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Generation III: The Rare Cross types Dragons. These dragons own two Elements that can be Opposites, and can become bought for Jewel design at the store. This particular generation is bound for you to Category five.

As the particular target Offspring has Reverse Elements, you can't dog members of this Creation having 2 Elementals. You need only two Hybrids or perhaps Exclusives so as to have a little chance at receiving a Unusual Hybrid.

Breeding collectively Hard to find Hybrids can result inside one of the dragons expected from raising together two regular mixed-style models.

dragon city breeds III-b: The Step 3 Rare Amalgam Dragons. These dragons have 3 factors where two will be opposites of each other, and are bought regarding gems on the store. This specific generation may differ concerning Category 2 together with Group several.

Generation III-b is in any other case similar to Creation 3.

Note: In order to help end result a monster through this generation you will certainly have to uncover Period three or more. It's at the moment unknown just how this process is effective.

"I take note, nevertheless, of which it appears easier to be able to breed a Style III-b dragon using a wildcard and a Hybrid the fact that presently possesses two connected with the 3 elements demanded. "

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