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A suitable pillow serves to collect and immobilize areas with tension, relieving pain and providing good support to rest better. JDGOSHOP of sleep depends largely on the choice of model.

The pillow is a very personal product, and is largely responsible for our daily rest. Therefore, when choosing a suitable pillow we must take into account a number of aspects.

• Look at the filler materials to see if your perspiration is good or bad.
• The posture we adopt at bedtime.
• A pillow should ensure that the cervical and dorsal vertebrae form the same angle as when standing.
• Sleeping without a pillow can cause hypertension and the appearance of cervical contractures.
• Sleeping on your back with a pillow that is too thick or without a pillow facilitates the appearance of contractures.
• It is recommended to sleep with thin pillows. In this way, the cervical and dorsal vertebrae form the same angle as when standing.
• If you sleep on your side you cannot choose a thin pillow as it makes the weight of the head fall on one of the supporting shoulders and forces the inclination of the spine. In this case a thick pillow is recommended. In this case, the neck remains at the same height as the spine.
• Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. The lumbar spine is forced and the neck also remains turned.
• A good habit is to sleep lightly on your side. To do this, the lower leg (on which the body rests) must be stretched and the other leg must be flexed just like the hip. That is, it forms an angle of about 45º.

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