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12/15/2020 3rd Alarm Hingham MA

12/15/2020 - HINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS (PLYMOUTH COUNTY) - Around 1300 hours on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 15, 2020 the Hingham Fire Department responded to a reported house fire at 392 Main Street. When companies arrived, they encountered heavy fire showing from the 3-story wood framed single family house. A working fire was ordered and first due companies made an aggressive push through the front door while heavy fire poured out of the front of the home. Shortly after the working fire, a second alarm was requested. Firefighters worked quickly and aggressively to knock down the heavy fire which was rapidly spreading through the old home. Multiple hand lines were placed into operation, both on the interior and the exterior of the building. A third alarm was struck approximately 30-minutes into the fire on Route-228. Mutual aid companies from Braintree, Hull, Norwell, Rockland, and Weymouth all worked on the scene. The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services sent their rehab to the scene, along with the Boston Spark Association rehab unit. The Red Cross was on-scene assisting residents as well as firefighters. While no injuries were reported, the family of five was left homeless following the blaze. The reportedly recently renovated house, which was built in 1861, was worth an estimated $2.6 million. Initial causes of the blaze is believed to be a space heater.

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