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Quaker Harvest Crunch is a delicious and easy to make snack. I purchased this product to review. There are many different types of snacks available on the market today that can be very unhealthy. Most of them have a lot of empty calories and no nutritional content at all. If you want to have a satisfying snack that provides the nutrients you need, Quaker Harvest Crunch is a great choice.

The cereal is made with real maple syrup, which provides a rich and robust taste. It has a wonderful nutty and buttery flavour, similar to a delicious granola cereal. If you have eaten oatmeal before, then you will be able to identify the taste, as the granola and the oats have a very rich taste. It is also a fantastic choice for those who don't like cereal, as it tastes just like your favourite cereal, but provides a great source of nutrients.

The ingredient list includes corn, water, nonfat dried oats, brown sugar, dried fruit, and a touch of natural vanilla flavouring. There is no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners in this delicious breakfast cereal. You can choose to add a handful of nuts or opt to mix in some of the fruit. The sweetness of this healthy snack lies in the ingredients and the fact that it doesn't have any added sugar or calories. Due to its simplicity, Quaker Harvest Crunch is perfect for children and parents on the go.

There are two reasons for including cereal in your diet, one is to provide your body with energy throughout the day. When you wake up in the morning and throw away your sugar-filled cup of coffee and granola bars, you're providing your body with an energy boost to help you start your day. If you add Quaker Harvest Crunch into your oatmeal, you can enjoy the healthy sweetness at breakfast as well. Adding it to your cereal helps you stay full longer, which leads to reduced cravings later on in the day. Instead of reaching for the chips, grab a spoonful of this delicious treat.

In addition to providing nutrients and energy, the cereal is also high in nutrition. It has 5 grams of protein, plenty of healthy carbohydrates and plenty of dietary fiber that is easily absorbed by the body. You can choose to replace one meal of your regular meal with a serving of Quaker Harvest Crunch, which makes it an even more effective solution for weight loss. Since it only takes five minutes to prepare, you can fit it into your morning routine without too much extra effort.

This delicious breakfast treat contains a wide variety of nuts and granola with no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, salt or other unhealthy ingredients. Because the Quaker harvest crunch contains no sugar, it is a completely natural sweetener. You will notice in the ingredients list that there is no calorie count listed, which is another good thing since every calorie counts when you are trying to lose weight. Even though the cereal does contain sugar, it is not too much and you can still eat it without getting hungry.

One thing you can look forward to with the Quaker harvest crunch is that it does not have any wheat, rye or gluten. This means that it can be used in your regular cereal if you prefer, such as porridge, toast, or waffles. If you have trouble digesting gluten, this could cause you to develop a rash or stomach cramps. Since the cereal is made up of organic ingredients, there are no chances of ingesting traces of other unhealthy foods. It has just as many vitamins and minerals as your average cereal and it tastes great.

While the Quaker crunch is delicious and nutritious, it is definitely not your ordinary favourite cereal. The crunch is not sweet and does not have the usual airy, sugary taste of other cereals. In fact, the Quaker cereal has four times more fiber than most cereals and is packed full of vitamins and minerals. This means that you do not only get all of the nutrients and fibre that your body needs, but you also get a tasty snack to help you along with getting enough of everything you need for a healthy diet. What is BRT Canada?

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