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monique jansen | profile | all galleries >> World Travel Photography >> India 2013 - Sacred Places >> Varanasi - Holy City and Spiritual Capital of India tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Amritsar - Cultural Center for the Sikh Religion | Maha Kumbh Mela - A Hindu Pilgrimage of Faith | Varanasi - Holy City and Spiritual Capital of India | Sadhus in Black and White

Varanasi - Holy City and Spiritual Capital of India

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Happy boy.jpg Close up.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 04.jpg Devout women.jpg Close up portrait.jpg
Women drying sarees in Varanasi.jpg Detail blessing 2.jpg A Naga Sadhu with chillum.jpg Detail blessing.jpg Getting water take 2.jpg
Along the Ganges.jpg Burning ghat.jpg Chillum 4.jpg A smoke 1.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 09 take 3.jpg
IN the mud.jpg Sadhu 104.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 01.jpg Sadhu with dogs.jpg Sadhus on the steps.jpg
Sadhu on the ghats.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 04 take 2.jpg Boat mess.jpg Sarees on the ghats take 2.jpg Female sadhus.jpg
Orange is.jpg Wrapped in pink.jpg A Naga Sadhu 1.jpg Sadhu 108 2.jpg Sadhu 113.jpg
Manikarnika ghat.jpg Cleaning mouth and teeth.jpg Kedar ghat.jpg Monkey.jpg Bathers 06.jpg
Varanasi Sadhu 08.jpg Buffalo washing.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu dealing with fire.jpg Sarees drying take 2.jpg Naga Sadhu 75.jpg
Intense Sadhu.jpg Blue doorway.jpg Pink.jpg Naga Sadhu sitting.jpg Naga Sadhu blowing 2.jpg
Woman sadhu.jpg Haircut.jpg Sadhu 105.jpg Varanasi Sadhu 15.jpg Varanasi sadhu 02 c.jpg
Varanasi Sadhu 04.jpg Hello world.jpg Sadhus near Main Ghat.jpg Bathers 08.jpg A bath 1.jpg
Varanasi Sadhu 03.jpg Varanasi Sadhu 10.jpg Sadhu reading 1.jpg Blue boat.jpg Along the Ganges 4.jpg
Blue pillars.jpg Amused look.jpg River traffic.jpg Cow herd.jpg A jump.jpg
Deity.jpg Bather in Varanasi.jpg Woman Varanasi.jpg Bleugh.jpg Worship 1.jpg
A blessing 4.jpg Sadhu 101.jpg Sadhu sun worship.jpg In his own world.jpg Sadhu in morning fog Varanasi.jpg
Bathers 04.jpg Ash sadhu 1.jpg Brahmin priest.jpg A Naga Sadhu in Varanasi.jpg Leaning tower.jpg
Flute player.jpg Naga Sadhu with man.jpg Amused look 1.jpg Manikarnika ghat 2.jpg Brahmin.jpg
Old lady.jpg Varanasi Sadhu 09.jpg Sadhu 98 take 1.jpg Morning gymnastics.jpg a look 1.jpg
A boy 1.jpg Doorway in Varanasi.jpg Ceremony 02.jpg Along the Ganges two ladies.jpg On the steps of the ghats.jpg
A blessing 2.jpg Brahmin priest take 2.jpg Getting water.jpg Varanasi Sadhu 11.jpg Ganges ferry.jpg
Female sadhu 1.jpg Artist.jpg A boy 5.jpg In profile.jpg Man at work.jpg
Ceremony 01.jpg Ash sadhu.jpg Bathers 07.jpg Chillum 3.jpg Ash sadhu horizontal portrait.jpg
On the steps of the ghats 3.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 07.jpg Man in boat.jpg A golden boy 2.jpg At main ghat.jpg
On the steps of the ghats 2.jpg A smile.jpg An intense look.jpg Bathers 05.jpg Child in alleyway.jpg
Reader in Varanasi.jpg Bathers in Varanasi.jpg Sadhu 97.jpg Buiiding in Varanasi.jpg Action 1.jpg
Varanasi sadhu 02 a.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu Holy Smoke.jpg Chillin.jpg Sadhu joint.jpg Sadhu 99.jpg
Another Naga Sadhu.jpg Sadhu in his lair.jpg Hot sadhu 2.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 02.jpg Yellow saddhu.jpg
