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jOhainie sAmpao 07-Dec-2009 08:40
salam... 2 oL pEpz of of REPLY(sUmbagarugong)
hehehe.. kEep safE:)
Tata Dasmarinas 16-Oct-2009 23:59
Hi Bob!
I've read Jobby Garces' comment. He was my high school classmate in La Salle Iligan before he migrated to the US of A. I am curious about him and whatever he has achieved for himself. Can u give me his email address. Mine is By the way, I'm leaving for the US of A for a much needed relaxation. I'm visiting some friends and it would be nice to meet Jobby too for old time's sake. - Tata Dasmarinas
baby fernandez 19-May-2009 03:35
to bob:

nabasa nako na kaila ka ni ronald palang. long lost friend ko ni ronald. ask lang unta ko email ad niya if ok ra mohatag ka. fernandez family mi na taga cebu city. name iya fren is hobert fernandez. iya ni sister c baby. hope u can reply me sa email ad nako. hope to hear from u. hope u can give me email ad of dr. ronald palang. take care and god bless!
shaimon 09-May-2009 03:13
if u dont mind, from what particular family u r in tugaya? it may happen that we r relatives..
shaimon 09-May-2009 03:10
im wondering wu really u r.. bt i can say that ur the best.. i really appreciated the pictures uve uploaded in ur site.. keep it up.. god bless
aiah 23-Feb-2009 02:47
hey..your so great.beautiful shots.c:
Guest 23-Feb-2009 02:33
hi.i love your know what we have the same surname.hehe.just wondering if we are relatives.c:
mj 17-Nov-2008 01:37
hi!!!!triu magusa.....miss ko na kayo lahat!!!!!!!!
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Bing Wilson 22-Sep-2008 21:20
Hi Bobby,
I wonder if you can post more pictures of Ms.Iligan candidates. I understand they have more pictorials done. I love to see the update. I am from San Diego, USA. Aunt of Candidate # 11.

Bing Wilson
JELLYBEAN 20-Sep-2008 01:34
Ola Bobby,thank you so much for posting different events of Iligan city.I'm so glad that you exist in this world to share your talent to everyone.I live in the states now but originally i'm from Suarez.Every time I get homesick I just open this web and just look at the photos of my feels so good inside my mind and soul.Hey! how are you related to Angelo "Timoy" Timonera?I've known him in college and his wife is a good friend of mine.Kumusta na kya cla? anyway i couldnt thank you enough for what youve done.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR AMAZING FAMILY.
Jonathan Verzosa 16-Sep-2008 21:25
Hi Sir Bobby, I would like to ask your permition to grab the pics of the candidates for Miss Iligan 2008. I hope you will grant my request. Also, just for clarification kindly edit the family name of candidate no. 11 to BAULETE. She texted me just this morning about her concern.

Thank you,
Jonathan Verzosa
bernz 12-Sep-2008 09:26
Bobby, when is our next batch 81 reunion? But really, the views are breath-taking!!!! bisan isa na lang ang agos sa Maria Cristina Falls. The last time i went home, NPC open the dam in full, that's why i got a very beautiful video of the falls. May curfew pa ba hangtod ron?
bernie 12-Sep-2008 09:17
Jobby Garces, how are you amer-iliganon boy? I hope you do still remember me, podoy,vincent uy, eranio, anong vacalares, crisente pelosas to name a few. frank Englis or for short, the MSU-IIT band of Batch 81.Can you still play your sax? Hope we could jam one day before i die. Kana kung kabalo pa ka mobinisaya !! jokes !!!!
bernz 12-Sep-2008 09:10
Bob, unsa man ning ubang pics, puro na man seniors ang naka feature. Abi na lang sa mga taga-gawas, ang mga Iliganon puro pangit ug tigulang na.
roland 31-Aug-2008 12:58
Jobby Garces 18-Jul-2008 02:01
It's been almost 29 years since I left Iligan City and has never been back ever since. I can still speak bisaya fluently. I am enjoying your pictures that are posted here on this website. The photos that I enjoy the most are the ones from IIT High School class of 1981. The faces look familiar but I couldn't remember the names. The picures bring back memories. I was one of your classmate back then before I immigrated here in the United States. I don't know if you still recognize my name. Again, you were talented back then and still is today.

