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Jeff 27-Oct-2012 22:35
I'm waiting to see your fall photos. Or photos of anything. Long time, no contact. Email me. :)
Jeff 27-May-2012 16:07
I didn't know the Palace was open at night! Very cool. Excellent photos.
J 05-Nov-2011 01:05
Where are the ostriches?
Amarbir Palta 17-Nov-2010 05:43
Lovely photos Kim....I ma from Hyderabad and bumped into your photos while surfing the net. All your photos bought back so many memories. Will love to be friends wid a traveller. will send u a friend request.
Guest 03-Oct-2010 20:30
Wonderful photos! always a good feeling while visiting your site here!
I never forget my time in Seoul...P.S.
Lee16-Sep-2010 09:19
We enjoyed your photos a lot. Thanks for sharing!
J 26-Aug-2010 03:20
Great shots, Susan. Looks like you had a good time!
cjm200131-Jul-2010 16:29
Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your pictures. I enjoyed them all, especially those of Korea, one of my favorite countries in Asia. Will be back to enjoy them all again. Chuck
silverghost195127-Jan-2010 04:32
So many beautiful pictures
bm25-Oct-2009 14:15
Autumn colors are here!
TC Mok 02-Sep-2009 14:09
Hi Susan,
Btw, if you want to shares some photos which i took, let me know.

Guest 02-Sep-2009 14:04
Hi Susan,
Just saw some of your nice photos galleries and good shots. It is great to see those photos however, I must say there are some need better lighting and contrast to impact the images. Control of Aperture and shutter speeds and light direction and balancing colors are important. Enjoy shooting ...

By the way, I went to South Korea Seoul 10 years ago. Is NamSan Temple on top of hill still remain ? I remembered I have to take a cable car to reach the top. Please update me. Thanks. Would like to visit Seoul again

Srinivas 24-Jun-2009 08:46
hi susan, this is sri from india, im working in duabi, i saw your gallery, its so nice so pretty,i wolud like to become your friend, you can raech me at
Guest 12-Jun-2009 15:31
nice ! getting better all the time Susan
JAY 16-Jul-2008 13:45
IRAJ GOLZARI 13-May-2008 10:50
Guest 14-Apr-2008 14:28
Hidden treasures of Seoul.
Guest 19-Nov-2007 22:39
Hello Susan, wonderful galleries! Moments of joy while viewing.
Wait for more to see...
ML18-Oct-2007 23:38
Hi there, I much enjoyed your gallery! Keep up the good work!
Guest 30-Aug-2007 17:51
Hi Susan, thank you very much for the comments. I really enjoyed your galleries, Corea is an unknown place for me. And you are a very, very nice girl. Alex
Guest 22-Jun-2007 06:01
One world. Stunning.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:28
I admit you got talent. Now I'm jealous.
pik200408-Jan-2007 08:27
Hello Susan, I enjoyed your photos from different parts of the world, especially Korea. I haven't been there since 1992, must of changed alot. thanks for sharing.
Ricardo L.10-Sep-2006 00:10
Beautiful your photos. I visiting your country. This is the look of a visitor of your antipodal ones:
kyoung kim photography15-Jul-2006 17:38
Hello Susan! Love your work, how long have you been liveing in US? Excellent gallery of SP, wonderful portraits of a beautiful young lady.
Susan Kim20-Jun-2006 01:02
Thanks, Bjarne
Nice to hear you liked my gallery. It is always happy to know I can show my photos to someone and give them a short good moment.
Guest 27-Mar-2006 16:26
Hi Susan,
Thanks for your kind comments.. yes, it seems we have been to a few of the same places! I'm on a break from Korea right now, but back in a few weeks ^_^

All the best from England,
Michael Knox25-Mar-2006 08:22
Susan -- I am really impressed with your gallery -- you've travelled quite a lot. Eagan, eh? :) I enjoyed your SF gallery, HK, and of course, India!! :) I'm headed back there in just under 2 weeks for a while. You do the G6 justice.

Thank you for visiting my site.. I'm afraid I have some catching up to do to get my Passport as colorful as yours must be! :)

Your "Myself" gallery is really cute... How was the hand painting experience in India?

--Michael Knox
Guest 17-Feb-2006 19:32
Thanks for your note on my SF page! I browsed through your pictures as well, you have some great shots and you've been to some really interesting places. Greetings from California...
Guest 15-Feb-2006 18:12
Funny you immediately knew it was a bad experience with a Korean Woman without even asking. You answered your own question then. Korean women are arrogant, rude, obnoxious, lying, materialistic, gold diggers with small breasts....only a Korean man could love such a beast.
Susan Kim31-Jan-2006 19:35
Dear Guest,

Had a bad experience with a Korean woman?

