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Corbin 23-Jun-2019 19:06
Hello dad
Corbin 08-Feb-2019 03:33
I love you daddy
Guest 20-Oct-2010 05:04
I have enjoyed your pictures for years, I was on one of those feries when you were takingpictures in the ruff weather. Seeing is believing. Keep taking the cool pictures
Marsha & Bob Broyles 02-Jun-2009 00:20
Wendy, I just went to your website to catch up on how Corbin was doing. It is just so awesome that he is home now and doing so well. Please post some more recent pictures. The picture of you as the pillow with the boys was precious. All I can add is PRAISE GOD!
Rick 31-Oct-2008 11:18
What a great bunch of pictures! I can't scroll through your pages though.
Maharry's 11-Oct-2008 18:14

We just saw the photos of the new addition. Life is amazing! Please know that we are all thinking of you and we are here if you guys need anything. Let us know when you post more photos. We would love to see them and to watch the growth and development. You're all in our prayers. Love and miss you all. Scott & Nora
Guest 01-May-2008 01:42
Thanks for giving me the website-- the pictures are great!
Aunt Dana
jerry 22-Jan-2008 19:04
Thanks Ross. Fantastic photos
Sasquatch 16-Jan-2008 17:03
You have a fine body of work here Ross...fabulous photos highlighting the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for sharing them.
Laurie Madison 20-Dec-2007 17:47
Ross, I've cc'd you on an email from Lisa Rosenthal. She is the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P) and is requesting to use your AWESOME photos of the October 18th ferry ride. I was ON that ferry and let me tell you .... it was a wild ride for sure. Almost as much fun as the one that took out Ivar's! My husband happened to be the last ones on the dock that day. Anyway, wanted to make sure you got credit for your awesome photos. I'm glad I was able to trace them back to you (thanks to your info on the top left corner and the wonder of the internet!)
Ross Fotheringham01-Dec-2007 02:56
Doree - Yes they are but I will need your email address : ) Feel free to email me at
Guest 30-Nov-2007 22:01
Ross Are your pictures available for sale I would love to give them to my Dad for Christmas ( The ferry boat ones he loves those pictures of the storm) Please let me know Thank you Doree L Fazio
Dee j. 13-Nov-2007 05:12
these ferry storm pictures are magnificant. I was reminded of the ceiling of tumbling cars exhibit at SAM in Seattle ("inopportune: stage one"). I think a similar exhibit of tumbling and rolling ferry boats would be just so fine, if not finer! More Northwest, ya think! I will probably try a composite of such an arrangement at home with your pictures, if that is okay with you (copyright-wise?) I hope this becomes a Seattle Times picture(s) of the century such as young girls under umbrellas in the rain. Thank you again!
Chris 13-Nov-2007 00:09
Ross, Do you sell yor pictures. I was forwarded your pictures of the Cathlamet! Nice work. I live in Seattle during the week and travel to Whidbey every friday night. It would be great to have a good copy produced by you with proper credit. Please consider it.
Joan O., North Bend, WA 11-Nov-2007 00:01
Ross, your work is incredible. How is it possible to buy prints from you? I agree with John M. below that many have been confused and when you send e-mails to friends and family, maybe sign your work with your website. You know how powerful the internet is and am sure everyone would like to know of you/your work.

Keep up the good (slash that....GREAT work) and hope to hear back from you as to pricing, etc. Thanks much for sharing.
john meister 05-Nov-2007 19:40

Outstanding work. Someone sent me the pictures of your ferry shots without credit, many of
my friends thought I took them... I was finally able to find out that you took them and will point them to your website!

john meister
Captain Richard C. Sturgill 04-Nov-2007 14:05
Hi Ross,
Great photograghy of the effects of the wind and waves on the Washington State Ferry Cathlamet. I orirnially received your phtos via the internet as uncredited. I passed them along to Captain Rodriguez. Capt. Rodriguez e-mailed me back crediting you with the pics and explained that they were "ripped" off from your site. I have e-mailed the person who sent me your uncredited photos with a link to your site. good luck in the future.
Sincerely, Capt. R.C. Sturgill
Shaun Snyder 02-Nov-2007 04:13
Great pics of the Clinton ferry during the storm.
Guest 01-Nov-2007 21:27
Hi Ross,

A co-worker that rides the ferries sent me a copy of your wind storm images. I forwarded t hem to my wife, which she likewise did to her co-workers. Some of her co-workers have ahd them come back from 3rd parties that knew they rode the ferries.

