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Herzlich welcome to Royal Q AI trading robotic. Are you ready experience the full power of automatic trading? Tradeing Robbot and Robobot all in one. , the path to a new world of cryptocurrency trading. Are you interested in learning more?

Let's do it. Now, the main question was, what exactly do you think of the Royal Q Robot? Royal Q has revolutionized the way we trade with an easy one-click robot trading system. This system has made trading in crypto simple for everyone, even people with no knowledge. Our quantification system allows everything to be possible.

What exactly is quantitative trade? Quantitative trade is the creation of trading strategies using advanced mathematical models. It is essential to concentrate on mathematic analysis and make sure to only invest in investments and strategies that are mathematically grounded. The benefit is that the robot Royal Q focuses only on mathematical and analytical things.

Profits is unparalleled for every dollar that the robot earns that is usually. It automatically makes use of the profits to buy and sell again. This is the cycle method to compound. Royal Q's automated trade system lets you quickly reap the benefits of the trade strategy.

We'll be honest when it comes to staying awake and having the ability to understand every single aspect, no one does it better than a robot when it's a 24 hour, 7 days a week. The best part about the robot is that it earn money throughout the day, even while asleep. Trading is all about volatility. With crypto's price fluctuations and the possibility of trading on a daily basis, there's no better way to trade.

AI algorithms make it easy to trade and purchase at any time of day. Say goodbye to the manual process of tracking market prices and say the way to AIS profitable quantified trading. The Royal Q multi-strategy multi technology fusion, intelligent quantification mechanism is a complete one of a kind in the field of automated trading system that is hands-free. To begin. It's so easy with just a click of a few buttons, you'll be able select and synchronized strategies that are approved by TradeMaster, which are available through the Royal Q system.

This is it. It's not even necessary to think about it. There's no monthly charge as well as an annual charge of 120 USDT. We make it easy to include everyone. Make sure your money is safe as well as your earnings and your cash.

Royal Q robot has no day off. Let alone alone. We trade all hours of the day every day of the year. It's possible to earn cash every single minute of the day. We're here to assist you regardless of whether your preferred operating system is Android or iOS. Even if your internet is disabled, you can still use it to keep everything safe and secure.

We utilize the API integration to test the robot using Binance and Hugh OB international, the two exchanges that are the most well-known worldwide. This allows you to unbind the robot anytime from your account. AI is made simpler through Royal cues. This allows you to combine the benefits of simplicity with security and real-time strategies.

You can't go wrong. Referring to others is a great way to earn lots of money. Are you ready to dive into the figures of the compensation plan? You should, too. Let's give an overview of network income. It is made up of two elements. The first is the activation bonus, which is your direct sales incentive. The second component is the trade profit, which, as you know, derives its income from trade earnings.

When it comes to activation bonus, or activation gain, we prefer to say that 40 USDT from the 120 USDT rural queue will be kept while 80 USDT are distributed back to the network. Let's look at how distribution is carried out. A payout of 30 to 70 USDT is made dependent on your rank in which you have six ranking stages to be the parcel of rank V1 taken first to USD T for ranking the V6 which is 70 U S.

Moving to the profit of trading which we ought to be able to all love. You can claim a part of this profit from residual income of your team members direct and the indirect teams. Direct quantifications can be found when a trade is concluded. This is the amount of trade profit earned by team members who you directly refer.

Simply put, team quantification is the amount of the total trade earnings of your indirect team. If there's a loss. 20% of any trade profits are made available to the robot's hardworking. After that profit from trade has been distributed to the queue, we'll keep 30 percent. We'll then distribute the rest of the 70% to our network. This is precisely how profits from trades are calculated. They are distributed from 20 between 20 and 60%, based completely on your rank.

Please. We do not take anything out of your money. Only from the profits of trade. After Royal Q robot has done its job. Plus when it comes to rewards for teams, you've always given this bonus. So long as you remain at least one rank above your team at all times, if you happen to fall in the same rank with your team members, your rewards will stop, but don't worry you'll be Frank above them once again.

You will receive active rewards. Peer Rewards are another benefit. They let you earn a 10% trade profit as a team, but this is only available to those at the top of your group. In simpler terms you'll forfeit the gain from activation and also trade profits. Peer rewards can be given to your team if they attain the same rank you do.

This privilege only if you are V3-V6. Ask your team members to determine what ranking they have. This can cause a reduction in activation and trade gains, however this is the point where peer reward is a factor. If you are equally ranked between V4 and V6 You will be awarded activation peer reward and peer reward.

Even if your team happens to be ranked higher, it won't affect your income in activation peer-income. V4 and. 1.5 USD in rang. V6 costs 1 USC. But there's a top reward you can take advantage of. This is the only dividend that's global available to ranks V6.

This is a reward to you for your leadership qualities and the outstanding team building effort. We will reserve 10 USD, CT. This is then split among all V6 ranking member, according to their weight shares. What is Wade share?

It's simple. It's as simple as that. Depending on the number of members that you have, you'll be provided with an additional chef. For example, V6 team members can enjoy free shares. The members can then ask for additional shares. Royal cute. That's not all. 10% of global trade profits are set aside.

You can also trade with the robots from rural Q and then share the rewards equally with the other V6 Royal members. Keep in mind that this bonus is an added bonus for you. You're eligible to the same benefits that we do. Do you think that sounds like a compensation program? It would be nice to own your own home. I fall.

To make the transition to V1, you will require activating your robot. You are able to activate your robot in order to join the Royal cute team and reach V2. Your robot must be activated by a minimum of 20 members. It is recommended to have 20 active members. We're now totally free. In addition, you will need five direct referred teammates who have at 100 active members.

It is also possible to get V2 members for free from other lines. Rankin until V4. This is where your activation reward peer reward comes into the picture. You'll need eight directly referred members and free. It is not necessary to set up separate lines. These are the people who will look after your active team member. You'll need to have 12 directly referred members who are free V4 members that come from separate lines.

Remember, the V4 members don't need to be direct referrals. They can at last but not least rank V6, where you'll have the chance to earn the bonus or global dividends thanks to all your hard work. 20 people have to be directly referred to. We've free the five members from separately. We're nearing the end of the presentation. Then you're free to rush off to activate Royal Q.

Let me present to you the potential income. Five were paid 500 or more per day and then V6 was awarded at least 1500 USD daily.

It's truly amazing. Right. Now, the one question you have to ask yourself is, are you willing to commit to financial freedom?

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