Let us share whatever it is that made you hostile to Koreans or just me.
Guest 27-Jan-2006 14:19
Your a clown. Typical arrogant Korean woman living her life so that others will like you. I hate that.
Saurab 10-Jan-2006 09:13
Hi Susan,

You look so nice in that photo at Eola park. Stunning. Keep it up.
Sweeet regards
Saurab, India
Guest 07-Jan-2006 15:16
Hi Susan,

Thanks for sharing the life in Korea, it is so impressed on your photos- red leaves in Autumn.

Share with you my new photo album.

Happy New Year.

bm01-Jan-2006 00:57
새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Have a great 2006!
bm09-Dec-2005 15:43
Your new galleries are great!
Keep 'em coming!
Jeff Cochran06-Dec-2005 14:56
Enjoyed your galleries, very nice.
bm29-Nov-2005 14:56
Hello Susan,
Thank you for visiting again. I am happy to hear from you! =0 Your new "Fall 2005 in Seoul" gallery is very nice. Great colors. I did not know we would have these nice colors so late this year. =( I missed a chance to visit Seoul and 창경궁 in mid-November before the colors were gone. I went to 내장산 instead.

Where have you been traveling these days? This late summer and fall season, I traveled to these areas: 산청, 지리산, 전주, 마이산, 쌍계사, 관측사, 변산반도, 북한산, 설악산, 낙산사, 내장산, 내장사, 백양사, and 선운사. 낙산사 is sad after the fire. The monks are praying in 홍련암 for 24 hours every day. Scientists are doing archaeological research and digging under the burned down buildings. There are big holes in the ground now. I watched a nice sunrise from 의상대. I was waiting for 의상 to join me. I did not see you there! ;-)

I am sorry to miss you at the airshow. =( My plan was to go, but I was traveling in Arizona until early November. The autumn scenery and weather in Arizona was beautiful. The sky was SO BLUE! I will post some pics soon!

Did you trade your Sony F828 for a Canon G6? How do you like it? I still have my Sony F707 (I will never sell that one!), but now I shoot mostly with my Canon 350D.

The colors of golden rice, maple trees, and gingko trees are gone now. Winter is near and we must look on the ground to see leaves. The trees look cold - they are naked! Now I am waiting for nice snow scenery!

Stay warm!
( ^ O ^) /~~
Hans Novak18-Nov-2005 08:49
It is near Wolfgangsee, Austria - Salzburg - St. Gilgen
Guest 13-Nov-2005 16:15
Hi Susan,
Thanks for the nice comments about my Korea gallery. I looked through your photos and I really enjoyed them --especially your "Fall in Seoul" gallery! I simply haven't spent enough time outside enjoying the WONDERFUL Korean fall we're now having. But most of the leaves are gone now so I guess I missed my chance. I'll just keep coming back to look at your Fall pics to get my spirit up, until the snow comes at least. =) Keep enjoying life.
Guest 07-Nov-2005 02:56
Susan, Nice pictures and wish I was in Korean kicking back...
Freddie 06-Nov-2005 00:43
It is realy very good pics, I'm in korea for a week started now. I feel boring i don't speak korean. if u want to join me for fun today, e mail me I'm in seoul in IBIS hotel.
I'll go to a town called Jun jue tomorrow to start work then I'll be back on friday to fly back to NJ, USA
WWW.LALEJIN.20M.COM 23-Aug-2005 13:01
Susan Kim14-Aug-2005 09:24
Dear Chandra,

Thank you for your lovely message. That photo was at the Laad Bazzar and I bought several gorgeous bangles there. I still have them at the head of my bed.
I will be happy to make you remember your hometown with my photos. Maybe I should go to India again. I hope I could.
Chandra 12-Aug-2005 16:19
Hi Susan,
Quite impressed with the collection of pictures you have...found the site searching for pictures of my hometown (Hyderabad, India) and ended up seeing most of the places in India in the pictures that I have never been to. Seems like you know much more than me :).
Great work, Good luck and Thanks for the pictures. Bye.