Your Former Classmate
Jobby Garces
Guest 07-Jul-2008 18:46
Hello . . . .! Im so glad to be part of Talakag, The place is so nice and the people are so kind. I was in Talakag last April for 5 days but I comeback directly to London. I really miss all of you! Oreo
green 02-Jul-2008 09:33
Do you cater wedding photography and video production?
Guest 15-Jun-2008 17:25

Nindota sa imong gallery bai... Keep it up... Two thumbs up... Tanan pasaka...
Guest 29-Apr-2008 11:45
hi bob rommel ni
Beat 09-Apr-2008 22:27
Went to Agusan Marsh in October 2007 and spent two days (only!) with outstanding friendly people and experienced a landscape, I did not know something like this exists on earth.
I am looking forward to go there again.
Erich Loser 16-Mar-2008 13:27
Bob, I found your fascinating pictures in an outstanding Swiss magazine named 'ferment' (Ed.3/4,2008)( depicting the growing and harvesting rice in the Phillipines. Congratulations to your great artwork! Erich
inez 10-Mar-2008 16:10
Hi!Im interested to see your photos during the kaamulan festival.
A girl named Eden 07-Mar-2008 08:28
Hi BOb! Thnx 4 taking and posting my pic ha... Dat'Z a nice experience and will remain a history... U rock!
pice 03-Mar-2008 14:35
greetings from PICE-IBC! Really we are so proud of you! We would appreciate if you share your photos especially in our forthcoming MRTS2008 this April24. We are now in the stage of conceptualizing our cover and your help is very welcome. God bless and More Power!
Guest 11-Feb-2008 12:59
hello name is Josephus Emmanuel E. Nadorra, and a proud ILIGANON. Im now working here in Saudi Arabia for 6 years now...when i saw the pictures you have taken about Iligan, i just can't help but cry! Na homesick ko intawon Bob....salamat for the beautiful photos sa atong pinalanggang Iligan og San Miguel...YOU R AN ARTIST! keep it up!
Guest 18-Jan-2008 03:45
abet manuel 18-Jan-2008 03:39
Wisdom! (knowledge + understanding). Sometimes what is real really hurts. . . Guys what you have seen is the real Mindanao, i mean itis the real OTHERSIDE of mindanao. . . just in other place (iraq, iran, US, Cambodia, Vietnam . . . name it and they have the same pictures too. . only they do not have the guts to publish it. . . show on the web) the photogapher BOB, REALLY A photographer. its not a gruesome pix it real. And the world must need to know what is real. . pangit ba ang mga shoots ( i mean BARBARIC)mas maganda ang pangit than nothing to know at all. IPAGPATULOY MO YAN BOB.MABUHAY KA (as you always Say)- TABAK
abet manuel 18-Jan-2008 03:38
Wisdom! (knowledge + understanding). Sometimes what is real really hurts. . . Guys what you have seen is the real Mindanao, i mean itis the real OTHERSIDE of mindanao. . . just in other place (iraq, iran, US, Cambodia, Vietnam . . . name it and they have the same pictures too. . only they do not have the guts to publish it. . . show on the web) the photogapher BOB, REALLY A photographer. its not a gruesome pix it real. And the world must need to know what is real. . pangit ba ang mga shoots ( i mean BARBARIC)mas maganda ang pangit than nothing to know at all. IPAGPATULOY MO YAN BOB.MABUHAY KA (as you always Say)- TABAK
Dinero Lancua 03-Dec-2007 04:57
Hii bob salam to you,as maranao i'm very proud to be a person from tugaya ofcours our product made from tugaya.Whene i was a boy i made also a kabo what we call a galang or limbagan that's made from pandiaranao to lumbac and we all tugaya are very very happy proud we are in the world history not only for us tugaya people but for all maranao.Aya puna puda bantogan o manga taosa ranao na fist a muranawa maka song sa RUSYA MOSCOW na taga tugaya si ALEEM TAHA LANGCUA he was also the first maranao cam to AMSTERDAM HOLLAND and become a leder of maranao in EUROP thank you for all maranao.
