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Sexy But No Sex Drive

My wife is extremely sexy but she absolutely has no sex drive. I never really cared before. We met, she let me fuck her, and that was about all that I needed. So I married her for sex. Any time I asked she willing spread her legs for me. She never masturbated, she never had an orgasm, and she didn’t seem to care…as long as I was happy. I sure was happy…for about fifteen years.

My wife is willing to please me in every way possible. She proves it in bed almost every night. I get blowjobs and I get anal sex occasionally too. She kisses me, she fondles me, and she lets me feel her up. In addition to that she wears very sexy skimpy clothing because she knows that it pleases me.

We have a thirteen-year-old daughter named Kitty. Now Kitty is completely opposite of her mother. Oh, she wears very sexy skimpy clothing too but to please herself more than to please me. However, it sure pleases me to see her and her mother running around the house in just their bras and panties or a sexy nightie. Kitty even makes sure that I get to look up her skirt, after all I see her in her panties all the time, so why not.

Lately my daughter has been making sure that I’m hard before she goes to bed. Then I take my wife into our bedroom and fuck her good. Kitty knows exactly what she is doing and she enjoys doing it.

Then on her thirteenth birthday Kitty followed us into our bedroom and watched me fuck her mother. Then Kitty sucked my cock clean, licked her mother’s pussy clean, and then she sucked my cock hard again. I noticed that my wife moved under me. I was pretty sure that she had enjoyed watching Kitty suck my cock. Oh my God!

I fucked my wife as if she were a new woman. Of course I was thinking of my daughter the whole time. Her pussy felt better and I was pretty sure that she was flexing her vaginal muscles. This was something entirely new. When I came that time it was even better with more cum than the first time. I couldn’t remember the last time that I had a double shot of my baby’s love.

Kitty got right in there and licked up every drop of my cum from her mother’s pussy. I watched my wife lift her ass up off the bed to get it tighter to her daughter’s tongue. While Kitty was sucking my cock clean my wife couldn’t take her eyes off Kitty’s mouth.

I came to the conclusion that my wife liked incest. To prove my theory I told my wife to eat Kitty’s Kitty. Kitty had called her vagina that since she was a little girl. Mommy had a pussy but Kitty had a Kitty.

Anyway back to my wife eating our daughter out. Kitty leaned back and my wife leaned in. Kitty rolled her back bringing her knees up to her chin and offering herself to her mother like a four-course meal. I watched my wife’s tongue slip into Kitty’s little crinkled asshole. From there she slipped her tongue up Kitty’s slit to her clitoris and then played with it until Kitty moaned. My wife went back to her asshole and then up to her clit again until Kitty moaned. My wife kept doing that over and over again until Kitty shuttered and came. She told her mother that that had been the best orgasm ever.

Then my wife asked, “Please tell me what it felt like. I’ve never had one.”

Kitty looked shocked and then she said, “Never! Not even when you masturbate.”

My wife said, “I don’t masturbate. My mother caught me when I was about your age and beat me raw.”

Kitty asked, “What about when Daddy fingers your pussy?”

My wife said, “In the beginning it was hard to control but now he can do just about anything to me and I can resist.”

Kitty asked, “So, you are telling me that you don’t cum because you don’t want too?”

My wife was shocked at the question. She blushed, then she said, “I think you’ve stumbled onto something.”

Kitty looked at me and said, “Tie her to the bed. Use her old stockings. She keeps them in that funny bag in her closet. Grandma uses them somehow.”

I tied my wife’s hands and feet to the bed. Kitty put a pillow under her mother’s ass. Then Kitty told me to get some K-Y and rub my wife’s clit until she came back.

About fifteen minutes later Kitty came back in. I watched as she washed her mother’s whole crotch area, then she used alcohol and iodine to sterilize the area. Next I watched as Kitty carefully pushed a needle through the hood of her mother’s clit. I held my wife down to keep her from thrashing about. I watched Kitty poke a ring through the pierced hole and close the ends. She said that it was a special ring and that it cannot come apart once it has been closed.

My wife settled down eventually and asked, “Why did you do that to me?”

Kitty said, “I’ve done it for a few of the girls at school that have trouble cumming. You can’t imagine how good it feels once the swelling goes down.”

I asked, “You do this for other girls? Do you have one?”

Kitty laughed and said, “Of course not! You saw Mommy licking my Kitty. I can have an orgasm anytime that I want one. I’m hypersensitive. Thong panties drive me fucking nuts but I love to wear them. I have orgasms letting you see me in my bra and panties, even when I let you look up my skirt.”

Kitty turned to her mother and said, “No sex for at least five days.”

My wife asked me, “Can you hold off that long?”

Kitty said, “He won’t have too. I’ll let him fuck me.”

I looked at her in a new way.

Kitty said, “I’m thirteen and I’m a woman now Daddy. Don’t be so shocked. I’ve been looking for a way to give you my virginity. Now I’ve found one.” My wife said, “Go for it! She’s offering herself to you. You would be a fool not to accept.”

Kitty untied her mother, pushed her over, and took her place in the center of the bed on her back. She rolled her back bringing her knees up to her chin. I smiled as I sank my hard cock into her virgin Kitty. She was tight and she moved frantically underneath me. It was like riding a mad bull in a rodeo. I had not experienced anything like her since I had started going with her mother. Somehow I just knew that that was how sex was supposed to be. The feeling was fantastic too. Kitty dug her fingernails into my back. At least my wife had witnessed it so she couldn’t accuse me of having an affair. Sex had never been that good. Being my third time that night I was like a superhero. I lasted longer than ever, I set a new personal best, and I gave my daughter four orgasms before I shot off inside her wonderful little Kitty.

Kitty and I made love with my wife in bed with us twice a day for the full five days.

My wife thanked Kitty for her clit piercing. It did the job. Walking excited her and if she worked all the way around the block then she could have an orgasm. Needless to say she walked around the block every day and we made love every day too. Kitty and I still made love every day. Things were great around our house from then on.

The End
Sexy But No Sex Drive

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