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Luko G.-R.17-Jun-2010 10:04
Inspiring photos, as well as projects as a whole. I particularly liked the energy of the photos and the way you displayed your speaker corner's project, where I could almost hear the cacophonia of all the speakers rambling about their own obsessions.
an nguyen18-Apr-2010 01:01
Your work has a great deal of inspiring others.
I admire the Master of Street Photography.
anne nguyen
Arjayphotography23-Mar-2010 23:18
Dude, your street work really is showing crazy maturity man!! Hope you don't think i'm being flippant, but there are some real Meyerowitz like shots in your Oxford st gallery :-) Like this one -

Keep pushing........
katjas22-Mar-2010 09:30
Hi Stu, I love your work. You really have developped your own style - not so often found here on pbase. Good luck, Katja
Mark Robinson04-Mar-2010 11:40
One of the best galleries on pbase without any doubt. Also been looking at your blog - I will now be a regular reader. You have also given me the desire to get back to "simple" black and white images. And I mean simple in a positive (or should I have said uncluttered) way. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to look at your photography, it has been an inspiration.
Stephen Southern25-Feb-2010 17:45
Beautiful images. I've only been to London once (so far), but your London images take me back. Thank you.
Skyspaced16-Sep-2009 10:48
Hello Stu,

Excellent work. I just added you to my fav list, I had to.
Guest 25-Aug-2009 16:47
Hi :)
I'm really impresed by your work! I especially like gallery no. three!
Very inspiring!
Jean-Claude Liehn26-Jun-2009 04:33
One of the best galleries arrangement on Pbase. I love this clean style. And each picture is also a very nice work. Only high quality. Jean-Claude
Gonzalo Garcia de Viedma21-Jun-2009 08:42
Great work Stu. Inspiring.
Foto:Chemistry17-Jun-2009 14:54
wow :)!
Guest 19-Apr-2009 20:45
Just keep coming back to your B/W shots. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks
Chris Sofopoulos24-Mar-2009 21:35
I saw your link from AnnLT and I explored a little some photos of you. They are amazing! Almost immediately I put you in my list of favourites. You are a very good and talented photographer!
Guest 31-Dec-2008 23:23
Great Galleries
Guest 06-Nov-2008 11:54
Hello Stu,

Very intense photo's you have..and very good vision! Didn't have time to see all yet..but i'll be back for sure!

Gabor S06-Nov-2008 02:32

thanks a lot for nice comments and having visited my galleries.


Guest 01-Jul-2008 13:11
Dear Give Bot:-) your creativity has reached a new level in recent months,Its inspirational,artistic,interesting and well thought out.That Stu bloke was a bit Dodgy.Keep up the good work my friend. Dea
Scott 26-Apr-2008 09:57
Stu, I think your photos are interesting. Come and participate in my photography forum:

BleuEvanescence25-Mar-2008 14:08
TU es invité(e)(pas obligé) à la 4e édition du Challenge PBase...
YOU are invited (no obligation) to the 4th Edition of the PBase challenge...
Guest 20-Mar-2008 22:09
Hi Stu

Fantastic gallery..refreshing style...will def be back to see more

Clyne19-Mar-2008 14:14
Stu, thanks for your comment on my Vientiane gallery last week - glad you liked it.
Stefan Schmitz21-Feb-2008 22:55
I just came across your galleries and was very impressed, Stu. I added you to my favs and will keep in touch. Stefan
Guest 31-Oct-2007 17:30
Thanks for the visit to my gallery. You have some cool iamges yourself, keep up the work
Guest 23-Sep-2007 23:30
Stu, you make me SICK. Sick in the stomach.


Because your shots are just damn gorgeous, and you make me feel guilty for not going out with my camera more.

Top Gallery !!!

Guest 14-Sep-2007 14:04
It was tough to find an image I thought I could improve. Very nice work. Davy
Guest 28-Aug-2007 22:35
Stu, some real gems in your photo collection. I liked a lot what you said on the other website: "(...)but it's only in the last two years that I have started to deliberately leave people's heads out of the frame as opposed to doing it accidentally(...)". I do know what you meant! I added you to my favs, cheers, Tom
Barry S Moore19-Aug-2007 09:32
An interesting collection of images. I enjoyed a brief visit today and will return.

Cheers Barry
Guest 16-May-2007 13:32
great work nice style
Guest 23-Jan-2007 15:07
Beautiful galleries Stu....I am soo happy I landed on your galleries.. You are very talented and I have now added you to my fav artists list so I can check back often.. Thank You for sharing...And please feel free to drop by!
Guest 06-Jan-2007 21:23
great gallery. keep up the good work
Massimiliano Farinetti16-Oct-2006 19:26
Dear Stu, thanks for nice comment
Please visit my web site
Jan Koster14-Oct-2006 23:56
I really enjoyed your wonderful galleries!
Rosie Herbert Photography02-Sep-2006 19:58
Hi Stu - i really enjoyed your galleries, especially London and graffiti. You have a great eye for both colour and unusual angles. Rosie
type02-Sep-2006 19:39
Really enjoy your work, Stu. You have a cool street style with an eye for quirk and detail.
jaac12-Aug-2006 22:17
Stu thx for the comments, much appreciated :-)

You have some exciting galleries here, not had much time to browse but have added you to my faves for a quick link back... i always forget where i've been on PBase and miss all the good galleris i find, anyway your added :-)


Kilkenny Photographic Society07-Aug-2006 23:29
Hi Stu,thanks for a visit and interesting comment,cheers!!!U have a lovely images!!!!PP
Guest 17-Jul-2006 12:11

Your images are truly magnificent.

Fantastic colours and composition. Congratulations!

Best Regards

Tad Janocinski Australia
Nelda 16-Jul-2006 21:20
I see you liked may country. Thank you for your works!!
Nelda 16-Jul-2006 21:13
I am from Latvia and I very so much your works!!!!Thank you for this works and thank you
so you love my country!!!Latvia is beautifool I think too!
Guest 12-Jul-2006 23:36
Thanks for stopping by My PaD and taking time to comment. I've also enjoyed browsing your galleries as a result of swinging by your place ... you've some great stuff. Cheers.
Guest 05-Jul-2006 07:18
Yes, I do! (like your pictures)

Serena Bowles28-Jun-2006 09:25
Thanks for visiting my Dungeness gallery . I've uploaded a few more pictures now. You're right about that "end of the world" feel - it's a funy old place, and well worth a visit.

You've got some nice pictures here - I like the London colour gallery. I'll have to get up that way with my camera.

AL26-Jun-2006 02:49
Yes, I'm back :-) Thanks again for following my new traveller gallery. You too, keep posting!
Ade Clarke 16-Jun-2006 08:41
Terrific work here! And in answer to your question about my "building" shot - it is indeed the New Rolls Building off Fetter Lane...
AL18-Apr-2006 14:48
Thanks for your kind comment on my "the forgotten" gallery. Glad to find my way here and discover your works. Hope to see more from you :)
Alex18-Nov-2005 21:43
Thanks for sharing your photos, looks like you had a great time, you have some nice shots. The ones of Laos really brought back some memories, if I had the money I'd move out there! Thanks again. Alex.