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03/20/2021 W/F Whitman MA

03/20/2021 - WHITMAN, MASSACHUSETTS (PLYMOUTH COUNTY) - Around 2230 hours on the evening of Saturday, March 20, 2021 the Whitman Fire Department responded to a central station alarm of fire at Auto-Tec at 1125 Bedford Street. Engine-243, Engine-242 and Car-3 responded. Companies arrived to find smoke showing and sprinkler activation from a large commercial garage. Abington Tower-1 was requested to the scene, due to Whitman's ladder being out of service. A working fire was requested shortly after arrival, as heavy black smoke was showing from the rear and a vent on the D-side of the building. Crews made entry on the D-side with a hand line and attempted to find the fire. Crews eventually found a truck fire inside the building. Sprinklers and the hand line were able to knock down the heavy fire, and crews backed out to gain better access to the vehicle. Firefighters opened up two of the bay doors with K-12 saws to gain access to the fire. Mutual aid from Hanson, and Abington worked on-scene with a Halifax ambulance for stand-by. East Bridgewater sent an engine to cover Whitman's firehouse. The fire was knocked down within 30-minutes. Companies remained on-scene overhauling and investigating the cause of the vehicle fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but not considered to be suspicious.

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