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Patras Carnival 2008 - Πατρινό Καρναβάλι 2008

The Patras Carnival, Patrino karnavali is the largest event of its kind in Greece and the biggest in Europe. It has more than 160 years of history. The events begin on 17 January and last up to Clean Monday. The carnival of Patras is not a single event but a variety of events that includes balls, parades, hunting of hidden treasure, kids carnival etc. Its apogee is in the last weekend of Carnival with the Saturday evening parade of carnival groups, the extravagant Sunday parade of floats and groups, and finally the ritual burning of king carnival at the St. Nikolaos Street wharf in the harbour of Patras. Its characteristics are spontaneity, improvisation, inspiration and volunteerism.

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Και φυσικά όποιος "τυχερός" αναγνωρίσει τον εαυτό του, ένα μήνυμα και με χαρά θα του στείλω τις φωτό!!!

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