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"A skin allergy describes skin reactions following exposure to a specific allergen or irritant in the environment, whereas reactive or delicate skin tends to be more fundamentally driven," states Dr. Li. "For example, those with an impaired skin barrier or underlying inflammatory skin problem such as rosacea." Whether you're handling skin allergic reactions or straight-up level of sensitivity, here are some ways to keep your skin calm so you can continue.

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Li. Hives, for example, can be triggered by certain foods, insect bites or stings, medication or perhaps exercise and sun exposure. If you have no idea what the trigger is, you can learn whether you have a skin allergic reaction with a spot test, which will expose the skin to common irritants to see if a response happens.

Consider your skin barrier as a wall that keeps the bad stuff (like bacteria and contamination) out, and the good stuff (wetness) in. "A breakdown of it can lead to lowered ability of the skin to secure you from the outdoors world," states Dr. Li. That's where the right skin care items can assist.

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Look for out items with gentle, skin-soothing active ingredients to hydrate and help maintain the skin barrier. For example, La Roche-Posay's Toleriane Ultra Cream and Dermallergo Serum are particularly developed to relieve and safeguard reactive and allergy-prone skin with components like relaxing neurosensine. skin prone may enjoy slathering on that retinol oil or using a brightening exfoliant, however these products with active ingredients can irritate your skin.

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