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Barbara Hull-Chan 30-Jul-2010 16:21
Your photographs are amazing and stunningly beautiful, thank you for making them available to everyone.

Barbara Anne Hull-Chan
Uwe Thuss 02-Mar-2010 23:22
Great photos bringing good memories in my mind from mz trips to USA.

This zear in may I'll do an other one, to Utah and Salt Lake City.
I checked Lumix GH1 in Germany but the price was unbelievible (1900 - 2000 $)
Do you have any idea where to buy it in Salt Lake City?

Best regards, Uwe, Wuppertal, Germany
Amanda Powley 27-Nov-2009 21:06
Hi Stephen,
Gorgeous photos! I'm a teacher in Edmonton and am wondering if you ever give permission/charge for use of your images. I would love to use a copy of your pictograph photo from Writing On Stone Provincial Park as part of my work with grade 4 students. I'm putting together resources for an Aboriginal unit. Please let me know if this can be arranged.

Thanks kindly. I look forward to viewing more of your stunning work.

ngeowchin 12-Nov-2009 03:25
You are a pro judging from your gallery here.

I hv a m 4/3 LUMIX g1 and also CZ lens Contax G1 camera.
What is best adaptor I can buy in market to use CZ lens?
I hv the hologon 16mm f8 lens which I would like to use on my Lumix G1. Would there be vignetting?? Thank you for any advice.
Guest 26-Jun-2009 07:46
Nice Galleries
Tien Pham 19-Jul-2008 01:05
Dear Stephen,

I visited your website before and now came back to view the most updated photos. They are wonderful!

tien pham
Guest 17-Jun-2008 16:32
Mr. Lau,

I'm fascinated by your array of work. Not only do you have quanitity, but have quality. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Happy shooting.
michelle de kuijer 07-Apr-2008 11:28
Hi Stephen, Your photo galleries really impressed me! I would apprecaite it if you could contact me regarding using one of your photos (Alligator Farm 07-APR24-0214.jpg) as a print on canvas in my living room. Is it possible to get permission from you for this purpose? Please email me at to discuss this further.

Thank you.
Michelle de Kuijer
The Netherlands
Jan Weld 27-Dec-2007 18:13
Totally outstanding shots. You have really captured the birds so well. I would like to try photograph some and would like to go to Florida but I don't know when is the best time. I think Venice and the Aligator farm would be the best places to go. Do you ever lead workshops or could you tell me when the best time to see these magificent birds? I am really taken with the interaction between parent and offspring. I appreciate any help you could give me. Your talent ane expertise is just unbelivible. Please help
LALIQUE 14-Dec-2007 17:57
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:35
One of the best photo collections here.
Guest 28-Apr-2007 06:02
Great Gallery
Guest 08-Mar-2007 09:07
Stunning work.
Glen 12-Nov-2006 14:33
in that last post I meant "Stephen Lau" not "Stephen Law"
Glen Bastien 12-Nov-2006 14:32
Hello Steve,

did you go to the University of Alberta Law School? I recall a Stepehen Law who took very interesting pictures of food at the various restaurants he visited, and remodeled a modest little hole in the wall type of condo into something that looked like it came out out of a before and after edition of Architectual Digest Magazine or Home and Garden Magazine. Since visitors on this site indicate that you live in Edmonton I suspect you are one and the same. Well from these images, Steve, it looks like you may have wasted valuable time at law school rather than trekking the world and building an amazing portfolia and experience as a freelance photographer.

Take Care 04-Jun-2006 12:48
Looked through your site. Good work! Ken.
Guest 03-Apr-2006 22:18
Hi Stephen - I live on Vancouver Island in Errington and love your photos. You were most likely up north - Tofino and Uculet area for some of your awesome shots. This is only April 3rd, so I look forward to seeing more.
Guest 07-Jan-2006 21:06
I was doing a search on Bosque del Apache and I came across you galleries. You have some amazing wildlife photos here. Thanks for sharing. Care to tell me where in bosque you spotted the coyotes? I'm going there in a week and hope to get some coyote photos along with cranes and snow geese. Thanks again for posting.

