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OBJECT OF COCK & TAILS: The object of Cock & Tails is to be the player who has taken the fewest drinks.
MATERIALS: 46 All Players Cards, 7 Spill the Tea Cards, 6 New Rules Cards, 26 Challenge Cards, 18 Category Cards, and 2 Prep Cards
TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game
Cock & Tails is a party card game with some queer tendencies, but anyone can play. Whether you like Cock, Tail, or just Cocktails, this game is for you! The cards tell each player if they should drink, and their tolerance tells them if they can make it. Cock & Tails is a fun, explorative, and overall hilarious game that can make any party spicy.

Digital expansion packs are available to accommodate more players and longer game times!

Setup is quick and easy! All of the cards are to be shuffled together and placed in a pile in the center of the group.

Once the cards have been placed, the game can begin! There is no rule about who begins the game. The first player will pick a card from the top of the pile, read it aloud, and place it for everyone to see.

Once it starts, simply rotate around the group, allowing players to draw the top card on the pile. Whatever a card says must be completed or a drink must be taken as punishment.

The player who has taken the lowest amount of drinks win. It is similar to a point system. The game does not have a set end point. Whenever the group decides, or are too drunk to remember there is a game, signifies the end.


All Player Cards
If the card applies to anyone playing, they must take a drink. If the card applies to the card drawer, they must take an additional sip.

The Challenge Cards
Whatever challenge is on the card must be completed. Some require teams, and then both players can get a punishment drink if they fail the challenge! Some require silence, remember, this is key!

Spill The Tea Cards
Answer the question on the card in front of the whole group. If the player does not want to answer, they must take the sip punishment.

New Rules Cards
The rule on the card is to be followed by players for the specific amount of time found on the card. If a player fails to follow the 안전놀이터추천 they get a sip punishment. A player can opt out of a rule by taking two shots.

The Category Is
Each player must answer something in the category given. The player who drew the card begins, and it continues clockwise around the group. When there is hesitation, a player cannot answer within three seconds or answers incorrectly, that player must take the drink punishment.

PrEP Cards
These are safety cards and can quickly become a player’s best friend. There are only two found throughout the deck, and only one can be returned to the deck after use!

The end of the game is decided by the group. Whoever has the lowest number of drinks wins the game!

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