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:50
Lovely work. Share more please.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:04
Stellar job! Can I get your signature?
Ariane 13-Dec-2006 19:37
Hi Bob! Very beautiful pictures! I'm proud of you! You're awesome. My bro's name is Bobbie & I've seen he commented here too. Keep up the good job! :)
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Lynie Jamili 20-Nov-2006 18:03
I am looking for a friend Celestial Malefecio(This is her surname before she got married) very best friend of mine in the late 80's. Anyone who knew her to please ask her to get in touch.
jack a. casibual 27-Oct-2006 08:39
ara gid ka ganda saimong mga larawan na imo kid kuha sa mga maanyag na hulagyay sang lugar diin nagpabilin kini ngs buhi, matud subong sang akong mga higala na damo na maayag na gingpicturan mo diin kini gkan...
salamat gid na ara tga iligan na maghatag og bungog sang atong banwa na nagpakita sa iyang abilidad...padayon gid sang imo tahas...mabuhay
Guest 11-Oct-2006 00:55
hi, bob thank you so much for posting the iligan city fiesta celebration all of my friend wants to go to our place to witness the event maybe next year, thanks for the pictures is so really great. carol
Guest 05-Oct-2006 18:02
thank you Bob, i wait for that... carol
Bobby Timonera04-Oct-2006 12:02
Carol, will post my fiesta pictures after the photo contest judging on Saturday. :-) --Bob
carol suarez 03-Oct-2006 16:32
hi, bob i know you but maybe you don't konw me, by the way i'm carol achacoso-suarez i'm in the US now, i just want to see the pictures of fiesta 2006, becaused i really missed it. can you please. thank you
RASOL S. ABBAS 25-Sep-2006 12:03
Hi Bobby,
Isa ako sa mga Tugayans na ngayon a nagtatrabaho sa Jeddah, KSA. na silip ko yong mga collections mo tungkol sa Tugaya art works. Ikatutuwa namin kung or baka makatulung ka pagunlad nito. Alamu sa alam ko parang makalimutan na yong ibang gawain sapagakat karamihan sa amin ay nag migrate na sa ibat ibang probinsya para umasinso sa ibang negosiyo. To gain more Quantity with best quality, matagal ko na pinagisipan paano to ma develope from hand made to machinery works. Ang problima hindi kaya ng Municipio namin ang gastos rito. Marami kaming negosiante na umasenso at may mga professionals pero wala sa libro nila ito. Pero kung matuloy itong proposal ko sigurado ay makakatuluong sa economia ng municipio at segurado yong mga Tugayans na walang gaanong magadandang negosio o trabaho sa ibang lugar ay babalik na para sumali, bukod pa diyan ay makakatulong ito a Tourism section nga Mindanao lalu't lalona sa Lanao del Sur. Pwede tayo humingi ng tulong sa UNESCO? Pleas give us more on this proposal? Thanks & Wassalam Rasol
Ronald Fookson 15-Sep-2006 14:43
hello bob,
nice pictures! kumusta? best regards
Angging Mutia 12-Sep-2006 23:22
Hi Bobby, I sent you an email about two months ago requesting something special. Will you check if you have received it? If not, please let me know by emailing me. Take Care and God Bless!!!
John 16-Aug-2006 18:50
Hi bob, wonderful pictures, especially of iligan. You really capture the essence of the place and its people. The little kindergarten school in iligan would sure be proud if next time you are passing through, you might drop in and take a picture or two of the youngsters learning.