As photographers my wife said right up front that we did NOT take these pictures.

She sent me the link to your site today. I just got a chance top read about your images being lifted, and your info cropped out. I had wondered how such good images could just be "floating" around the web for free. Now I know. I just tried to see if your info was in the metadata. If it is, it is obscured by all the text.

How much better for all if they just provide a link to your images that they wanted others to see.

I took a quick look at you night images and wondered what size lens were you using for your lunar shots?

I'm at my regular job now. When I get a chance I delve deeper into your site.

I'll pass the real llink to your site to the person that emailed me originally.

Best regards,

Don Nealious
Scott Hyder 01-Nov-2007 04:16
Hello, my name is Scott and I learned of your beautiful and awesome pictures from the reference to your web site on the cover of the Mukilteo Beacon.

Before I neglect to tell you, GREAT job on the picture subjects and quality.

Don't want to waste your time but wanted to ask you about your "yard game" in some of your pictures. It looks like a home-made game and I get the object from looking at the PVC rungs and the "bolo" type throwing device. So, what are the rules / set-up / scoring ?

Looks like fun.

Scott Hyder
Amber Miller 01-Nov-2007 02:28
Sorry about crediting the wrong person on the photos! Too bad that person did that...I'll edit my post to credit you.
Frosty Frothingham 31-Oct-2007 03:02
Thanks for posting some great shots Ross, A friend of mine in New Jersey alerted me to the pictures! When I returned from a job as a Panama Canal Tug Skipper and Govt Pilot, I took a position as Captain with Pierce County Ferries out of Steilacom. I got caught in some of those fall storms and I have to say it's a challenge to maintain a schedule and saftey under those conditions, but the challenge was what made going to work worthwhile! Thanks again for your ferry shots. Good job!A.C. Frosty Frothingham ret. Capt.
Guest 30-Oct-2007 07:06
Ross... I (re)posted your ferry photos, uncropped and unedited as you asked, on my blog at Hope that's okay, I put in full credit and pointers to your site here. I got them originally from my dad and thought they were so cool, I wanted them up, but I also did some digging to find you so I could say "hey, here's the guy who took these!"

Tremendous photos- you have a great eye. Give me a shout if you'd prefer them down completely but I think I followed your rules on your pages here. Paul Cox, Seattle
Randy 27-Oct-2007 15:59
Ross, I was sent this site by a friend and must say you have done some fine work. The Ferry sequence was incredible and as a video would look great on YouTube. I am thinking of posting a link on my site. PBase is a simple and handsome way to share. Is it easy to add the copyright overlay on your photos? Randy Keller, Seattle
Scully 26-Oct-2007 08:59
Hi Ross, thanks for the comment on my blog. I dind't know the photos were copyrighted. They were in a forwarded email, embedded within the test and just said "someone" took them by the ferry station. Probably a forward that's going all over the internet. I removed them but left up a link if someone would like to view and order.

Sorry, I'm really careful about not posting something that has a c. symbol or text by it.

Adam 26-Oct-2007 05:03
Saw your floundering ferry fotos and had to track you down to tell you how nice they are. Doing so I ran across your train photos; even better!
Great work.
Doug Kelly 25-Oct-2007 23:45
Hi Ross,
I saw your pictures of the ferry fighting waves on snowest. Thought I'd offer something else to put on that page if you'd like. Last year (December 06) I was coming back from the San Juans on one of the big ferrys that make the run. It was a _VERY_ windy day, and when the ferry broke out into the straight, we got into some massive waves. The ferry is larger than the one you took pictures of, and the waves hit it hard. I took a video from the upper passenger deck (there are two on that boat) with my cell phone. The quality is not great, but it does show a different perspective on what you took pics of (great pics by the way). Let me know if you're interested
Guest 25-Oct-2007 23:27
Absolutely love your work! I also live in Everett and just love the way you capture things. Thanks for sharing.
Richard Rodriguez 25-Oct-2007 22:39
Thanks Ross,

I'll do that. If you saw my post then you know I was looking to give the owner credit, as I do every place I can. Appreciate you letting me know.

