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Supposition that is not shared by all cultures, nor by all members of our personal culture.20
18. There is evidence that modesty isn't related to nakedness whatsoever, but is rather a reply to appearing
different in the rest of the social group--for instance, outside the recognized habits of clothes or adornment.21
By way of example, native tribes naked except for ear and lip plugs feel immodest when the stoppers are
removed, not when their bodies are exposed.22 Moreover, a woman feels immodest if seen in her slip, even though

their state of apparel. Shrink Emery S. blondes on a beach writes: "Nakedness is never black when it's unconscious,
Which is, when there's no awareness of a difference between fact as well as the rule set by the mores." Put simply,
for first-time visitors into a nudist park, there is no hint of embarrassment after an initial reticence, since it is not
contrary to the moral standards.
19. Shame comes from being outside mores, not from specific actions or conditions. Because nudity is
unremarkable in a nudist setting, nudists might even forget they're nude--and commonly do.
20. Mental studies show that modesty need not be related to one's state of dress in any way. For the
nudist, modesty is just not spill with one's clothing; it merely takes an alternative kind.24
Emotional studies by Martin Weinberg concluded that the fundamental difference between nudists and nonnudists
lies in their differently-constructed definitions of the situation. It really isn't that nudists are immodest, for, like
non-nudists, they have norms to regulate and control immorality, sexuality, and embarrassment. Nudists just
Take the human body as natural, rather than as a source of embarrassment.25
21. Many indigenous tribes go completely naked without shame, even today. It is only through expanded
contact together with the "modern" world they learn to be "modest." 26
Paul Ableman writes: "The missionaries were typically disconcerted to realize that the biblically urged
Action of 'clothes the naked', far from creating an improvement in native morals, almost consistently resulted in a
deterioration. What the missionaries were accidentally doing was recreating the Garden of Eden scenario. Nude,
the primitive cultures had revealed no prurient matter with the body. . . . the morality was usually geared to the
Nude state of the culture. follow , with their cotton shorts and dresses, disrupted this. Naked individuals
actually feel shame when they are first dressed. They develop an exaggerated awareness of the body. It is as if Adam
and Eve's 'aprons' generated the 'knowledge of good and evil' rather than being its effect." 27
Many Amazon rainforest people still reside clothing-optional by choice, even given an alternative.28 The
same holds true of the aborigines of central Australia.29
22. Even in North America, nudity was commonplace among many native tribes before the coming of
Lewis and Clark reported almost-nude natives across the northern Pacific coast, as an example,30 as did
He described several
other North American tribes as also generally residing without clothing.32 The natives of Florida wore just
Additionally the women." 34 The Polynesian natives of Hawaii wore little clothing, and none at all at the shore or in the
water, before the arrival of Christian missionaries with Captain Cook in 1776.35
23. For , nudity or near-nudity is an essential part of their culture.
Paul Ableman describes, "very few primitives are completely nude. They almost always have ornamentation or
body-modification of some type, which plays a essential part within their culture. . . . Into but successful
culture comes the missionary, and obliterates the essential hints beneath his low-cost Western clothes. Among many
primitives, tattooing, scarification and ornamentation convey tremendously detailed information which may, in fact, be the
Principal regulatory power in the society. The missionary thus, at one blow, annihilates a culture. It was likely no
less traumatic for a primitive society to be suddenly clothed than it would be for ours to be unexpectedly stripped
Nude." 36
24. Yet missionaries have consistently sought to impose their own concepts of "decency" on other cultures,
Dismissing the elaborate cultural customs seeing clothing already in position.
Bernard Rudofsky writes: "People [in other cultures] who traditionally don't have a lot of use for clothes are

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