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Are you busy. or are you just not managing your stress correctly? Do you have too much to do, but find you are procrastinating or not getting your priorities complete because you are too tired or not focused? It happens to all of us.

The smoke generated from burning dung keeps flies, mosquitoes and other pest away. Cow dung can be smoked for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch. You can also keep the smoke going on for a much longer period provided you keep adding a piece of dried dung and fresh dung at 2 to 3 hours interval. Practice will make you perfect.

While herbal tinctures can be found at New Age People, The Good Earth and most health food stores, it is possible to make your own. Naturopath John Lust describes one process in his book The Herb Book.

Stinging Nettles - While these shouldn't be touched with bare hands, these plants are known for nourishing the different organs that help supply your body with natural estrogen. Another benefit of stinging nettles is nourishing hair follicles, which may keep hair from thinning as we age.

Nature has provided a cure for almost every remedy known to man or woman. By reading a few good books (or even one) on Herbal Medicine, all women, from pre-menopausal to post can find ways to cope with their changing bodies during what used to be called 'the change.' The best book I can recommend for the menopausal woman is Susun Weed's Wise Woman's Guide to the Menopausal Years.

4) Ask for dream guidance. Before falling asleep, ask to have a dream revealing your next career step. Keep a journal by your bed and write your dreams as soon as you wake-up.

One of the best known acai health benefits is the weight loss properties. The acai berry is known to have ingredients that help to boost metabolism, build muscle tone and suppress appetite. is said that if you consume acai berries or acai berry juices you will find yourself losing weight and feeling better. Many people find that the ingredients of the acai berry help them lose weight faster than any other diet supplements. Acai berries can also help promote high levels of energy and stamina. Acai berries are full of carbohydrates and nutrition that makes it easier for your body to create energy. If you eat or drink the acai berry on a regular basis your immune system will grow stronger, helping you ward off colds, infections and diseases.

Chinese herbal medicine program of choice is a long-term service, operating 30 years, profit, and the New York Stock Exchange listed company. This procedure involves the replacement of 2 daily meals 2 meal replacement shakes, complementary, enhanced form, the control of appetite and energy of herbal tea. My success story I can lose 50 pounds in 6 months, and keep it off for 6 years. Now I own online business, helping others succeed in their pursuit of health and wealth.

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