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Tasty Orange | profile | all galleries >> Mermaids of Coney Island >> 2005 Coney Island Mermaid Parade tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

2005 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Pier Totem Pole Tatoo Crabstity Belt Contemplating Fuschia Pastie Mermaid Liberal use of Cantelope Treasure Chests
Silver Starfish Pasties Pirate Sarong Trio of Lovely ladies Fishing Pier Vixens P6250259.JPG Svelte and Fair Young Maiden Hemisphere Brassiere
4, 3, 2, 1.... Earth Below Us Beaded Young Beauties Too many hot dogs... or... ? Ukelele Copper Mermaid Meredith Vieira Gives Us A Break Today
Disco Ball Pasties That Mermaid The Architect and the Blonde fly SAS - Or Holy Crap - Look at all those People!!! Beach Blanket Bingo iPod Fishnet Terrier Leopard Bikini
Space Babes from Planet Claire He's Sucking it in. Beached The Tiny Little Bubble That Touched Her Nose Lucy and Ethyl peek a boo
Fishnet Kick Kevlar Bra Angry Bubble Dance 4 x 2 = 8 Not So Shrinking Violets and One Lucky Cowboy Nemo Pistols... You Better Work
Eyelashes la Ciccolina Mermaid Tatoo Pier Parachute Jump Mistress and Servent Railing Mango on a Stick
More Photographers than Mermaids! P6250406.JPG Son looks bored RoseAnne Barr Maid P6250118.JPG Orange Tube Top
Arcade Love, Underwear Fashion and Aluminum Foil Honey, I don't want you to break a nail... let me open that Bud for you Electrolux Maids The guy in the pink T Shirt... was he there just to mess up my shots? Mermaids? or just latest fashions? Why does that lady in the back always look so angry?
Mega Fishnets Earth Below Us Madonna Mermaid the Jelly Fish Girl goes round the outside, round the outside Golden Hearse Girl Boardwalk Police
P6250260.JPG A Princess of some sort Whadya Mean is that my Natural Hair Color? Eeeeew what isss that That's IT... Shoot The Freak..there it is!!! The Boardwalk of Suzy Wong
The Eclectic Swing Captain Camel Coney Island Polar Bear Nipple Orangestock P6250277.JPG Where'd Frankie Go?
Red Haired Mermaid Communicates Via Sea-Mobile Ice Cream Lickers of Mermaid Avenue Gull Wing Mermaid Lobster Bubbles Bust P6250313.JPG
Orange Gina The Fly Blood Red Nail Polish and a Nathan's Hot Dog A Flute Thing Lime Green and Overexposed I aksed him if he was Mick Jagger, but he said No!... I am Siddhartha!
A Cavalier Elvis Hand Kissing Arcade Therapy P6250090crop.jpg Red Tube Top and Gold Pants Brooklyn Imperial LeBaron Poster Paint
Beer on the Boardwalk Patriot Missile This time, the sailor's not the one with the tatoos P6250192.JPG P6250484.JPG The Law of the Seas
Ugghhhh... I'm Gonna Smurf P6250325crop.jpg P6250492.JPG Giant Rice Paddy Alien Vauum Cleaner Sphere Vietnamese Rice Paddy Vacuum Cleaner Alien Girl Devas
Quick Arcade Dance P6250107crop.jpg Italian Ice Babes Miss Purple Bikini Beach Ball Painted Poodle P6250174crop.jpg
Take my Picture Pink Umbrella and Pink Beer Gut Uncle Sam and Aunt Topless Yellow Beard Pink Umbrella Girl Harmonica
Clam Shell Castanets Fishing Pier Romance Parade Watchers Drummer Girl That is Just Wrong Pink Umbrella
Jellyfish Girl Not all things in life are pretty ˇYo Quiero Poland Spring! Frankfurter Crowd Big Camera Billionaires for Bush
Shake it like a Polaroid Picture Muscle Man on a Motorcycle Money Fan Shit Head Crab Boy The Little Blue Lamb and the Pentax
Rocket Abs Smooches on the Water Astro Abs Fishy Fashion Like My Skull on a Stick? Surf Avenue Men in Blue
Geisha Powder Leis and Shades Captain Puffyshirt and Miss Yellowlash Dunk the Creep A Vertical Shot P6250255.JPG
Lobster Hat Virgin Mary Tattoo Safe Fishing Blonde and Blonder Captain Long Hair Banana Hat
Trumpet and Cymbals P6250336.JPG P6250463.JPG
US Army Recruiting P6250150.JPG P6250201.JPG