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08/11/2023 4th Alarm Brockton MA

08/11/2023 - BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS (PLYMOUTH COUNTY) - Around 1830 hours on the evening of Friday, August 11, 2023 the Brockton Fire Department struck their Box-4223 for a reported building fire in the area of East Ashland Street & North Cary Street. Responding companies reported heavy smoke showing from a distance. Companies arrived and reported a 1-story block commercial property with heavy fire in the rear of the building. A second alarm was transmitted shortly after the companies arrived on-scene. Multiple big lines were stretched and put into operation to the rear of the building. Engine-4's deck gun was operating at the rear of the building. Companies encountered heavy fire conditions in the rear of the building, with extension to tractor trailers which were against the building. Around 1900 hours, a third alarm was struck, in addition to a Tier-1 hazardous materials response by the State Hazardous Materials Team. Crews worked through heavy fire conditions, as well as hot and humid weather battling the stubborn blaze. Nearly an hour after the third alarm was transmitted, a fourth alarm was requested for manpower.

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