Ready to jump.jpg Temple priest.jpg Varanasi Sadhu 07.jpg Naga Sadhu Varanasi.jpg Naga Sadhu in Varanasi.jpg
Action 2.jpg Holy cow and calf.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 09 take 2.jpg a smoke.jpg Boatland.jpg
Ferry point Varanasi.jpg Sadhu washing.jpg A boy 3.jpg Varanasi scene 01.jpg Happy man after dip 2.jpg
Early morning Varanasi.jpg Shop in a bag.jpg Tea.jpg Child.jpg Blue statue.jpg
Along the Ganges 6.jpg Naga Sadhu blowing.jpg Sadhu 109.jpg Umbrellas.jpg Wild man.jpg
A sadhu in front of yellow.jpg A boy 4.jpg A boy 7.jpg A golden boy.jpg Water haul.jpg
Sadhu 103.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 03.jpg Ash sadhu 2.jpg Typical alley in Varanasi.jpg Sadhu 111.jpg
Varanasi Naga Sadhu Holy Smoke 2.jpg Early morning in Varanasi.jpg Varanasi sadhu 05.jpg Morning gymnastics 2.jpg Ahilyabai Ghat.jpg
Sadhu 107.jpg Garbage day.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 06.jpg A blessing 5.jpg Sadhu reading.jpg
Sadhu 110.jpg Naga Sadhu blessing.jpg Blue.jpg Pssst.jpg Cool dudes.jpg
How to spend the day.jpg After the bath.jpg Man on the ghats.jpg Doing dishes.jpg Ash rub.jpg
Sarees and graffiti.jpg Mending.jpg Morning wash Ganges.jpg Ganges in Varanasi.jpg Man against yellow.jpg
Meuh.jpg Sadhu along Ganges.jpg Ash sadhu portrait.jpg Against blue.jpg A Naga Sadhu.jpg
Varanasi Sadhu 14.jpg Sadhu begging.jpg Against orange.jpg Priest Varanasi.jpg Varanasi scene 02.jpg
Boats on Ganges.jpg Sadhu in orange.jpg Dancing for the dead.jpg Boat with sadhus.jpg Drying.jpg
Hair do.jpg Sadhus in boat.jpg A boy 2.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 08.jpg Sadhu 112.jpg
Flower vendor 2.jpg Sadhu 108 1.jpg Meditation.jpg A sadhu in front of yellow 1.jpg Alley.jpg
Lunch break.jpg Along the Ganges 2.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu fire.jpg Worshipper.jpg A blessing 1.jpg
A blessing 3.jpg Ecstasy.jpg A look.jpg Yoga pose.jpg Readers in Varanasi.jpg
Food shop.jpg Varanasi Naga Sadhu 09.jpg Cool sadhus.jpg A final look.jpg A bath.jpg
Along the Ganges 5.jpg A boy 6.jpg Meditation 1.jpg Sadhu 98 take 2.jpg Varanasi Sadhu 13.jpg
Glorious hair.jpg Varanasi blues.jpg Woman on ghats 01.jpg Sadhu in tent.jpg Boat.jpg
Varanasi sadhus on Main Ghat.jpg Westerners.jpg Mural.jpg Chillum.jpg Sadhu friends.jpg
Varanasi Naga Sadhu 05.jpg Buffalo massage.jpg Sadhus reading.jpg On the steps.jpg Deity 1.jpg
Sunrise in Varanasi.jpg A boy 8 TPOTY.jpg Full boat.jpg Against blue v.jpg A smile for the world.jpg
Man at work Varanasi.jpg Boys on Main Ghat.jpg Girl with animals.jpg Offering Vara.jpg Sadhu 106.jpg
Varanasi Sadhu holy smoke.jpg Hot sadhu.jpg Colors in Varanasi.jpg Boats on the river.jpg Chillum 2.jpg
On the ghats.jpg Ancient tradition.jpg Shop owner.jpg Sadhu in his lair vertical.jpg Ceremony crowd.jpg
Sitting on a ghat by the river.jpg Along the Ganges 3.jpg Sadhu 100.jpg Sadhu on the ghats take 2.jpg Decorated sadhu.jpg
Varanasi Sadhu 06.jpg A cup of chai.jpg Cow in the streets.jpg At the riverside.jpg Shop in Varanasi.jpg
Ceremony 03.jpg Holy cows.jpg A reader 2.jpg Along the Ganges 7.jpg Naga Sadhu 74.jpg
A serious look.jpg Hands 1.jpg Sarees drying.jpg Female sadhu.jpg Sarees on the ghats.jpg
Conversation.jpg Ash sadhu meditation.jpg Basket.jpg Newspaper vendor.jpg Varanasi Sadhu 12.jpg
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