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I watched this wonderful movie on one of the sites called 123movie, and I truly liked the movie, including this blog - really quick video loading, good quality and minimal ads.

I just adore it. Fair. For what? For sparkling humor, for excellent actors-improvisers, for amazing, brilliant storylines, for the non-standard strategy for filming and also for the ability of Americans to laugh at themselves. If you watch, you won't just get numerous positive emotions, you may learn something, and I, one example is, adore to see the characters of your characters. Because the more you peer, greater you understand that each character isn't just a template for an office worker, just not a parody of him - it's a full-fledged person with a rich inner world.

Michael Scott is not just a boss. Here is the Chief. With a capital letter. Because he himself thinks. He is also'the dad of this large family '. Make a boss who swears not because took action now your work poorly, but since you also accidentally laughed aloud at his idea ... Now he needs you to treat people of another nationality correctly, then he decided that you just think badly about gays. And all sorts of why? Because because of the team, Michael solves his or her own problems. It truly is he who isn't tolerant of African Americans and gay people. But they're afraid to admit it even going to himself.

Michael is another child. Yes, he's a kid, just big. Often it just touches :) but on a regular basis - I wish to punch him, honestly. Thanks to the amazing Steve Carrell for that. He could be incomparable. From his lips even'pemanica'or the common'hey, hey!' sound insanely funny.

Dwight Schrute is both devoted, and smart, and annoying, and some kind of childish, and annoying, and loving, and correct, and serious. Exactly! Hundreds of nonsense that they sometimes does become hilarious precisely owing to his thoroughness. He literally takes everything seriously. The belief that his complaints are deliver to some New York Secret Committee (I don't remember exactly), what Dwight writes to him from the long term, which the CIA is following him! That is why they constantly mock him.

But, in truth, if I always describe the characters of your series, which change a little with each season, with each episode (if we take the first 6 episodes as a repelling point), then my review will become simply meaningless. Because each viewer will spot his destiny for many of the heroes. And that he will choose his beloved. Perhaps they will become similar in character. After all, among us live a variety of Kelly, Ryans, Kevins, Oscars, Angel, Stanley, Pam and Jims ... only each using own individual characteristics.

I very, very, very much advise you to see this series. Once you have fun, sad, all alike - you will not be bored. And also this just isn't another funny dummy without meaning. At any rate, you may endure something for yourself.

10 out from 10

P.S. I almost forgot. For me personally, probably the most striking advantages of the Office will be the actors'glances with the camera. Sometimes they claim much above words.

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