The website is

Keep up the amazing work!
Juvy Jariol Herrero 24-Jul-2006 04:44
Bob kmusta na nag post pod ko comment sa Dahasa nga album sa imong gallery. I went thru your gallery every single one of it. Breath taking gyud kaayo. I'm very vey proud of you! "ILIGANON" gyud.
Jet 21-Jul-2006 04:24
You have excellent photos. It is just unfortunate that some people are using it and claiming it as their own. I hope people learn to respect other peoples work.
Sandra 18-Jul-2006 23:46
Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!
Carl 16-Jul-2006 04:03
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great. 12-Jun-2006 10:02
I'm surprised :). Lilly
Guest 23-May-2006 12:29
Hi BOb,

Thanks kaayo sa mga nindot nimo nga pictures sa iligan,i am very proud to be iliganon!!

Derby England
Guest 13-May-2006 09:10
bob... salamat sa imong ka kugi...nalipay kaayo ko nakita sa imong buhat...labi na sa pictures sa medical assn. ...kumusta na lang sa imong pamilya bay...ronald palang
Guest 19-Apr-2006 10:35
hi bob. i met you last night at jo avila's studio. it was great meeting you, more so that i found out you were the man behind these photos!
your photos tell an awesome tale, whether it be good or bad, the emotions are captured!
best of luck!
rain 06-Apr-2006 20:49
hi sir bob! i'm a journalist-slash-blogger-noob-photographer from iligan. i've been reading your articles in mindanews and in inquirer before. i met you when i was 14, when IDS(msu-iit) held a seminar-workshop on basic and advanced journalism. too bad, i wasn't in iligan when you launched your photo exhibit.

and yep, i goggled your name that's why i got here.*grins*

two thumbs up! idol!

Guest 04-Apr-2006 04:16
Hi. Nice pictures...I especially like the pics of Mindanao...although some may not paint a good picture but the camera doesn't lie...some say it's barbaric but it shows a lot of emotion...nice work
Rey Ramos 03-Apr-2006 13:43
Hi Bob

I just want to know if i can use some of your very nice pictures about iligan city on the net. I'm preparing a site to promote Iligan as one of the most promising cities in the Philippines. But of course your expertise will be acknowledged. Thanks a lot.

Rey 15-Mar-2006 08:19
online directory main
bobbie guzman 09-Mar-2006 10:35
hi bob
tsadah jud kaayo oi i lovbe it so much as in oi
Lino 11-Feb-2006 03:34
Hi Bobby

Came accross your pages while surfing. nice to see pix of colleagues and especially class mates. Nices pix, keep on clicking and more power to you.

Guest 03-Jan-2006 05:31
Sorry for the double post but these are a couple of pix that i have taken lately. thanks again ! i'd apreciate it if a pix gets tip on how to take it better. awe inspiring keep up the good work !
Guest 03-Jan-2006 05:14
Mr Timonera
Sir I am a budding photographer who recently just got a Nikon d70s. I live in California. I'm still learning my camera and the hang of it. Pero taga Cebu sad ko sir born and raised. It gives me a great pleasure and quite a respite whenever i visit your site. I especially liked your work in maranao faces and the lanao one. Keep up the good work ! and keep updating your site.

E. Alinsug
Mayet Tabuan-Palacio 09-Nov-2005 01:42
Hi Bob. I hail from Bayugan but I haven't been to the "Marshland". Nice shots.
Noreen 05-Oct-2005 19:58
My brother Jasper shared your gallery site to me. I really like all your photos, especially the Mindanao Peeks. I mean, I like photos in general. So, no offense to my brother. I was born and raised in Northern Mindanao - Cagayan de Oro City and currently residing in San Diego Ca. May I have your permission to share your gallery to my friends, so they could have a peek of my homeland Mindanao? Thank you very much. God bless and more power.

Noreen L. Llanderal
San Diego, Ca.
JADLEE 17-Sep-2005 03:36
Your works are comparable to those taken by other veteran international photojournalist.
More power to you!
Monaliza 09-Sep-2005 09:01
elow po wow naman musta danda jud mga pics oist nice kayo mingaw na jud ko diha
salamat sa mga pics
god bles u nalang all
Guest 01-Aug-2005 04:13
sir bob, gusto ko mahimong pbase supporter:) unsaon man? wala man koy credit card... pwede ba bank to bank?
Lorie 21-Jul-2005 00:27
I'm kinda bored today so i surf the net, I was about to stop and do something else when i came across your website. I saw the wedding photos as i go on i don't wanna stop co'z all the photos are really great. You are very good in your field, all your photos are really sharp, eye catching and full of life. Iliganons are very talented, and i'm proud to be one. Keep up the good work.

