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OBJECT OF BLACK CARD REVOKED: The objective of Black Card Revoked is to not lose all ten of your points. The first player to lose all ten points is the loser!
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 6 Players
MATERIALS: 81 Question Cards, 24 Answer Cards, and Instructions
TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game
Black Card Revoked is a fun game full of questions that give a sense of nostalgia over the group! This game also celebrates American black culture, while invoking hilarious debates. Be careful that you donít give the wrong answer or you may get your black card revoked!

Expansion packs are available, adding more fun, larger groups, and way more laughs to the game!

To begin setup, give each player response cards. Each player should have four response cards, A, B, C, and D in their hand. The Question Cards are then shuffled and placed in the center of the group, making sure they are easily accessible to all players. The game is ready to begin!

Each player will host at some point during the game! The group should choose the first host. The host will then draw a card from the Question Card stack and read it aloud to the group.

Each card will determine if the answer has a correct answer or if the majority will rule. Players have six to ten seconds to decide on an answer. The host will then announce for all players to reveal their answers at once.

If the card has a correct answer, the players who chose the wrong answer lose a point! If the card is majority rules, then the players who were not in the majority lose a point. Players begin the game with ten points.

After the points have been taken, the next host will draw a card and ask the question! Gameplay continues until a player has lost all ten points!

The game comes to an end when a player loses all ten points! This player instantly gets their Black Card Revoked and they are the loser! 안전놀이터

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