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Hi guys it's Shelly from the lemonade store, and today, I'm just gon na do a quick, little studio, vlog slash, making some ornaments that I'm doing for a little mini craft fair, and I thought I would show you guys my process and kind of what I'm doing And most of it is stuff I actually haven't done before. So I'm not gon na guarantee. It'S all gon na be perfect, but that's part of the fun. So I have Bella with made a high B. Can you say hi say hi beep beep is AI, say hi B, that's Bella Bella is my old pup pup and she is 11, and so we are gon na get ready and start the process and I think we're gon na do wood slices today. That'S what we're gon na work on and see if we can do that, so, oh and before we get started, I have to shoutouts that I want to do today and the first one goes to Stephanie, who has been such an awesome supporter of my shop and My youtube and my Instagram she's amazing, and she sent me a thank-you note. So I just wanted to say thank Stephanie you're, the best and big virtual hugs, and then also I want to give a shout out to. I got a patreon other than my family. So that's so exciting, so I want to give a shout out to my patreon. So Linda D, I just want to say thank you so much. She is buying me a cup of coffee or a lemonade in this instance every month, and I really appreciate that. So, thank you so so so so so much and also you guys YouTube has, let me put a merch shelf on my videos. So if you are interested - and you want to wear some lemonade store, swag I've got some t-shirts and some sweatshirts and some tank tops that are on teespring right now and you can just click below. I think it's below the video, how it works and they have some cute ones. I bought a sweatshirt, it's kind of like an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt and I love it so super cool stuff thanks, you guys for your support and if you like this video, please subscribe and like and let's get started. Okay, so here is the wood slice that I just made and it's um. Let'S see it is. I think it's like almost eight at its widest point on that way and about ten. So it's like eight by ten, almost eight by eleven inches, and it's it's pretty easy. I'M surprised I actually found out that it felt like it was a lot easier than I thought. So all you are going to need is a wood slice and I'll link to the ones I bought on Amazon. I thought they were a little bit cheaper than I went into the store unless you have like a coupon or something, and then I used paint pens for the lettering, and I did this actually before I did this one and I free handed it I'm, like you Know I was okay, but then I used a stencil for the family part and the love part, because I really wanted to make sure I got the loop and everything correct and then I did by hand this line the and signed and this one. So it kind of just gave me like a nice base and I'll show you how I kind of went about that so we'll do it like a stencil, ish kind of thing, but then we're gon na fill it in so super fun and easy to do. I'Ve done I've been painting these, because I'm getting ready to side for a craft bear so there's you could use two different types of paint. I'M trying this chalk paint. I use this if this one it works pretty good, because it's like you're really only need like one coat. You can use this one and I got this on sale because the Joey hands by me was going out. So I bought like a bunch of this stuff, but I find that just using like the permanent acrylic, it's a little bit easier because it's not so thick, you can kind of go around and get a cleaner line. So just make sure that you get the right. One acrylic paint - this is the rest. Oh Liam and Nita is all-purpose acrylic and I think I got this at Hobby, Louisville, yeah and but I'll link to that below as well, and this one takes two coats, but I feel like it gets a cleaner look. So make sure you shake up your paint before you start painting and I'll fast-forward through this, but we're gon na paint and I'll show you and I just use for painting. I just try to find like for my acrylic paints. I just find like cheapy pens, but I like the square tip. I don't even about this call tips, but I like one that looks like that, so let's go through and I'll fast forward. This part, my tips for doing this to get a nice clean edge, is to make sure that you have enough paint pooling on the outside edge and then start to drag it down, and then don't worry about the center so much and make sure you turn your Work, if it's easier for you, so I usually put like a dollop and then I go around the edge. You can probably prep the wood with like gesso or something, but I'm gon na seal it. I think it's gon na be okay, because it's like made for wood, I haven't noticed it not it. You know I feel like it covers really well, okay, so this is dry. This is actually a different piece, so I can keep recording that I made earlier. So now we are going to cut out our lettering on a stencil okay. So I have this Oracle stencil film and we're gon na basically use this to cut out on the silhouette and I've just bought a silhouette. So I'm not gon na give you how to tutorials on that. Yet Recommended Site 'm still learning how to use it, but I actually am really loving how it's working. So I did the lettering on my iPad and then I pushed it over to my silhouette. So we'll do I'll do a separate video on that, but in the meantime you can either do a stencil and get ready or you can just let her directly on this, which I'm doing half and half. So let me go cut up my stencil and I'll come on okay, so I cut out my stencil and I actually did three cuz, I'm making a bunch of these and I think they're so cute. I might actually sell these in my shop. So, let's see okay so the way that I'm gon na do this, because I'm not painting I'm going to outline my letters so instead of using it like like, you, would take paint and stamp it with it. I'M gon na use a marker to outline my letters because I want it to be super crisp and then, if there's anything I don't like, I can one dude. Oh we go, I can just fix it by hand, but I don't need to use you know. My super type of vinyl to do this, so I just need. I just need help with the outlines, because I want to make sure that my loops all look good, so I'm weeding out - and you could probably you know you could probably use the other one as a stencil too. So I probably should have kept that and just used it for a different stencil, so I'm not wasting it. Okay. Next time see you told you it's not going to be perfect for pickering this all out too there, okay, so I'm going to get some transport eat and we're gon na move this over to here and then we're going to outline it. So I don't know what I'll have to look at what this transfer tape is, but I've been using this lately and I am definitely like a man. So this is a good, a good one and I will put everything below for you. Okay, we are going to transfer this guy to the way [ Music ], I'm save it transferred film because you can reuse it a couple of times, and so here is the way that I kind of like to do it. So I take a very small paint pen and I am using these Unni Unni Unni Posca pens and just make sure you shake it and it's the kind where you you push down on it to make sure that you got ink coming out. So I am going to outline you don't have to do it this way. I just liked. I just like the way that this kind of is looking so go through and outline your stencil [ Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, so now that we outlined it, we can remove our stencil okay. So we have our outlines and then you're literally just gon na go in oops, [, Music, ] and now we're just gon na go in and fill in our lettering. [, Music, ], okay, so we're gon na. Let this coat dry, we're going to do another coat! So that you're gon na do it twice so it looks good and the next step is to do I'm going to add some lettering here and a little bit of lettering there. So here is what I do to keep my lettering straight. I grab a piece of blue tape. You could use a laser I've done that to you, but my laser just broke so I'm using blue tape and I haven't replaced it yet. So I'm just gon na take a pizza blue tape, find where I want it to. Okay, yeah okay - I like that so okay, so I'm just gon na use this as my guide and I'm gon na write the smaller writing right in here. So [ Music ], that's it and then you can add like a little bow. If you want, you could put a floral up here, that's basically it and then don't forget to do a second coat, and I would I'm gon na do a second coat on all of it. And if you make a mistake - and you don't like - let's say your lettering - you don't like it just put some more black paint over it. Let it dry and hopefully that all blend in like I have it the with the black it works. But if you use like a lighter color like if you're doing white a white background with black lettering, I think that's gon na be tough, so um two coats and then, when you're all done ice, I usually spray it with some sort of a protector. Before I put like a bow or something on it - and this is the Krylon matte finish so I go outside because it's stink so don't and don't do it inside so make sure you go outside and I usually put it in like a box and then spray It and then let it dry [ Music ], so that is it, and I hope you guys liked this little tutorial and I'm going to be probably making a couple. Other ornaments and hopefully I'll get some videos uploaded. So, thank you guys so much for watching [, Music, ]

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