Qingsong Liu 29-Jul-2005 04:09
I am very much impressed by your pictures, they make me believe that you are way beyond amateur. Probably you are too generous from calling yourself professional, or you have never think about living on this skill.

I do not have the standing to make comments on your excellent work.
Thanks for sharing your works with the public.

Qingsong Liu
John McKenzie 14-Jan-2005 04:25
Stephen: Your photos are most impressive. I would apprecaite it if you could contact me regarding using one of your photos of Calgary as a backdrop for something I am working on. It would be most appreciated if you could provide me premission to use the image. Please email me at to discuss this further.

Thank you.
John McKenzie
Greg Cook 22-Dec-2004 00:37
Your bird pictures at Bosque Del Apache are amazing. Some of the Sand hill cranes seem to glow! How did you ever get the photo of the coyote? You are a brillant photographer who knows how to get the right exposure in the most difficult situations. I really appreciate your help and assistance.
Candy 21-Dec-2004 16:41
Hi Stephen:
It's been a very long time since I've seen you. Marney just sent me your pictures and I think they are absolutely breathtaking. You are so talented!!! I still have the picture of Calgary you gave me when I left Alberta and I had it above my fireplace for years. I'll always treasure it. Best of luck!!
Marney 12-Dec-2004 21:11
Dear Stephen:

I am in such awe of your pictures. You are an incredible photographer, and I'm thrilled that I will be able to have your talent on my walls in the mountians. So hard to decide on the best of the best! I am very honoured to be a friend of yours.

See you soon!
Milena 03-Dec-2004 14:08
I admire your work, and what I like the most in your photos is that they don't simply show your technical skills with the camera - they also make a person feel the place where the photo was taken, they represent many different moods and emotions.

That is why I'd like to ask you for your permission to use one of your photos in the design of the Official Bulgarian Jet Li Fan Site. This is the Bulgarian branch of the official international Jet Li site ( The goal of this site is to introduce the art of martial arts and the philosophy of the East to people from all over the world.

This is really just volunteer work and so if you decide to give your permission I wouldn't be able to pay for using your art in the site. No matter what your answer might be, I wish you to continue making more of your beautiful photos!

Stephen Lau01-Nov-2004 08:30
Thank you Andrew for your kind words. So far, I only have plan for a one week birdind in New Mexico around mid November. Of course I will continue to shoot in the Banff area whenever I can.
Andrew Ng 22-Oct-2004 18:52
I am living in Alberta,too.
I can see you got most of the beauty in Alberta into you photos.
So where you plan to go in this winter for photo?

Any way, I like your birds picture most.
Guest 07-Oct-2004 03:35
Thanks for the lens advice, Stephen, on Fredmiranda. I am really impressed by your collection of beautiful images. I love to shoot more birds in the future when I have my 100-400.
Michael Tan 01-Mar-2004 18:45

My son wants to use a picture of a bald eagle against a blue sky background and you a picture as close to what he wants as he can get. May we have permission to use it, please? He will be delighted. It will be used on a background for a poem he wrote for a school project. He's in the fourth grade. Thank you so much.
Zane Paxton06-Jan-2004 19:39
A most gorgeous body of work, a visual feast!
Guest 02-Nov-2003 05:54
i really like your pictures in the fall 2003 gallery (of calgary and area). the colors are really beautiful!
tgriffen05-Sep-2003 07:26
Stephen, you have an incredible eye, and your skill both in the field and in the digital darkroom are inspiring. I am impressed by your ability to control contrast and shadow detail in difficult subjects, like that in 7031232 (Lk Vermilion H.jpg). It is perfect.
Sheila Smart25-Aug-2003 04:06
Hi Stephen

Thanks for your comments on my Candid gallery. I don't have a problem taking candid snaps with my 300 as most folk don't realise how close you can get with the lens. I rarely get anyone looking directly at the camera in any event. You will love the 300 - its the lens I always reach for first! The second is the brilliant 70-200 f/4 which has a little less reach but more versatile in many respects. Now I will have a look at your gallery.

ofer ashel21-Jun-2003 21:51
i just looked at your pictures and they are wonderfull
Tong 12-Jan-2003 21:16
Good job.
Dave S 08-Sep-2002 19:25

Followed your link from Bryan's forum and I am overwhelmed with your beautiful pictures. It is a wonderful example of what can be done by an excellent photographer with a great digital camera. Many thanks.

