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Hotel in Than Tai Mountain Photos
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The party should prepare enough swimsuits and swimsuits instead when participating in many fun activities and entertainment at Nui Than Tai In Than Tai Mountain, there is a free storage space (included in the ticket) so you should Peace of mind bring your belongings! Mount Than Tai is indeed a magical tourist destination, so if you want to leave all the hustle and bustle of life to find precious moments, don't hesitate to come to Da Nang and find out about Than Tai Mountain! Da Nang Booking has just provided information about the fullest Nui Than Tai travel experience from A to Z. 11:30: Tourists have lunch and relax freely at Buffet Rong Do restaurant. What makes Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh increasingly "hot" not only because of its unique services but also because the resort is very close to Hanoi, it only takes about 2 hours by car, and if coming from other provinces. By air, Van Don airport connecting to Ha Long only takes about 50 minutes to go to the Ha Long - Van Don expressway which is as quiet as ru. Moreover, winter onsen bath is also a quite new and interesting option. taste

Experience the feeling of a new mud bath At Nui Than Tai, mineral mud contains levels of manganese, iron, zinc, selenium or copper which have much higher antiseptic properties than other regions in the whole world. country. Here is the specific itinerary: Morning Program - Nui Than Tai Tour 08:00 Tourists and guides will pick you up at the meeting point: airport, hotel, home address in Da Nang. [?] professional, enthusiastic, happy guide to follow the itinerary

this not only makes visitors interesting when experiencing the service, but also shows creativity from one sentence The story is too familiar to the Vietnamese people. Nui Than Tai Red Dragon Restaurant If you go in a large group, choose a house on stilts in a group of 200 Mount Than Tai Hot Spring Park hopes that this precious mineral water will help improve the health of people when using it, but also to remind everyone to appreciate, and preserve the environment to keep a fortune. Nguyen is very important, becoming a common property not only of Da Nang city but also the whole country of Vietnam

when peeling and tasting, we feel like you can feel the quintessence of heaven. Soil, the taste dissolves in the oral cavity leaving an indescribable aftertaste. "Ebisu" means God of Fortune in Japanese, it is a symbol of the luck that heaven has bestowed on this place, as well as a mind that will bring you lucky fortune when visiting. and rest in this place. Onsen is not only a traditional bath, known as a relaxation therapy, to relieve fatigue, but deep in it is a story with full of human significance

Here Business accommodation, with guests booking overnight, free mineral bath tickets. Get detailed consultation support from tour prices, policies, services and tour schedule. Stone baths with natural mineral water with moderate hot, warm, and cold temperature treatment are very healthy

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