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Old Changi Hospital

22 March 2005.

I love seeking out old places in S'pore, where the scarcity of land and rapid development often means the destruction of the old to make way for the new. I've been to the ghost town of Neo Tiew, abandoned flats along Tiong Bahru road and old zinc-roofed houses along Jurong Road. Some weeks back, I put up a post on photo-community website regarding organising a photoshoot outing to Old Changi Hospital. Truth be told, I wanted some company because I've never been to Changi Hospital before. Well, not since almost 20 years ago, when I was probably about 5 years old. Memories are faint. The only thing I can remember about the place was seeing bloodstains on the mosaic-tiled floor. There's a lot of history about the place, and a lot more stories that are, well, not very pleasant to hear. Then there were other factors like druggies, security guards and wild dogs.

Yup, I'm chickens**t.

Some readers responded and expressed interest, but none could make it today. So had to postpone. However, a good friend was celebrating his birthday at one of the nearby holiday bungalows (which some also say, have a "past"), so I thought, heck it, since I'm in the neighbourhood anyway... The temptation was too great for me to resist. I had to check it out, even if it meant going alone.

I surveyed the outer perimeter first. Then explored the outer rooms. Man, I did want to chicken out a few times, but my legs kept willing me to go forward. What's up the stairs? What's behind that door? What's around the corner? What's at the end of the corridor? It was all quiet, except for the rustling of leaves. At times, a gentle breeze would waft through the corridors, and butterflies would flutter about. I tried not to think too much that some people see butterflies as a symbol of death. Some parts of the complex were actually so dark you couldn't see anything, not even in broad daylight. Good thing I brought along my Maglight. And a monopod. For self defence. :p

Thus, here are some of the images I've captured. This is probably the s-man's best solo adventure yet!

And boy, what a rush it was.

(Mosquitoes were brutal though. I bet they were trained at the commando camp just across the road.)

If you listen intently and look carefully, you might just be able to hear, feel and smell what it must've been like there some 60-odd years ago...
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