Bill 25-Oct-2007 01:23
I would like to order a few 8 x 10 photos of various ferries...How do I do this?
Harold 24-Oct-2007 01:26
Enjoyed the ferry pictures, amazing it didn't roll over and sink.
Sharon Austin 23-Oct-2007 19:39
Ross - we live on the hill above the Mukilteo end of the ferry run, and had been absolutely riveted to the ferry difficulties. We held our breath all afternoon watching the ferries rocking wildly from side to side on the downwind leg of the approach to Mukilteo. Your photos of the Cathlamet are super! More than once that afternoon I'd commented that there was NO WAY I'd have considered making that crossing at that time.
Gene Koffkin 22-Oct-2007 19:43
Love your shot of the ferries in the storm. I'm the yearbook advisor at South Whidbey High School. Any chance we can get your permission to use the photo on or in our yearbook? We only publish about 500 copies and your image would not really be turning us any profit. Of course, we'd print a by-line under the photo or on the credits page. Thanks for considering it.
Guest 04-Apr-2007 05:33
Dear Ross,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Lee11-Mar-2007 06:19
Ross, your pics of the ferries in heavy weather are exceptional, truly great. I live on Orcas Isl and ride the boats all the time, as well as Mukilteo/Clinton, and over the years have collected lots of good ferry scenes, but none as dramatic and high quality as yours. Your zoom with the Rebel seems to be great combination . Keep it up, and try to get good dramatic shots on all the routes. The trains I love too
Lee Goodwin
Guest 05-Mar-2007 04:53
What a beautiful boy! Loved the way you have captured Jamison.

Mark Lestico 13-Nov-2006 18:41

I am a Model Railroader and would like to use your photograph of UP 4155 North crossing Salt Creek Trestle in the winter of 2005 as a title page for an article showcasing my Oregon "Cascade Subdivision" layout. The article is not-for-profit and your picture sums up the "flavor" of my modeling efforts in one shot. Your permission to do this would be greatly appreciated. Of course your name and anything else you would like me to add in the credits will be done at your request.

Thank You for your consideration,

Mark Lestico
Sasquatch 14-Sep-2006 19:28
Ross, beautiful stuff...great compositions! I really enjoyed surfing your site.
Bill Howard 03-Sep-2006 21:20
Great site, I liked looking at your Pac. NW shots.............
Hey by the way I looking for Beardstown sub div. TT info
going to shoot it this fall............Bill
Guest 20-Jul-2006 22:43
Hey Ross,

Great shots and thanks for visiting my site.
Jessica Fish 13-Jul-2006 15:37
These are some very beautiful pics Ross. I am really impressed. Makes me kind of miss Washington--but probably not enough to move back there. Jess.
Guest 15-Apr-2006 05:51
Nice rail stuff...added you to the North American Rail topic. Happy shooting!
Patty 11-Apr-2006 18:33
Wow! I'm so impressed. Jamixon and the railroad pictures are just top notch! We need more of Wendy!!!!

How about the seattle train station at night?
Jess04-Apr-2006 02:40
Great photos, Ross. I like your compositions and the quality is very good. Can't have too many photographers in Everett and Mukilteo. Keep it up! Jess Allen
SDP45 Dan 01-Apr-2006 01:37
Very nice stuff. What kind of equipment are you using?
Jim McKinlock18-Mar-2006 23:32
Hi Ross, I really enjoyed looking thru your galleries, You have a lot of good stuff.
Nora Maharry 02-Mar-2006 05:52
That's one beautiful boy! Jamison that is... :) You're turning into quite the photographer Ross. Thanks for sharing. We miss you guys. Scott & Nora
Susan 27-Feb-2006 03:15
There can never be too many pictures of my adorable nephew! I love it! :)

-Auntie Sue & Uncle Jeff
BignFat Photography17-Feb-2006 20:34
Dude, your looking good!
Your site looks awesome, and your getting lots of jits!