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As mentioned in a previous article, 'Instant Relaxation Exercise: Self Massage of Head, Neck and Shoulders', this massage of Chinese origin acts to move the energy flow from the body in a very particular orderly way in accordance with the Chinese system of meridian energy circulation.
The benefits to this exercise are most rewarding.
This part in the self massage, the arms, belly and legs, we're going to start in the moment is both relaxing and revitalizing. It literally drains the tensions out of the body while stimulating the vital energy to flow, by gently tapping across the arms and chest.
Let' Corporate massage Melbourne !
Best position is Standing.
1 - Make your right hand the shape of a fist and gently tap all the way down the inside of the left arm, right to the fingertips.
You then turn the give over and tap along the outside in the hand and as well as the shoulder, throughout the shoulder and again on the inside of the arm. Do it 3 times.
You do the same goes with the left fist on the right arm and shoulder. Then, shake out the hands at intervals of side with the body.
2 - Using your right fist (or left for left-handed people) gently tap 9 times in the middle top from the chest, the thymus area. This stimulates the body's defence mechanism.
3 - Hands open, put one hand over one other and massage in the circle in the belly, starting for the solar plexus area towards left side with the body, down across the lower belly and up for the right side. This stimulates the cleansing organs. Do this 9 times.
4 - Now, the last move is always to put each open give over each hip and run them flat down along the outside in the legs, turning them over the feet and returning up running them up within the inside legs. Do both sides as well. Do it 3 times.
Shake both your hands for your sides.
Close your eyes and feel!
This Self Massage only takes 2 minutes, a short while to revitalize and destress!
This makes an ideal exercise for seniors.

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