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Thank you Arf for the pictures you let me use. I now understand your uneasiness with the dutch cows. You're right, they're huge, beautiful but huge. What you need is a cattle prod, I used to watch my ignoramus brother use a cattle prod on his wife, a true story. If he were my husband, I'd show you where the cattle prod would end up but then this is a family oriented community.
Thank you for being you.

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How can I not rave about my love for cows.
This topic says it all.
Big brown soft looking appealing eyes.
A walking gold mine.
A bag with teats hides nothing really, we know the gift it holds.

As a child, was at the ranch where my uncle worked.
At the fence looking at the eyes of a huge male bull, why were his eyes so bloodshot and that aweful slime hanging from his mouth?
Why was he staring at me?
I was wearing my pretty bright red dress.
Uncle says "be careful Pauline, that bull will walk right through that fence to get to you"
Of course he was kidding?
Hmmmm, Kind of a nice view up atop the bales of hay watching the ranch hands lure the bull back into the fenced area..... was I scared? pfffft!

by Pauline