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Objective of Hot Seat: To be the first player to reach 25 points first
Number of Players: 3-10+
Materials: 200 question cards, Answer pads for up to 10 players, Score sheet, Instruction Booklet
Type of Game: Fill-in-the-blank
Audience: 17+
Hot Seat is a card game that involves answering a question about the person in the Hot Seat. These answers may be funny, serious, or generally inappropriate. What’s your spirit animal? Which of my possessions would disappoint my mom the most? Most importantly—what do your friends and competitors think? For players that own the hard copy game, there are three expansion packs available to increase the number of cards and ridiculous questions available, or to allow for larger groups of players.

To begin the game, each player is given an answer pad and a pencil. The individual with the most recent birthday will draw three cards from the deck and read them to themselves. This begins their role in the Hot Seat. The player in the Hot Seat is given the score pad, and the score pad rotates, allowing each player in the Hot Seat to be score keeper. The player in the Hot Seat chooses one card to play, one to give to another player, and one to discard. If a player is given a card, the player must keep it face down until they are in the Hot Seat, then they must play that card rather than drawing three cards.

Everyone, including the Hot Seat, writes the answer they believe that the player in the Hot Seat will have. After all players have written a response, the player in the Hot Seat gathers all the answers and reads them aloud to the group. Each player guesses if the answer was written by the player in the Hot Seat or another player, moving clockwise around the group. The player in the Hot Spot reveals the answer that they had written, and then points are tallied.

Points are tallied by the player in the Hot Seat, and then the position is rotated to the left. Points are dependent on each player’s role in the game. The player in the Hot Seat earns one point for each player that correctly guesses their answer. All other players in the game earns one point for each player that guesses their answer, two points for guessing the player in the Hot Seat’s answer, and four points for giving the same answer as the player in the Hot Seat.

The game is won by the first player to earn twenty-five points.

One and Done

The player in the Hot Seat only draws one card, and they have no 메이저토토 but to play that card.

Blind Three

The player to the left of the player in the Hot Seats draws three questions. They then choose which question they would like for the player in the Hot Seat to answer.


The player in the Hot Seat comes up with their own question, discarding the question cards for this game.

So True

After the answers have been read, and everyone has guessed, the player in the Hot Seat chooses the answer that is the most accurate response next to their own. That player earns an additional two points.

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