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An event unlike any other
I’m not the level of gamer that jumps down and up at the idea of playing a browser game. I love action. That doesn’t necessarily mean live strategy games - I prefer RPGs and TBS games mainly.
Yet as time passed, I discovered myself less able to enjoy most of these games. Sure, there’s a nostalgia vibe I felt whenever I saw a Let’s play, or once i started a sport I used to play (and left it after several hours), but there was a feeling which i needed something more important. Gradually, I shifted my focus to games that need less attention resources, something I can play within my free time and is also fairly interesting.

Browser games what you need. They’re light on any device, don’t require a setting up, don’t undertake space or serious amounts of you still feel you’re playing. There’s less action in them, but perhaps that’s to get the best, because you don’t see a large number of flashes per second from fighting animations. These days there are browser games for those tastes, since the marketplace is much more developed in comparison with some decades ago. You can probably look for a browser game that best suits you easily.
Most games are about fighting monsters, developing characters, studying the world. That last one has long been my interest. The excitement of discovering new things 's what pushes me into you go around and…well, doing whatever the developers imagined I will be doing regular on the globe they created. And when you get the hang of it, all that's necessary do is level up, basically. That’s the pattern, and it’s good enough. It makes a safe and secure haven which you could enjoy the world when you learned it, that you work to reach a stage and nobody can push you below your pedestal.

You could be more adventurous and check out some sandbox type of games. They usually get to the mature state (see above) eventually, or die, nonetheless they still have to provide you with some satisfaction. They can’t upset you or bore you, right?
Then you stumble upon a bit game called MagicDuel.
I can’t really describe the overall game for you; should you participate in it, you’ll realise why then. The sensation of an sandbox is overwhelming, and you will find basically no guidelines. It’s an empty world where the guidelines are made through the players themselves. I’ve been playing the game for years, and i also still feel I haven’t done anything inside. If you have absolute freedom, what should you do by it?!
All the games will throw some anchors and will limit the gameplay in some way - you'll be told how to proceed. MagicDuel draws some very vague outlines and permits you to do what you need, provided you don’t break some rules that have to apply bug abuse or decency. You happen to be limited as to what that can be done only since the developers don’t obtain much time on the hands. I can’t imagine the way would seem like whenever they could focus 100% for the game.
They don’t, mostly because MagicDuel takes too much time to acquire employed to, and players don’t stay much. I can vouch for that - it’s only by chance i logged within the initial days, but from a week I was hooked. I became still complaining it’s a boring game in the past, since i couldn’t wrap my head round the indisputable fact that a game title makes it possible for you this much freedom.

It requires a while to have used to that. I used to be a fan of Luc Besson (any longer, sorry, Luc), then one day I found a video by which he was saying he doesn’t like games because everything is predetermined. That didn’t stop me from playing them, nevertheless the idea bound to me. This is the reason, after i encountered MagicDuel, I remembered it. I had been thrown on the other hand of the spectrum; I became standing there, asking myself that which was I designed to do. I used to be begging for directions, for guidelines and tutorials. I didn’t want freedom, I didn’t comprehend it, I didn’t imagine it being possible in a game.

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