P.S: The one "Hyderabd.jpg" is the very street I have grown up in (Working in US now fortunately or unfortunately :( ) dont know how happy am to see that. Thank you.
Susan Kim10-Aug-2005 00:49
Glad you were transferred to my country. My email is at
Send me what you want to know and I will be happy to have you in Korea.
Mike 21-May-2005 16:24
Hey Susan, your album is very nice. I really like you very much in the pictures. I bet I would have even married you if I had known you. You are so good and cute ! I like the smile. take care sweety.
Susan Kim06-Apr-2005 00:13
You're right, David.
I am feeling bad also that we don't have the beautiful temple any more. News report said È«·Ã¾Ï and ÀÇ»ó´ë are still remained peacefully which is very fortunate.
Let's wait until the temple is rebuilt, the President promised ROK government will do its best to restore the damage. But it will be forever to get the mountain back filled with beautiful pine trees again.
bm05-Apr-2005 15:21
Today is sad. ³«»ê»ç (Naksan Temple) is gone now...taken by wild mountain fires. The temple area and ¼Ò³ª¹« (pine trees) near the ocean were so peaceful and wonderful. Now visits to favorite ³«»ê ºñÄ¡ (Naksan Beach) will not be the same. (I believe È«·Ã¾Ï (Hongnyeonam hermitage) remains safe atop the ocean cliffs.)
Mike 05-Apr-2005 11:57

what a great website, I'm fascinated from all these beautiful pictures in the galleries. Please keep it on.
Best wishes from Germany

Susan Kim16-Feb-2005 03:26
Good decision, Early summer is a good time for you to spend time in this country.
You can contact me at
See you!
Ben 14-Feb-2005 14:34
Hello Susan,
thanks for your kind reply. I am planning to travel South Korea (and maybe Japan) in early summer. Still evaluating :) what's the best travel time? Maybe I should not ask those questions here in the guestbook. Thanks for offering your help, really appreciate it a lot! Is there any way contacting you outside this forum?
Susan Kim13-Feb-2005 07:00
It's always fabulous hearing from someone in the opposite side of the planet. Please consider taking a trip to Korea, I bet it's wonderful seeing it in person. I would definitely be helping you get familiar with the unique culture.
Susan Kim13-Feb-2005 06:56
Dear Brett,
Seoul is missing you also.. I will keep posting more for you to think of coming and seeing Seoul again. Cheers!!
Brett 04-Feb-2005 02:43
Greetings, I was just missing Korea badly, I was stationed over there not to long ago, and miss it greatly. I was a lot further north though, heh, but got lucky enough to go to Seoul once in a great while, and cannot wait to get back. Thanks for the pictures, brought back some great memories. I have never seen the shore or anything there really...but when I get back in Seoul...I will be most happy. Be well.
Ben 03-Feb-2005 15:11
Hello Susan,
I have just stumbled upon your galleries... I like the language your pictures speak and some of them remind me of the dramatic landscapes shown in certain Korean TV-series because of their composition and atmosphere. You certainly have talent and hope you keep on taking and uploading more photos. Boredom seems to boost your creativity - I wish I was the same. I love to take photos as well but I definitely lack your talents... I am better at retouching them :)
Should really consider visiting Korea...
Take caer & regards from Switzerland,
Susan Kim16-Jan-2005 14:31
I am happy that my photo made you pleased..
I am also missing the days in India I spent last summer.
The only way I can go back to the time is to come and see my pix taken in India.
Thanks, You're very kind saying so.
sunny 16-Jan-2005 08:59
Hi Susan!!!
What a great taste u have!! I was searching for some pictures of charmianr (basically i am from hyderabad) found the photo taken by u.. got curious and saw all ur photos... wow!!! u made me remember my home town once ( I am in USA now). U have good understanding of Insian culture and traditions!!! thanks for visiting India...
dev 23-Oct-2004 08:00
hi susan
iam dev 26, live in bangalore..u look great in those indian costumes..and bindi...
take care
k06-Oct-2004 14:12
hey, i live right next to ur offce...
bm18-Aug-2004 15:42
Hi Susan!
An empty Guestbook is just not right! I will take care of it for you! ;-) First, thank you for visiting my galleries and leaving your kind comments. If you did not, then I might not have found your wonderful galleries! Your Hong Kong lantern pics remind me of our lantern parade here for Buddha's Birthday. Your India pics are very interesting. Mehendi looks like hand calligraphy! How long does it last? Like a tatoo? (^O^) Do the designs have a special meaning? Sorry to hear you find life in Seoul is boring except for taking photos. There are so many things to do! Tonight I visited the ÇÑ°­ just to see the night lights and watch the rain drops hit the water! (^-^)
Take care! Cheers! David