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Tony Hobbs12-Sep-2010 06:08
Thank you for your kind words. Good luck to you.
Keith 13-Jun-2008 03:49
I saw your photo of the millpond on which "Bud's Painting Effect" was used. Would you be willing to pass along a little more detail? I love the effect and would like to try it on some of my photos, but didn't see anything in Photoshop that would provide the result directly. Is it a special plugin, or a process using multiple standard Photoshop processes?

Thanks for any help you can give.
Amy Lockard 12-Jun-2008 20:23
Hi Tim,
I'm not sure if you will remember me, we use to work for the same company (I was a friend of Traci and Bill's). Photography has become a hobby of mine, and I was looking to upgrade my camera when I remembered all the pictures you used to have in your cubical, and that it was a hobby of yours. If you could spare some advice, I would appreciate it! Right now, I would just be using the camera for my hobby and family stuff but would like something I could advance with. I have a toddler now so a camera that is fast and won't blur the picture would be great. Hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks! Amy
Diane McEntire Vance 19-Feb-2008 19:07
Looking for nice pic of 4th Street Live to use in trailer for romance novel. Saw your pic during a search (the night shot with HRC and Borders showing). Wanted to know if I could use in trailer.
Please email reply
Kevin 10-Oct-2007 13:34
Hi Tim:

Can you tell me where you got your fenderwell intake for your 2006 Grand Prix GXP? I just bought a 2008. Thank you.

Guest 31-Mar-2007 16:22
Hi Tim
thanks for your kind words.
i like your work - u do a great job. i will definately come again!
keep up and keep in touch,
Ohad R
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:36
Some true talent here :)
Fred 17-Oct-2006 17:56
Hi my name is Fred Lauro and I found your site on google while I was searching my last name. I'm really surprised to see another Lauro Family site. I'm trying to start my own website for the Lauro family Tree. We are from Ohio as well which really made it interesting to see your family is from Columbus. My Family is from Akron,Cleveland,Cuyahoga Falls,Silver Lake,Norton and pretty much all over Ohio! Hope to hear back from you in hopes of some family connection. Thanks!
Private21-Apr-2006 17:03
fdstga, please respect my decision. there are plenty of reasons or differences as to why I'm not re-posting them. there are better photos to remember her by, trust me.
fdstga 21-Apr-2006 03:32
To the families involved? I was one of her best friends..youve already posted them once whats the difference...
Tim Lauro 13-Apr-2006 16:53
To those that are inquiring, I will not be sending or posting photos of the accident that I captured. It wouldn't be fair to the families involved. I hope you all understand.
rebecca 10-Apr-2006 04:24
did you still have those pictures of the accident? if you do would you be able to send them to me?
sam 10-Apr-2006 03:08
Just wondering said you had pictures of that head on you still have them? The passenger was my best friend.
Private02-Dec-2004 00:46
well, pbase has been having fits all week and not very reliable I can't really. Most should be under my 10D and 20D galleries. Let me know in a reply if you still can't find them. pbase images aren't coming up for me right now.
Tim Howland 29-Nov-2004 14:21
Hi Tim - followed you here from DPReview. Can you point me to your 75-300IS pictures? Thanks. -Tim Howland (Tim's a great name isn't it.)
Bill 16-Oct-2004 03:58
Nice looking Weim. Do you by any chance belong to the Columbus OH Weim club?
Clayton Jones 27-Jun-2003 02:36
Hello Tim,

I enjoyed your photos very much. I am interested in learning more about the Actions, especially the Hayes Island, I really like it. I have PS7 but have never used actions before. I looked at the list but could not find Hayes Island. I would appreciate it if you could contact me by email and tell me how to find it.

markarts 21-Jun-2003 05:19

I an interested in getting a Canon 10D, right now I have a F717 and really like to talk with someon ewhom has one and as it seems has knowledge and great photo's as you do.

If you get a chance drop me a email so I might send some questions your way which I have.

Take care
Keep up the great stuff... I am impressed!!!

ps.. congrats on the little one, I am also a new dad, ain't it great fun!!!
Terry 08-Jun-2003 02:23
Tamie & Tim
Nicholas is so cute, Can't wait to hold him. Tamie you look great after all that work
You look like a proud mommy. Where is the picture of Dad & Nick????
You guys need to set up the tri-pod & get you all!
Got Nick in my favorite place so I can keep up.
Tim Conver 25-Feb-2003 14:46

You may be surprised to learn that whether the USA formation acft were flying in "object space" or "image space", the contemporary image under discussion is a homage to a real flying event from 1934 at Randolph Field. I'll send you a lo-res scan of an 8 x 10 photograph, complete with official AAF photo numbering, ID, titling, etc. Send me your e-mail and I'll forward.

Tim Conver
Dale 17-Dec-2002 09:34
I followed your review of the DSC-F717 on to your gallery. Great pics BTW! I have a 717 ordered (I'm dying waiting) but was browsing your pictures and was wondering what iNova is? I can't seem to find anything on it online, but the photo effects displayed in your gallery look great. I'm a hard core Photoshop user, but always looking for new tools. Please drop me a note if you get a chance with any info on it you might have about my soon to arrive F717 would be welcomed as well. :)

Dale -