Connie Saludares 15-Jul-2005 02:21
Hello Bob!
those photo are great,i though one of those is my Dad face...hahaha, he loves street dancing for the kaamulan especially in malaybalay,anyway those stuff are amazing,keep the good work and God Bless You!
anne 07-Apr-2005 12:29
Hi Bobby!!!
Thank you for the lovely photos!!!! It makes me feel proud of our Iligan traditions and also of the people there too!!! Pachada kaayo imong mga photos ug makawala sa kamingaw!!!Ibog sab ko kaayo nga naa kay mga fiesta photos. Actually I was there in Iligan last September 2004 for my class reunion (our very first grand SMC HS'65 class reunion after 39 years and my first time to be home in Iligan after 30 years!!!)) and of course the city fiesta. It was quite unforgettable!!! Sadly though, I was unable to take photos 'cuz I lost my camera. Sayang gyud kaayo!!! Anyway, am so glad to see in your website those lovely fiesta photos!!!It brought back the memories of last year's fiesta!!! I don't feel bad anymore nga wala koy photos. I can always visit your site anyway, di ba??? By the way, are you related to Ruben Timonera??? Where is he now and how is he??? obvious ba kaayo ang age???? Hehehe!!! Bye and God bless you and your family!!!
Michael Dolero 31-Mar-2005 04:46
Sir Syke to:) kumusta na? nindot kaayo imong mga pictures! magtigum jud ko para makapalit bisag Canon 300D lang or any EOS camera... meron ako manual na Canon di ko nga alam ang model e... anyways, siguro post din ako ng mga pictures ko dito soon when i get my own pc. hehehe... text text na lang sir! - syke
che miranda 13-Dec-2004 03:14
hi sir bob, i'm really amazed with your shots,fantastic! esp. festivals in Mindanao. Great fan mo na ako ngaun.I used to travel and stay in Mindanao for more than 4yrs, premed ko msu-main, 98 grad, nearest laagan, syempre ur hometown. I learned my first bisaya in msu,baluktot, pero pwede narin.. Laagan gyud ko sir, and i really enjoy my stay there, the old "tinago"' and! and the people,great! I'm promoting Mindanao to my colleagues, i'll invite them to visit ur site.Guess wat? i'm hir in davao, tinakasan muna panandali ang masalimuot na mundo ng kamaynilaan. By the way, i'm practicing in Manila. heto namiss ko,mindanao,laag muna. first love ko tlaga TOURism because of my adventurous nature,pero hindi halata sa personal,hehe, panghospital lang daw beauty ko. i'm also planning to visit ur hometown after christmas to drop meds there, sayang sna may time for medical mission. Hope you can also visit my hometown Palawan in the near future and cover some of the great events there like "Fiesta y ang Kageban" or Fiesta ng Kagubatan and the great sceneries there, you'll surely enjoy it, and don't forget to bring your family with you. Looking forward to witness more of your masterpieces in photo exhibits in Manila. More power!

che MD
Wendy Ramos Garcia 09-Dec-2004 00:47
Hi Mr. Timonera - you are a very talented photo journalist. I just
loved your pictures - so vivid and so Filipino. Made me sit down &
think how beautiful the Philippines is - magnificent views, lovely
people. Thank you. I saved some of them to use as my desktop screen
saver - so my officemates will see what a beautiful country
the Philippines is & its people, even lovelier !

Reuben Timonera Mag-iba 06-Sep-2004 08:22
I come from the clan of Gonzalo Timonera (my great grandpa)
and Venustiano Timonera (grandpa). I'm totally proud of you!
Keep on aiming for excellence! GOD bless you.. always.

Best regards,

Reuben Timonera Mag-iba
Marketing Services Division
Viking Cars, Incorporated
(Authorized Volvo Cars Dealer)
2272 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Direct: + 63 2 757 2948
Trunkline: + 63 2 893 6621 to 22
Telefax: + 63 2 892 1677
jo henry 04-Jun-2004 04:10

hello bobi t!!nice page...gwapo gyud!padayon bay....sana sasabog uli ang mundo at dadami ang lahi mo!galing!gud photos talaga!:-)u!
Roy Baldomero 20-May-2004 10:58
Nostalgic but hopeful. I will be watching your
work,...job well done.
Ed Montalvan 19-May-2004 01:48
Great photos. I hope to be able to use some of them for my newspaper

Ed Montalvan 19-May-2004 01:46
juvy wisdom 09-Apr-2004 15:34

It has been 2 years back again when i have leave a message to your lovely website as it was out of the web for awhile,,,anyway i am glad that you are finally back on the web, as you always feel as if ILIGAN is just a neighbour away from LONDON,,,, again i am very pleased to visit this site back again...

gracias' bobby.

