14:47
Beautiful photography - your gallery a pleasure. A samll point concerning location - your photo 'martello tower Great Island' is incorrectly titled. The martello tower is aproximately 100m away directly opposite Belvelly bridge, the only road access onto Great Island. Your photo is an example of one of the early tower houses prevalent in Ireland.
t t12-Nov-2004 21:11
thx for your words,
you have a story-telling eye...
Denis 11-Nov-2004 23:00
Nice work, my friend.
patrick h. lauke 19-Oct-2004 00:49
thank you for sharing your unique vision with us...very inspirational stuff, particularly the manchester shots.
Guest 11-Oct-2004 15:52
Thanks for visiting - the image (Fire Escape) you asked about is in Banff, Alberta
Adalberto Tiburzi24-Sep-2004 07:49
I find your galleries very inspiring, thanks for posting, Niall.
Are Karlsen22-Sep-2004 21:57
Thanks for nice comment!

It made me aware of your own galleries. Exciting. Alternative. Good action!
virginiacoastline05-Sep-2004 17:03
Thanks for stopping by my PaD. I see yours has quite an ecclectic & minimalistic feel . . a nice change from the ususal =]
Luis Montero04-Sep-2004 17:51
Hi Niall, thanks for the visit & words, you have avery nice and varied theme gallery, keep up the good work. Regrds from Peru.
jypsee28-Aug-2004 18:24
Hi...I like your photo style; and thanks for the comment on my airport photo...jypsee