Dave S
Ned Lemoine 21-Jun-2002 17:15
Stephen, I just viewed some of your images shot with the Minolta Dimage 7 and was greatly impressed, both with your photographic abilities and the capabilities of the camera itself. I am an experienced film shooter (35, medium, and large formats) and will be purchasing my first digital camera in the immediate future. I will be shooting mostly scenics, cultural/travel documentation, portraits (available light and flash setups) and some macro photography. I shoot both color and B/W. I was wondering whether you could give me some guidance on selecting a suitable digital camera. I am considering the purchase of one of these three models: Minolta Dimage 7i, Olympus E-20N, and Canon EOS D-60, but am leaning toward the Minolta. The Olympus is a sturdy 5MP model, fairly hefty, with considerable capability but shutter speed above 640, I believe, is limited to about 3 MP if I'm not mistaken, and the lens is not as wide as the 28mm of the Minolta. The Canon is an awesome interchangeable lens 6.3MP model, but has a 1.6x lens conversion factor (ie. an 18mm lens would convert to about a 28mm lens in this camera) which is somewhat of a drawback.

Primary concerns in the selection process are: overall camera capabilities, ease of use, image resolution, B&W capability, macro capability, and outstanding print images (which judging from your images here is excellent). Are you satisified with the B&W capability of the Dimage 7? Also, which printer do you use/recommend?

I will get back into your site in a couple of days when I have more time available to devote to the viewing/studying of your images, as they properly deserve.

Would appreciate any comments/recommendations you might have.

Ned Lemoine
neil r bedner 10-Dec-2001 22:38
I purchased the Minolta Dimage 7 approximately one month ago and I am l00%+ satisfied with its capabilities. I am a complete novice to digital photography and not much better with my SLR, but I want to tell you, I took some pictures in my home of Christmas cactus (macro setting) and you would have thought Anzel Adams took them. Your pictures are superb! I never thought photography could be this much fun! Thank you for your insight!
Stephen Lau18-Oct-2001 05:57
Thank you for your kind words. I am just learning photogrpahy and the D7 like everyone else. No, I am not a professional but I did shoot side-by-side with pros on some trips. I have been serious about photography about 20 years, since I took my son's first picture with a Rollieflex 2.8 TLR 6X6 camera. I have been using medium format cameras since then. Have fallen in love with black and white film photography 7 years ago and have been almost shooting nothing but b/w. I have my own b/w darkroom and did all my own processing and printing. Ansel Adams and Brett Weston are two of my biggest inspirations. I bought my first digital camera, the Olympus 2500L, two years ago. It is still a very good camera for a two years old and helped me to get my feet wet in digital imaging. I also do video editing too with my Hi8 and DV camcorders. I found that the stills and video kind of go hand-in-hand.

The D7 is a very fun and versatile camera and I have been lucky to be able to get a good handle of it very quickly. The life of photography is so much easier with the D7. Now, I just carry a backpack type of camera bag when I go into the mountains, instead of feeling like a pack horse with the medium format gears. The D7 encourages me to try more different (in subject matter) shots, which I would not take with the medium format cameras. I am still learning the in-and-out of this camera and eventually will go back to b/w with this camera, once I have full confident in the D7. It has been fun and digital imaging makes life a lot easier and opens up new grounds for me. Take care.
George Murray 11-Oct-2001 08:26
Sorry for the double post, but I think you should write a book on using the D7.
These are by far the best images I've seen with this camera.
Actually, forget the camera, it's obviously your skill that is key here.
Are you a professional? How long have you been creating images?

How about posting some information about yourself. I'm sure others would be interested as well.