Guest 31-Mar-2004 07:55
saw you at ph-photo yahoo group. i'm glad i visited your pbase. your photos are great. =)
Guest 16-Mar-2004 12:03
I realy like your photos.
Jens 04-Sep-2003 19:11
Hello Bobby,

Now we are back in Germany from our trip to Iligan last August 2003. We are glad to
meet you personaly.
Donna 03-Apr-2003 20:26
your photos are so powerful. Thank's for bringing me to the moment of being at home.

Vancouver, BC
Guest 01-Apr-2003 19:56
Hi Bob,
You have created a great website of our city. Amazing job, it prove that you are such a talented man. Beautiful pictures, I liked them all, but the one that really catches my attention was the picture of Iligan Sunset. It was awesome, so beautiful that I even used it as my wall paper on my desktop. I myself is Iliganon. Mom is Sabayle and Dad is Villanea. I will definitely visit your site and even show it to some of my friends here in San Mateo California-USA . Home is just a click away! Keep it updated. Thank you! Rose
fred 29-Jan-2003 09:53
nice pics bob, so, what made you switch from film to digital? read the stuff in the inquirer. are you still into film?
O'Reza Soco-Tunello 27-Dec-2002 05:30

your pictures are amazing! Its so wonderful to see how creative we Iliganons are. Thanks for bringing us this Christmas season closer to our hearts.
Danny Landayao 02-Dec-2002 20:09
Dear Bob,

Karon ra gyod ko kahigayon pag-browse sa imong pics since the last time I contacted you thru your column in inq7. Remember the guy from Kalilangan, Bukidnon?

The shots are superb. How I wish I could compose one!

More power to your varied talent.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Yen 18-Nov-2002 12:46

You have such an awesome photo's, Iligan looks beautiful specially the Kasadya pix...I myself love to take pix too:)

Have fun taking pix,
Darwin 18-Oct-2002 08:26
Is there any website or discussion group where can I join this group. PH-PHOTO.
Please let me know am interested joining this interest group.
I am currently developing my skill in taking photos.
Abegail Comandao 10-Oct-2002 04:00
Hi. I used to know some people from Camera Club & photography seemed an interesting field. I wasn't able to go to a photography class though.

You have good pictures here. I like the colorful ones of the Iligan Street Dancing collection :)

May you shoot more wonderful pictures that catch our breath away...

Cris 24-Sep-2002 14:46
Hi Bobby,
I found your images very artistic and provocative. Congratulations. I hope to catch your show in Iligan soon.
Ernie Yu 22-Sep-2002 09:32
If not for the wonders in websites, there is no way I can be a part of the throng of spectators to scan the digital beauties of your exhibit. Being into photography myself (have a degree from the NY INstitute of Photography), your photos are beyond amazing. What a stunning visual imprints of the moments. Looking at your entries on photojournalism, I can't control the flow of my own juices. In essence, those moments in time - the thrill, innocence, tranquility, fear - are vividly presented, to the point that I can sense most of everything you saw! Thanks to Charles Sy for advertising your web show. Iliganons, especially LCHS alumni scattered all over the continents will get a pass to your day in the sun.
Charles O. Sy 20-Sep-2002 23:10
Congratulations, Bobby, on your digital photo exhibit! Amazing how you can turn digital photos into great works of art. Touche!
crys 19-Sep-2002 00:45
Dear Bobby,
just wanted to let you know these pictures are really good it is amazing how talented you are keep up the good work...
in case you have forgotten about me this is Crys Bacusmo from North Caolina U.S.A who brought your daughters book from U.S. to Phil. last May...
Nik P.Lim 15-Sep-2002 16:10
Your photo-shoot of Davao's Kadayawan festival is highly aesthetic,wish you could also
capture Davao's other scenic favorites.give my best and regards to Carol A.,Cheers,nik
Bing Lopuz 04-Sep-2002 14:31
Hi Bobby,

I just read the first part of your Digicam article at Now that you have your own digicam, we're eager to see more beautiful pictures of our beloved hometown and neighboring areas, as well as, special events, such as the upcoming Iligan City Fiesta celebration on the 29th of September.

More power to you and God bless!

rommel 26-Aug-2002 02:28
This is nice and inspiring. Hulat lang ka pagdako nako...himo pod ko ani.