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The Teamfight Tactics Worlds patch 11.19 has opened the door for a couple more comps within the meta.

Players seeking to rank up the ladder have a wide variety of TFT comps to choose from following the release of Patch 11.19. With Set Six launching in early November, players have time to take advantage of comps like Rangers, Kayle, Draven, and Abomination. According to TFT tacticians Bunny Muffins and Wrainbash, there are six Worlds comps worth playing during the final days of the Set 5.5 meta.

Abomination and company

Both TFT tacticians agree that Abomination and company is an S-tier comp that contains a good amount of flexibility. The shell of the comp is three Abomination Set 5.5 champions with three Redeemed and three Revenant units. Nunu should have a defensive item while Redemption works nicely on Brand.

Heimerdinger and Vel’Koz are the two main AP carries that use items like Spear of Shojin, Archangel’s Staff, Hand of Justice, and Deathcap. The combo of Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity edge will also work. Fiddlesticks is the secondary carry using Frozen Heart well, while Teemo can take the ancient fear’s place with a Revenant spatula.


Aphelios is the main carry within the Rangers TFT comp, with Akshan taking his place or running as a secondary carry. Only two Set 5.5 champions with the Ranger trait are needed since the frontline defense takes priority. Four Knights and two Ironclad will provide enough defense to keep Aphelios safe. An alternative way to build is with four Nightbringer units and two Cavalier, using champions like Rell and Sejuani, along with Lee Sin and Diana.

Galio needs defensive items while Aphelios and Akshan want AD items. Attack damage items can be Deathblade, Bloodthirster, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Spear of Shojin is recommended as one of Aphelios’s items, but Hand of Justice and Last Whisper can also work.

Defensive items can go on Galio, Rell, Volibear, and Ivern. Dragon Claw and Warmog’s Armor are recommended, along with Redemption and Bramble Vest.


Lucian is still the primary carry, with a foundation of at least five other Sentinel Set 5.5 champions. Similar to the Ranger TFT Patch 11.19 comp, Sentinels needs a strong front line for defense and at least one champion to protect Lucian so he can ramp up. Bunny Muffins recommends Rell, Galileo, and Nautilus on the front line, but Volibear and Ivern are solid alternatives.

Solid items on Lucian are Deathblade, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Hand of Justice. Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge are also playable. Senna and Rakan can boost Lucian with Zeke’s Herald, while Akshan is a good replacement carrier for Lucian.


Changes made to Draven have boosted the Forgotten champion, with a shell of four Forgotten and three Ironclad Set 5.5 champions. Frontline defense is key to keeping Draven alive long enough to ramp up while Jax can operate as a solid secondary carry. Another option includes six Legionnaire units, leaving room for players to choose one of three secondary carriers: Kayle, Yasuo, and Riven.

Draven works best with TFT attack damage items like Bloodthirster, Deathblade, and Infinity Edge. Jax will want Trap Claw and Galio should be stocked full with defensive 안전놀이터추천


Kayle is still a playable carry within the TFT Patch 11.19 meta, preferring four Knight, two Ironclad, and three Redeemed units for protection. Six Knight units are also an option, according to Wrainbash. The best items for Kayle include Guinoo’s Rageblade, Deathblade, Giant Slayer, Bloodthirster, and Hand of Justice.


Heimerdinger is the preferred main carry while Karma has returned to the TFT Set 5.5 meta as another viable option. Both champions want AP items, making it easy to switch over to Heimerdinger and replacing Karma on the battlefield.

Both champions want Blue Buff and Spear of Shojin, but Karma can also benefit from items like Deathcap, Hand of Justice, and the Jeweled Gauntlet/Infinity Edge combo. Heimerdinger can use these items prioritizing Jeweled Gauntlet and Archangel’s staff over Deathcap and Hand of Justice.

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