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I'm just getting acquainted with this site, The site has been one I've had a good understanding of for many years. It was among the three most popular video sites when video was in its infancy - Youtube. Vimeo. Dailymotion. Take a closer look at it right now. This site is full of the most original content available online. You will agree with me that Daily should be included on every day's list of websites to check out. Yes, I've used Daily twice. It was a joke.

Here's the things you should be aware of when you visit Daily Motion. The first is that it is packed with live news broadcasts. Any broadcast that isn’t C-Span or mainstream will be found on DailyMotion. The majority of the popular journalist's work is displayed prominently on their front page. It makes it appear that they're trying to push the political aspect. Ever since Periscope disappeared, and Twitter trying to bury the live streams that are political I'm assuming they're trying to do the same. However, their current slogan, Dailymotion: The home for the most relevant videos, doesn't point to politics. While my cat videos are hilarious however, it's also very important to me, seeing the reports from recent shootings and other life-related things makes me wonder if Daily is a political site.

There are a lot of sports on TV and not just shows that talk about sports but also sporting broadcasts from all over world. These broadcasts are often of poor quality, but you can watch them on your smartphone. When I see a great long broadcast, I save it to my computer with this online application for downloading videos. It lets me choose the best quality and formats for video. I then save the MP4 file on my computer, and later move it onto my mobile phone. This allows me to watch 1.5hr of football that I can catch as I drive to work.

Dailymotion is also used by major news organizations like CNN, BBC, and other news channels all over Internet. They also have their channels there too, but it's much easier for them to do so. They simply copy the videos from their live broadcasts or website live streams and then upload them onto Youtube. They can then use them on all the other networks of their choice, including their Facebook streams. Daily Motion is also one of them. The Ted Cruz sorrowful face on CNN International's Dailymotion page. It's clear they're laughing a lot. There's even a section dedicated to Billboard videos. They come from Planet Hollywood, etc. and are full of new music, chart-topping tracks from the top artists. You can also suggest they're simply copying their Youtube channels to Daily Motion since it is easy and nobody can stop them.

And finally Dailymotion is chock with episodes and TV shows across the globe. I'm not sure how to search for their playlists, collections, or episodes from the same series However, Google may be able to assist. Google is the search engine. Sometimes, when I'm looking for great videos to stream I come across websites that direct me to Dailymotion pages. These pages contain episodes from TV series which originate from India and Argentina. Use the search function to locate your favorite television show. Big Brother Canada Find it, and you will find over 300 episodes. In these instances I visit the site and save some episodes on my smartphone to view them whenever I'm not travelling. Like I said, video quality isn't always best however it works well! We'll see you on the internet every day!

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