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02/13/2019 5th Alarm Whitman MA

02/13/2019 - WHITMAN, MASSACHUSETTS (PLYMOUTH COUNTY) - At 1949 hours on the evening of Wednesday, February 13, 2019 the Whitman Fire Department was alerted to a reported fire in a second floor apartment at 316 Commercial Street. A box was struck with Engine-243, Ladder-246 and Car-3 responding. Deputy Chief Joe Feeney arrived moments later and reported smoke showing, and he requested a working fire. Moments later a second alarm was requested as fire was showing from the B-side of the large, six-family, two and a half story wood framed dwelling. Mutual aid companies responded to the scene and were immediately put to work. Interior crews noted heavy fire conditions on the second floor, with fire venting out of the B and C sides of the building. With the fire conditions deteriorating, and all occupants reported to be outside of the building, all companies were pulled out the building and defensive operations were initiated. Large diameter hand lines were stretched to each side of the dwelling, and put into operation. Whitman Ladder-246 and Brockton Ladder-1 put vent holes on opposite ends of the roof line and ladder pipes were later put into operation from both trucks. As heavy fire conditions continued to rage inside the building, additional alarms were ordered. The fire eventually went to five alarms, struck at approximately 2125 hours. Fifth alarm companies were staged on Colebrook Boulevard at the intersection of South Avenue. Approximately 15-area fire departments from two counties responded to the blaze, with approximately 80-firefighters to eventually knock down the fire. The fire was contained to the building at 316-318 Commercial Street, and did not extend to any of the nearby homes. Heavy fire conditions were reported to be knocked down at approximately 2130 hours. At least 12-residents of the building were assisted by the American Red Cross. Some were able to return the following day to retrieve their personal belongings, before the building was demolished. In addition to the numerous fire departments on the scene, the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, Boston Sparks Association Rehab A-10, and the Whitman CERT Rehab assisted on-scene with rehab of firefighters. While the fire remains under investigation, the fire is not believed to be suspicious. The Massachusetts State Fire Marshal's Office was notified and members of the Massachusetts State Police Arson Unit was on the scene assisting with investigation. No firefighters were reported to be injured on the scene.

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