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Return to the Northwest

The Lamp tree Yacht Rock Wintery Fogtography
Fog tickling treetops Where there's smoke, there's pink light Wildflowers bask in the warm glow of the smoky sun g12/75/283775/3/172531114.zYFiMFVh.jpg
Whatcom Falls Fiery rust Weeping color The old Stone bridge
From nowhere to nowhere The big reveal Dreaming of summertime already! Mountain tapestry
Holey Clouds! g12/75/283775/3/172023962.eWpE4dds.jpg All the colors on the paint pallette What's left?
Winter persists on Mt. Baker Rows of Sunshine Snow Cauldron Rremnant from the past
Tracking the skiers Upwards drift Fog-shrouded mountaintops Winter in July
Tis the season for fog! 5 Prong Storm grandmother's house we go! Passing through
Sun Block Shakey Crossing Little Boxes Mysterious fog in the forest
Downtown Rocket Red sky at night... Cloud Collision Blue Heron
Silent fog crept in on tiny feet... In a somber mood A simple town Out of the shadows
Rainier Reigns over Seattle Ascension The landing Branch by branch
On Golden Slough Fog The old stone bridge Sundown at the wharf
HomesNOW...for now And baby makes three...or four Rainy ride Solitude
Low tide abstract Last light Lake Whatcom wakes up A snowy night
Window into winter A corny good time A child bedazzled The payoff
Deer Crossing Beachcombing Dance of the sugarplum Christmas trees Forest arch
Mossy trees Round Barn Autumn Fog Display colors of autumn
Pumpkin Powered The falls at Fintry Provincial Park Apple Orchard Almost hidden
How to brighten a dull day Spotted Lake Kingfisher on his throne Fragrant ride
g10/75/283775/3/168046263.gOznBrVk.jpg Missing you g10/75/283775/3/167995474.LvFt5i4C.jpg Round Trip
Jump for joy! The silent treatment Vacation here we come! Storm
In a land of make believe... Out of dust This land below Rising above it all
Tears of glass The hills are alive! a tree's view Above the dusty trail
Lucky start Terrible Tilly Light at last Angry Sea
Happy Daffies g10/75/283775/3/167038437.4gFwMzMD.jpg Balcony Rocker Frozen
Frost Forest Preserved in ice Lifting fog at the end of the day To grandmother's house we go!
Mountaintop ridge Wind dance I Love Frost! Bird Storm
Too young to die? Almost silent g10/75/283775/3/166114001.O1D7BnEO.jpg Home and alone
I wonder... Roots g10/75/283775/3/166040148.pEjWqPmV.jpg Upside down sunset
Sit and sniff awhile Last minute light First night, last light g10/75/283775/3/165932533.nDCLrTnx.jpg
Along the dusty trail Hang on! Hide and Seek! Fields of gold
Divided Lands Joyride under the stars The blue and pink hour A road less traveled
g10/75/283775/3/165650290.rpeWEiQB.jpg Lost in the hills Rain Circles Splash Crashers
A delicate balance Spring waterfall Broad color strokes a sea of Red
Garden of Eden It' still winter up there Daffodil farm It's a stretch!
On track Coy Brokedown barn Snow Quilt
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! g10/75/283775/3/165029177.D9yij5og.jpg The Lightcatcher A moment in flight
Snow Day! Lost g9/75/283775/3/164794507.cEo9aAOJ.jpg Cross my heart
Remnants g9/75/283775/3/164754743.NdkbIPcQ.jpg Silent Night Merry Christmas, Pbase!
Icicle steps O Christmas tree... Sometimes you need a little silly It's starting to look a lot like winter!
Sun's path Moss curtain g9/75/283775/3/164483013.VDvKb689.jpg g9/75/283775/3/164471539.YrTdWJZd.jpg
Salish Dancer on the lake Cascadian color Early start Where to hide your beer
g9/75/283775/3/164372097.AoiZRsY9.jpg g9/75/283775/3/164360389.Put5dkwV.jpg g9/75/283775/3/164332781.zbmOEAD3.jpg g9/75/283775/3/164324667.BuwycW9w.jpg
 Point of View g9/75/283775/3/164291122.3JVEwB1u.jpg We were here g9/75/283775/3/164233309.W5exMq0v.jpg
g9/75/283775/3/164227539.cO9WZr0x.jpg g9/75/283775/3/164222322.ti1xsUlb.jpg g9/75/283775/3/164216457.yJlkQyRx.jpg Spotlight on fall color
Pretty as a... Hanging from the clouds Floating in the sky Diablo Lake by night
Passing clouds over Diablo Lake Popeye Breach at contact! g9/75/283775/3/163812007.afkSeDhx.jpg
Picture of Picture Lake g9/75/283775/3/163779584.PGieQ5mK.jpg Apres ski A wake
Snow in July g9/75/283775/3/163738048.itwOjlvK.jpg Hello g9/75/283775/3/163719679.WgRfPtXz.jpg
Blue Heron emerges g9/75/283775/3/163653540.i5UDc0wp.jpg Contemplative Waiting...
An imperfect world Heron hideout Floating in the sky Row teams evening practice
Bridge over troubled waters 4 blue herons Floating Sunset Girls
Red light green light By the dawn's early light g9/75/283775/3/163026177.nw289xLo.jpg Final product
There was a crooked road... No cars! Kickin' up dust March of the tulip peepers
Drinking in the setting sun Field protection A sea of yellow Get yer tulips!
To market For you g9/75/283775/3/162845799.WRedhhLT.jpg Smiles right back at you!
g9/75/283775/3/162831926.yrUlP3dI.jpg I bow to Spring Big sunny smiles! g9/75/283775/3/162789513.TfZxyN85.jpg
g9/75/283775/3/162769642.2Ju8xGZv.jpg Day is done Twogether Put on your happy face!
Facial scrub Who's ready for Spring?? g9/75/283775/3/162645888.bWiXMbGS.jpg Dam selfies!
g9/75/283775/3/162609302.kcaa0Jfe.jpg Flood stage The storm clears Flooded fields
Old heritage barn Sanctuary g9/75/283775/3/162537181.GE6OF7pU.jpg Stillness
Junk food diet Don't look down! g9/75/283775/3/162403692.ERjj6jV0.jpg Wave Watcher
Winter hideaway The colors of dawn g9/75/283775/3/162345099.847gnrFD.jpg Bridge to more snow
g9/75/283775/3/162324521.AEp2wA3K.jpg g9/75/283775/3/162318027.foVqBA2l.jpg Out my window Fishing
g9/75/283775/3/162253246.yFGxWhYY.jpg Sun-warmed moss Winter Wonderland g9/75/283775/3/162211342.Et6N0qsR.jpg